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Electronic weighing fork price >> Weight loss is an important factor in daily activities. Let’s say a grocery store or a bullion store has to be weighed. Even if you go to the hospital, the scale is there to measure your weight.

Or if you are on a diet, you need a scale at home to see your weight changes on a daily or weekly basis.

In this article, we have tried to give you information about the price and requirements of some such suitable and excellent quality weighing forks / electronic weighing forks.

Electronic weighing fork price | 5kg, 10kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 300kg, 500kg and hanging weight fork price and information

Weighing fork is used in many places, such as grocery store, fertilizer shop, bakery, sweet shop, barter shop, hotel, shopkeeper, wholesale trade and many other places electronic weighing fork is used. Below is the price and information of electronic weighing fork according to usage and size.

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Small weight fork price and information (Mini Size Weighing Machine) | Electronic weighing fork price 10kg (Up to 10kg weighing machines category)

These small weight forks use all simple leaves gold – silver Saraf. Some of the weighing forks in this category are also used in the kitchen. These weighing forks are suitable for measuring low weight i.e. weight in grams and show accurate weight.

Generic Digital Pocket Scale 0.01G To 200G For Kitchen Jewellery Weighing – ₹ 274

Docbel-Braun Kitchen Multipurpose Weighing Scale – ₹ 909

SHOPPOSTREET Electronic Flat Panel Digital Weighing Machine with Sensor System, Maximum 5 kg – ₹ 649

ATOM-A-123 Multipurpose Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale Measuring Up to 6 Kg, Large LCD Screen Display – ₹ 935

Up to 50kg Hanging Electronic Weight fork price and information ( Hanging Electronic Weighing Machine)

These can be used by small traders. It is also used for domestic use. These types of hanging weight forks are also used to measure the weight of luggage.

Deodap Smiley Mini Digital Scale, Hanging Luggage Weighing Scale LCD Display – ₹ 249

JAPP ABS Portable Electronic Luggage Scale 50 kg (Standard Size, Multicolour) – ₹ 439

Electronic weighing fork price 30kg (Up to 30 Kg Capacity Weighing Machines Category)

These weighing forks are generally used to measure weights up to 30kg. Fully electronic, these weighing forks are light in weight. Easy to use and takes less space. Weighted forks in this category are used in places like grocery stores, hotels, chicken shops.

AmtiQ Digital Electronic TS 500 25kg Weighing Machine – ₹ 1,149

TECHway Table Top Digital Weighing Scale, Capacity 30 Kg – ₹ 1,499

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iScale 30 Kg Digital Weighing Machine medium pan size 23.5 x 19.5 cm – ₹ 1,899

TECHway Raja ABS Series Digital Weighing Machine, Capacity 30 Kg – ₹3,940

Weight fork price 50kg – 100kg (Up to 100kg Capacity Weighing Machines Category)

These weighing forks are used to measure weight from 50kg – 100kg. Grocery stores, retailers, wholesalers use this type of machine. This category showcases some of the best electronic weighing forks in the range.

Metis Mobile Weighing Scale with Dual Display & Green LED, Capacity 50 Kg – ₹5,999

Metis Bench Scale, Weighing Capacity 80 Kg, Pan Size 350×350 mm – ₹6,999

Electric Weight Fork Price 100kg – 200kg (Up to 200kg Capacity Weighing Machines Category)

These weighing forks are used to measure weights from 100kg – 200kg. Retailers, wholesalers, various companies use this type of machine. In this category you will find some of the best electronic weighing fork price and information in this range.

In this category there are initially some household, hospital or gym weight forks, which are used to weigh a person. Made from good materials, these wet machines last for years.

Jigva Electronic Digital Weight Machine – ₹ 559

Digital Human Weighing Scale, Capacity 180 Kg with Accuracy and minimum capacity 12 Kg for Body Weight – ₹ 1,399

MEDITIVE Digital Weighing Scale 200 Kg (Steel Platform With Separate Indicator For Easy Reading) – ₹ 4,390

Honda Electronic Industrial Weighing Scale, Capacity 200 kg – ₹ 7,399

Baijnath Premnath Caliber 150kg / 200kg Capacity, weight measuring machine for industry, commercial use, Retail Shops, Kirana Stores, Chicken Shops, etc – ₹ 8,499

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SUGAN Platform Weight Measuring Weighing Scale For Commercial Use, Capacity 200kg, Size 50 * 50Cm (Stainless Steel Pan) – ₹ 8,500

Electronic weighing fork price 500kg (Up to 500 Kg Capacity Weighing Machines Category) |500kg Weight Kata Price

These very heavy duty machines are all capable of weighing up to 500kg on average. They are used by various heavy goods selling companies, wholesale trade and retailers. Some of the best machines in this category are shown here. These machines are durable and the electronic weighing forks manufacturer also comes with a warranty on the weighing forks.

Atom Excon Industrial, Desk Platform 50-500 Kg Weighing Scale – ₹ 6,300

Baijnath Premnath Caliber Weight Capacity 300kg / 500kg, weight measuring machine for industry, commercial use, Retail Shops ₹ 9,999

Honda Digital Weighing Scale Capacity – 500 Kg (Black) – ₹ 11,500

500 kg Electronic Weighing Scale – world’s most reliable scales now available in India – ₹ 11,500


All the above electronic weighing forks are durable and good quality materials have been used to make them. You should choose the weight fork by looking at how much you use it and in which weight category the weight fork is useful for you.

Do let us know how you felt about this information by commenting. Also, if you need any more information about electronic weighing fork, contact us.

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