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Diwali Information | Diwali Festival Information Marathi| Information about Diwali >> Festivals bring excitement to life. We all know Diwali festival which is known as the festival of kings which creates such excitement.

Diwali festival has been very important in Hinduism since ancient times. Although Diwali is a major festival in Hinduism, we see people from all religions celebrating this festival with enthusiasm. Because people of every age group eagerly wait for these festivals. People who have never met meet each other on the occasion of Diwali.

If we think from the point of view of the Indian economy, the most exchange of money takes place during the festival of Diwali. During this festival people buy in large quantities eg. Gold, silver, motorcycle etc. Diwali is a festival of joy and prosperity for all.

So friends let’s know some more information about your favorite Diwali.

Diwali Information – Popular Stories / All Days of Diwali and Their Importance (Diwali Information In Marathi)

Every year we celebrate Diwali very happily and collectively but for all those who are not aware of this festival we have tried to give you information about Diwali festival in this article. Stories about Diwali and the importance of each day of Diwali are included in this article.

Popular Story / Story (Diwali Information)

Since ancient times, people believe that on this day of Diwali, Lord Rama destroyed the evil Ravana and released Mother Sita from his clutches. And when he entered Ayodhya, the people there welcomed him with lights, from that time Diwali has really started. Such is the belief of ancient people. And the identity of Diwali is the victory of religion over unrighteousness.

Information, description and importance of each day of Diwali


Vasubaras, the day that comes at the beginning of Diwali, is given great importance in Hinduism. This day has more significance as India is an agricultural country. On this day, women worship the calf of the cow at night and pray for happiness, peace and health of themselves and their families. Rangoli drawing starts in the courtyard from this day. Many women fast on this day.

Puranpoli is cooked in the house of those who have a cow. The married women of the house start the puja by pouring water on the cow’s feet. The cow is worshiped by putting turmeric kunku on it and garlanding it. It is believed that performing this puja brings good health and happiness to our children.


It is one of the festivals that precedes Diwali. On this day they worship the money they have earned. Not only money but also Goddess Saraswati along with Lakshmi is worshiped on this day, hence this day is called Dhantrayodashi. Generally on this day people start Diwali celebrations. People light a Diwali lantern in front of their house. They wish each other for Diwali.

hell chaturdashi

On Naraka Chaturdashi, Lord Krishna killed the terrible demon Narakasura and freed the people from his tyrannical and unjust rule. According to the ancient story, Narakasura performed penance and pleased Lord Brahma and obtained a boon that no one would kill him. This day has more significance as Lord Shri Krishna won the battle of Dharma by killing such a great demon. Diwali crackers start from the dawn of Narak Chaturashi and end on the night of Bhaubije. After that, the remaining crackers in the house are blown off on Tulsi’s wedding day.

Lakshmi Pujan

Lakshmi Pujan is celebrated as the most important day of Diwali festival. There is a belief in Hindus that Lakshmi is very fickle, and she wants to remain stable with us, so people worship Lakshmi. Especially business people are seen celebrating this day in a big way.

Diwali Festival Information – Lakshmi Pujan

On this day, people buy a new kersuni for cleaning. Considering that she is Kersuni i.e. Lakshmi, she is worshiped by carrying turmeric-kunku and flowers like marigold Shevanti. It is started to be used in the house from the second day after the puja.

Balipratipada / Padwa

According to Indian Hindu culture, this day is given special importance as one of the three and a half Murhats. On this day of Bali Pratipada, Bali King is worshiped to avoid Ida Peeda and bring the kingdom of Bali. On this day, the farmer goes to the embankment of his farm and lights a lamp. Also, the business community considers Padwa in Diwali as the beginning of their financial new year and worships their business and starts working with new hope.


This day is also known as Padwa, on this day the wife bathes her husband with a blanket and then ablutions. A husband also gives a nice gift to his wife to please her. This day is also celebrated for the unbreakable bond between husband and wife.



For the relationship between brother and sister also there is one day in this big festival of Diwali which is the last day of Diwali Bhaubij. On this day sisters wave to their brother and wish God for his prosperity. Brothers also please their beloved sister with gifts. Married girls also come home for their beloved brother on this day.

Some special things happening on the occasion of Diwali (Diwali information)

Marathi and other language writers publish their writings every year on the occasion of Diwali. On this occasion, some numbers are also given prizes.

Faral of Diwali is also held once a year in the Hindu society. Therefore, on the occasion of Diwali, Faral of various foods is also special in every Hindu house.

The Indian stock market is open from Monday to Friday and is closed on other public holidays, but on the day of Lakshmi Puja in Diwali, the stock market is open only for 1 hour in the evening for Muhurta trading.

People of many departments start work after this festival with new hope.

Diwali Festival Information – Summary

Diwali is an evocative festival and our effort is to give you information about this Diwali through this article. On the occasion of this festival, everyone is shopping in their own way. We can make a small effort to celebrate this Diwali with joy and happiness by buying materials from the poor in Diwali.

How to perform Diwali Lakshmi Puja

On this day, people buy a new kersuni for cleaning. Considering that she is Kersuni i.e. Lakshmi, she is worshiped by carrying turmeric-kunku and flowers like marigold shevanti. From the second day after the puja, she is started to be used in the house. Along with this day, bank passbook, bank card, money are also worshiped. Many people also worship the idol of Lakshmi Devi on this day.

Do let us know by commenting how you felt about this Diwali information and if you have any suggestions or if you have any more information then do comment.

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