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Work from home Want to work at home? | Earn money by working independently at home (ghari basun kam marathi / ghari basun job / gharat basun kam / gharbaslya kam / marathi likhan kam)>> Now since last two years due to Corona, work from home has started in many companies. But many people have also lost their jobs and some businesses have closed. Many youths in such situations are facing financial crisis. Local Business Online Offer – @299 Plan

Keeping these things in mind, today we have come up with a list of some gharbaslya kam (gharbaslya kam) websites where you can get work from home and get financial benefits.

Want work from home (ghari basun kam pahije) So in this article we will try to give you all the information about Freelancing Websites that provide you work from home (gharbaslya kam) such as What is Freelancing Website? How do they work? How to get financial profit? List of Freelancing Websites.

Work from Home – How to Get Work from Home on Freelancing Websites (gharbaslya kam kase milate)

When you register on the Freelancing website, you have to provide all the information about what art you have or what work you can do well. That is, you want to do it online just like you make your resume and give it to the company to get a job.

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After filling the information in this way, update your profile with the work experience you have done till date and if you have any information or certificates.

Just like you are looking for work on freelancing websites, various companies are also looking for staff to do their work on such websites. You want to apply for such jobs or jobs. After you apply, the company / or the person who posted the job will look at your profile and if they think you are a suitable candidate for their job, they will get you the job.

While working on a freelancing website, you are expected to work in the given time and in a proper manner and if you work in this way, you will get a good rating and it will help you to get future jobs.

What types of work can you do at home(gharbaslya kontya prakarche kam karta yete)

Now let’s see what kind of work you can do from home with such websites. If you have education in commerce then you can take up accounting job. Also you can take GST related jobs.

If you have done any other graduation and you can take tuition then you will also get such tutoring jobs on such websites.

If civil engineering is done, you can get the work like plan removal on this website. Also you can do other works related to civil.

If you are good at writing, you can do blog writing in Marathi, Hindi or English at home (marathi likhan kam). Also, if you have mastery over a subject, you can do writing work in that context.

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If you know the techniques of online marketing, or if you know how to advertise online on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, then you can also do that here.

If you can work in data entry, typing as well as Microsoft’s msword, msexcel, you will get work in that context also here. Like making charts in excel, making presentations etc.

If you are not well versed in any of the above options, don’t worry, there are many more types of jobs available on this website. Like logo design, graphics design and others. If you don’t know how to do graphic design but want to do it, then you can do it well on your mobile too, for that you can take the help of mobile apps such as canva, picsart.

Top 10 Freelancing Sites (Gharbaslya kam denarya websites)

१) Freelancer

२) Guru

३) Upwork

४) Fiverr

५) Toptal

६) PeoplePerHour

७) Hireable

८) DesignHill

९) 99designs

१०) FlexJobs

Golden opportunity to work writing from home (special offer) (gharbaslya likhan kam)

If you are interested in writing Marathi articles at home, contact us today 1st look (Digital Marketing Company) come along If you are willing to do Marathi typing as well as Marathi article writing then given below “WFH-Registration” Register by clicking this button. WFH-Registration stands for “Work From Home – Registration”.

Summary – Homeless Work / Gharbaslya Kam

Don’t sit down in despair because you lost your job, even if you are sitting at home, you can work and get out of the financial crisis created by this corona. For this you only need to have will power.

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If you are interested in starting a home business, read our home business article.

sitting at home job should

If you want a work from home job, you can get it on any of the various freelancing websites mentioned in the above article. For this you should be able to do something like logo design, digital marketing, website development, social media marketing or article writing. If you are also interested in doing such work then visit these websites and get job today.

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