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How to get milk for a baby/ball Dudh Kase palave >> Motherhood is not a joy for every woman. But along with this joy of motherhood, there are many more challenges that a mother faces. One of the challenges is how to feed the baby. For some mothers, this becomes a big problem.

Often after delivery, the mother feels unbearable pain while sitting up, then how to feed the baby is the next big question for the mother, then without fear, the mother should take the baby close and feed the baby with joy and love. The warmth in the mother’s arms is very important for a newborn baby. The baby feels safe in the mother’s arms.

A newborn baby is completely dependent on the mother’s milk. At least for the first 6 months, breast milk is the only complementary and nutritious food for a baby. That is why many women who have recently become mothers “How to feed a baby” This is our attempt to answer this question.

How to feed a baby – the right and correct way

  1. 1) While feeding the newborn baby, the mother should preferably sit against the wall, take a pillow on her lap and feed the baby on that pillow. The spine of the mother should always be stiff so that in the future the mother does not experience diseases like back pain.
  2. 2) While feeding the baby, the mother should always feed the milk with a happy mind, not be irritable. If this is done, the baby also drinks full of milk.
  3. 3) The newborn baby should be breastfed every two hours, the mother should breastfeed for an average of 10 minutes on both sides.
  4. 4) If it has been more than two hours after feeding and the baby is still sleeping, he should be woken up and fed.
  5. 5) Sometimes the baby is hungry but still does not wake up but his lips are dry, so it is necessary to wake him up and feed him.
  6. 6) After feeding, if the baby is kept standing for a while and gently patted on the back, the baby burps. After burping, the baby’s stomach is now completely full and the baby can now sleep or play peacefully.
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In this way, if a mother feeds her baby with a happy heart after proper care, the baby does not cry, plays happily and sleeps peacefully.

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