Use these items to save from Corona

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Use these things to save yourself from Corona >> Since last year, almost all countries have implemented lockdown as a measure to avoid the spread of Corona virus.

But the effect of this lockdown on the economy has started and now slowly all the countries are seen to be running again and after few days they are getting lockdown again because Corona is not gone yet.

Your office may have opened or your neighbor’s shops may have opened. But it is important to take care of yourself and your family when you are at home or away from home.

That’s why we are going to give you a list of some things that you should use in this Corona period so that you can save yourself and your family from Corona.

Useful item to save from Corona

Below is a list of items some of which you can use yourself and some of which are useful for your little ones. The safety of yourself as well as your family is very important during this time.

Multi-Purpose Keychain – To save from Corona

Safety key/Holder for protection from Covid-19 – ₹ 84

Covid Safety Hygienic Keychain – Pack of 2 – ₹ 195

It is a great product to prevent corona virus infection. This is your car key, house key Kitchen can also be used as

Though small in appearance, this product is perfect to keep you away from Corona. It is also cheap and easy to use.

You can use it to open car doors, locks and public water taps. Also can operate ATM and POS machines.

It fits easily in your hand.Using it you can easily perform tasks like pulling and pushing.

It can be cleaned using an alcohol-based sanitizer following WHO guidelines.

Oximeter | A machine to measure the amount of oxygen in the body

You can measure the oxygen content of your body at home using this oximeter. Preferably you should test for Corona only if the oxygen level in the body is within 90.

K-Life Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter – ₹ 1,048

Immunity Booster for Kids

In this time of Corona, it is necessary to take more care of our children. People with strong immune system are at less risk of corona virus but children should be given Immunity Booster to boost their immune system.

Given below are some Immunity Boosters for babies, they are made from tulsi, cinnamon, sonath, krishna marich. Which are known to boost immunity against flu and viral infections etc. It helps in getting relief from cough, cold and respiratory problems.

There are no side effects of use, so continue using this Immunity Booster for a long time to keep your baby strong and safe from viruses.

Saint Ayurveda Ayush Kwath Immunity Booster – For Adults, Kids, Men, Women (60 Caps) – ₹ 298

Himalaya Quista Kidz 200G (VANILLA FLAVOUR) – ₹ 248

BILLIONCHEERS Probiotic Drink – Junior Immunity Booster Probiotic for Kids – ₹ 599

HerbalLeaf Complete MultiVitamin for Kids & Adults Supports Healthy Growth & Development – ₹ 349

Vitro Naturals Immunity+ Booster Premium Juice 500ML | Ayurvedic Medicine – ₹ 295

Safety Mask (Face Shield Safety Mask) – To save from Corona

  • It is a face fitting product, easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to clean (washable).
  • A product suitable for use by medical professionals, retailers, police personnel, citizens going to public places.

Clazkit – Face Shield Safety Mask (pack of 5) – ₹ 276

IXO Safety Face Shield, Anti-fog Full Face Shield,(4 pack) – ₹ 169

Hand Gloves

Use gloves to protect your hands.

Haiko Medical Examination Disposable Hand Gloves (95 to 100 pcs) – ₹ 649

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