How to make Ganpati installation / Homemade Ganpati installation

How to install Ganpati / Homemade Ganpati Decoration (ganpati sthapana kashi karavi in ​​marathi) >> Ganpati festival is celebrated all over the world including Maharashtra and India. Many circles celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm but at the same time Ganesh festival is also celebrated in almost every household. In this article, we are going to provide information on how to set up a Ganpati for all such home Ganpati people and for some new small circles.

So let’s know how to install Ganesha, the materials required to install Ganesha and how to worship or worship Ganesha.

How to install Ganapati – ganpati sthapana kashi karavi in ​​marathi

First decoration should be done in the house where we are going to install Ganesha. While placing Ganapati, we should place it in the east or north or in the north-east corner, where we should put red cloth on the patta and put Akshada on it. Mandap should be decorated. After doing all your lighting etc. and complete decoration, only then you have to bring Ganapati.

At the beginning of the article, let us see what materials are needed to perform the puja or ritual of Ganapati Bappa, then let us see how to perform the Ganpati life and Bappa puja.

Materials required for Ganpati installation puja or ritual

First you have to bring the idol of Ganesha. Then camphor, shrifal, flowers, garlands, durva, agarbatti, incense, ud, attar, jhanwe, clothes, five leaves, betel nut 2 , modak of khavya or whatever modak we make at home will work. Clothes, five fruits, chaddan, turmeric, kunku, shendur, gulal, buka, hot water, akshad, panchamrit and leaves of five trees, household utensils such as tambya, tamhan, pali, samai, niranjan, aarti plate, niranjan of ghee for two devas. Chairang or Pat etc.

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The life dignity of Ganapati, RitualVat Puja how to do

१) First of all the person who is going to perform the puja should wear white clothes, or saule. First apply kunku on your forehead and then apply Samai. First do Achaman.

Om Keshavaaya Namah Om Narayanaaya Namah Om Madhavaaya Namah And during the next Naam, take water in your hands and leave it in it. Now, take Akshada in your hands and join both your hands and make a resolution to worship Ganpati

Ome Sri Manmahaganadhipate. ॐ Sri Guyabhyo Namah.

ॐ Saraswati Namah. ॐ Vedaya Namah. ॐ Vedapurushaya Namah. ॐ Ishwaradevabhyenamah । ॐ Kuldevatabhya Namah. Ome to the gods of the place. ॐ Vastudevatabhya Namah. Take the akshata in your right hand and pour water on it. After that

Vakratunda mahakaya surakoti samaprabha.

May destiny always grant me freedom from obstacles in all my endeavors.

२) Now Kalash Puja should be done. Kalash means the copper taken for puja should be scented and flowed with Akshata and flowers. After Kalash Pooja, Hour Pooja should be done. After smelling the hour of puja, Akshat and flowers should be poured on it or after that, take the water from the puja copper with flower and sprinkle it on all the puja materials and on yourself. And all of you in the house should worship Shri Ganapati and meditate on Shri Ganapati with folded hands

One-toothed, sharp-eared, elephant-faced, four-armed.

One should meditate on the god Siddhivinayaka holding the goad at his feet. I offer my obeisances to Sri Mahaganapataye

After doing the above row, touch the chest of the idol and then flow Akshada on the idol and join hands. Everyone should remain silent while doing the Shree Mahaganpatye Namah Avahayami Puja. After Shanti Bhava, Suprasanna Bhavo, Abhimukho Bhava, Supratisthito Bhava, pour Akshada Vaha on the seat on the right side of Shri Ganapati and take copper water in the pali and add Gandha, Akshata to it and sprinkle it with flower or Durvani on Shri Ganapati.

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३) Now Shri Ganapati wants to add Panchamrit Sthana. You should take the panchamrit prepared by adding milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar in a pali and sprinkle it on the idol and then again take the odor and water in the pali and sprinkle it on Shri Ganapati with flowers or durvas. After that take pure water in the pali and sprinkle it with flower or durwani on Shri Ganapati now put cotton clothes on Shri Ganapati. And put the janve from the right hand of Lord Ganesha and put it on the head. After that one should apply fragrant perfume to the idol, now Durva should be offered to Lord Ganesha and after adorning Ganesha with Akshada, different types of flowers and leaves should be offered to Ganesha.

४) Then one should wave incense or fragrant incense to Lord Ganapati and then wave a ghee lamp and make an offering. Jaggery to Shri Ganapati, of Modak Or Ladu, Pethe etc. An offering of sweet things should be made. Take 2 tulsi leaves and water in your hands and circle around the offering 2 times, after that 4 times release the water in the tamhana and leave the remaining 3 tulshi leaves in the tamhana along with the water.

५) Apply sandalwood to Ganapati Bappa. And take 2 vidya leaves and put 1 betel nut, 1 coin and 1 flower on it and take that vidya and 3 coconuts and keep them on the right side of Lord Ganapati and release water on that vidya and coconut with right hand. Wave Ganesha with a ghee lamp, now apply camphor and turn to your right side and perform a circumambulation around yourself. Prostrate before God. Now the flowers should be scented and flowed at the feet of God. Finally flow the Tulshipatra and Akshata Vaha Now bow your hands before God. And stand before God with folded hands.

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I do not know the invocation, nor do I know your worship.

I do not know how to worship you, O Lord, forgive me.

Without mantra, without action, without devotion, O Lord of the gods.

Whatever I have worshipped, O Lord, may it be fulfilled for me.

Otherwise there is no refuge You alone are my shame

Therefore, O Lord, protect me with compassionate feelings.

We should take water in the bowl and leave it in the basin and bow our hands to Lord Ganapati.

ॐ Keshavaya Namah ॐ Narayanaaya Namah ॐ Madhavaya Namah

Om Govinday Namah Salutation to Ganapati with joined hands. Ganapati should be established in such a manner.

After all the above rituals are completed, Ganpati Aarti is to be performed and Ganpati installation will be complete.

Summary – How to install Ganapati

Ganapati should be established as given in the above article. However, the method of Ganapati installation may be slightly different in some places depending on the region. We brought Ganapati Bappa to our home and established it, and there should be no presumption that everything is accomplished. Ganpati installation done with pure mind and good spirit is always fruitful. Best wishes to everyone on the arrival of Ganapati Bappa.

Do let us know how you feel about this information and also comment if you have any suggestions.

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