Baghuti | Baghuti material | How to pay the deposit

Baghuti | Baghuti material | How to pay the deposit >> From the time the baby is born, parents are constantly concerned about the health of their babies. The parents of the baby are always aware that the baby should not suffer any kind of problem, so that they can be seen taking care of their baby’s health.

Bal Guti is a collection of medicines useful for a baby’s health. There are many questions in the mind of parents while taking children. It is very beneficial to give balguti to the baby. It makes a huge difference in the overall intellectual and physical development of the baby.

Many parents have this question in their minds that who should spit out what food in Guti, how to give Guti to the baby? How much should be released? What should be taken care of when growing Guti? We will see detailed information about this change in this article.

Carry materials (balguti ingredients in marathi)

This group of medicines known as balkadu is very useful for children’s health. This group contains medicines with bitter and pungent taste. These substances are dipped in water and licked twice by the baby. Such medicines have traditionally been handed down from house to house.

Baby Guti

The materials used in Baghuti are as follows (balguti ingredients in marathi):-

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Bal Guti contains ingredients like Vekhand, Balhirde, Halkund, Kakad Shingi, Behda, Murud Sheng, Nutmeg, Chichenka, Kharik, Almond, etc.
These medicines can be stored in a durable form. And the baby can be licked every day by spitting on the bed.

How to pay and when to pay Care to be taken while giving a gift

1) Vekhand should be used if the baby’s chest is filled with phlegm. Put a spoonful of honey on a clean stone and make a Vekhand Kandi in it. If this lick is licked by the baby, the baby vomits the sticky foam and reduces the foamy feeling in the chest.

2) If the chest is full, the swelling of vekhand and cockading should be increased. Sometimes the baby has to squirm due to constipation. For this reason, in the daily cultivation, the outside should not be overgrown and chinchoka should not be grown.

3) If the baby is thin, reduce or omit Kharik, almond baby gum and add more pieces of nutmeg, chinchoka, and lick it.

4) If the baby is crying due to stomach pain, then murod leguminous should be sprouted more, nutmeg, chichonka, almonds should not be sprouted.

5) Children suffer from many problems like diarrhoea, kidney stones, chest congestion etc. For this, timely improvement can be achieved with micro dosed medicines.

6) There are 2 types of stock available in the market. One is in the form of a syrup, and the other is in the form of a collection of parts of the original plant. This baby syrup in syrup form is very easy to prepare. It is good for the daily growth of the baby.

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7) The baby gutti that is given by spitting contains about 20-30 medicines, in their root or stick form. This baby guti is made by extracting the desired medicine from it.

8) The benefit of Haya Bal Guti is that it can be treated at home for minor ailments of babies. But in the case of spitting gutti, one has to be very careful about cleanliness. Caring for a baby is like carrying a pot full of oil. So, if this little germ enters the baby’s body, it can cause a big problem.

Method of making and time of delivery

Generally, babies should wake up in the morning. First of all wash the pad with boiled water for 5-10 minutes. Put about 10-12 drops of mother’s breast milk on it. After washing the substances to be spewed, it should be spewed into it. Take that milk in a spoon washed with boiling water and feed it to the baby.

Summary – Baghuti | Baghuti material | How to pay the deposit

However, readers reading the above article must keep in mind that Bal Guti is not necessarily a complete medicine. If the baby shows any different symptoms of the disease, seek medical help for the baby immediately. Everyone does not mind giving their baby daily cares. But it is always best to follow the guidance of your Ayurvedic physician while taking medication.
Wish you a healthy baby.

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