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Mobile Watch Price | Screen touch clock | Smart Watch Price and Full Details >> The myth that clocks are only for telling time is now being disproved. Because now your watch also shows you incoming calls, messages. At the same time, you can also silence or reject the phone when it comes, all from your watch.

In today’s fast paced life, this mobile watch/screen touch watch is a necessity. If you are traveling by local or bus and there is a lot of crowd and your phone rings, you can handle the phone using this mobile watch / screen touch watch without lifting the mobile from your pocket. This screen touch watch is useful in crowded places but at the same time the joy of using modern technology is different.

This article is an attempt to provide some good quality and good screen touch watch / mobile watch price and information in this article. So let’s have a look at the prices of some of the best mobile watches.

Mobile Watch Price | Screen touch clock | Smart watch price and all reliable information

At the beginning of this article we are going to show you some cheap watches and their features. Then there are the screen touch watches of some famous brands. See which one you like.

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Mobile clock / Screen touch clock Price – 400 to 1000 rupees

Watches in this category are durable with good features at a low price. Along with the calling function in these mobile watches, you can also send and receive messages. These watches come with flexible and solid silicone bands and are also waterproof. This mobile watch also displays SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram and other messages.

Some mobile watches in this category are unique in that this watch monitors blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen measurement and sleep. This watch automatically and continuously tracks your heart rate in real time.

ID116 Plus Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker Color Screen Smartwatch

This (screen touch watch) smart watch has more practical functions, fitness tracker (pedometer, calories, distance), GPS tracking, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, 8 sports modes, sleep monitor, blood oxygen monitor, breathing training, call notifications, SMS and APP messages (WhatsAPP, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram…), music and camera control, brightness adjustment, weather display.

Digibuff M4 Plus Bluetooth Wireless Smart Fitness Band

Real-Time Activity Tracking:-The band allows you to monitor your activities like running, biking or walking in real time. You can check your exercise duration, speed, heart rate.
Quick suggestion? :- Now see incoming calls and app notifications at a glance.

TechVee Activity Tracker, Bluetooth Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

It enables you to make calls and send or receive messages through the SIM card you insert, meaning this watch acts as a real cellphone at this point.
Support to call via bluetooth or smart watch entertainment.
Two working modes: One is company mode (Bluetooth), it enables making or receiving calls or sending or receiving messages via Bluetooth etc.

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Screen Touch Clock / Mobile clock Price – 1000 to 3000 rupees

Although the screen touch watch in this category seems a bit expensive in price, they are available with modern features. And this watch is easily connected to any mobile phone. The mobile watch price in this category is high due to easy to use and more attractive design.

APPSLITE T55 Series 8 Smart-Watch

Skin friendly texture and soft and smooth. The single-breasted design allows you to relax and not fall. Alarm Clock, Blood Oxygen, Date, Heart Rate Measurement, Message, Sedentary Reminder, Sleep Management, Time Notification Type: Facebook Twitter WeChat WhatsApp View Various Functions Quickly Special Features Calorie Tracker Equipped with inbuilt speaker, this smartwatch lets you watch your music without taking out your phone. Plays favorite tracks.

APPSLITE T55+ Smart Watch Series 6

All day activity tracking
Sports Health.
You’ll get notifications for calls and messages on your wrist.

Pro 7 Smart Watch Full Touch Smartwatch

> 12 years replacement warranty across India.
>Texton watch has a USB port You need to connect the USB port with your normal mobile charger or laptop to charge the watch.
>Smart notification.
>All day activity tracking.
>Bluetooth headset premium sound and stable connection.

Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 Max 1.5″ Full Touch Display Smartwatch with SpO2

【SPO2/Oxygen, Heart Rate】
【Enjoy 20 Sports Mode Tracking】
【Long Lasting Battery】
【IP68 Water Resistant】
【Stay Updated on Social】
All in One Smart Coach
【Enjoy music and camera control】
Meditative Breathing
Exclusive Sleep Monitoring

APPSLITE HW22 Waterproof Smart Watch

Log into the Noise Fit app and track your health and fitness details.
A sturdy polycarbonate case makes the Color FitPro 2 featherlight on your wrist.
Get notifications with all social messages and app notifications. Track your health and fitness details.

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Sekyo GPS (AGPS/LBS) Smart Watch

Versatile: Clear calling, accurate positioning, 14.1mm ultra thin processing design.
Slim body and cold resistant.
Supports IP67 waterproof.
Voice chat makes communication more convenient: the touch screen kids smart watch operation is simple and the voice is clear. Easy group chat, support for multiple mobile group chats.

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smart Watch

The bright 1.3″ color display is now full capacitive touch, supporting tap and swipe.
A sturdy polycarbonate case makes the ColorFit Pro 2 featherlight on your wrist and is available with interchangeable straps.
24×7 heart rate monitoring with built-in optical HR monitor.
With a battery life of up to ten days.
Covers all the activities you can walk, run, hike, bike, treadmill, workout, climb, walk, yoga.


All the above screen touch watches are of good quality and are durable. This article tells you the price of all these smart watches with modern features. If you like any of the above mobile watches and want to buy them or need more information, click on the “Check It On Amazon” button.

What is the price of screen touch watch?

The price of the screen touch watch is up to you, starting from a minimum of Rs 400 to Rs 10,000. There are some feature differences between a low priced watch and a high priced watch. Also the watches of big reputed companies are more expensive. If you are doing morning walk or cycling then you must get screen touch watch as it is the trend now. The above article has given screen touch watches ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 3000, see which one you like.

Do tell us how you feel about this information by commenting. And if you have any suggestions, please comment.

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