Motion and Types of Motion | All information about displacement of objects due to motion

Motion and Types of Motion | Displacement of an object due to motion – complete information >> In our daily life as well as in academic studies, ‘Gati’ has a place of value. In Physics, more information about motion is given and many things like ‘motion and types of motion’ and nature of motion are included for the students’ knowledge acquisition. Motion applies to many physical systems, functions, objects. Speed ​​is also important in our daily life. In this article we are going to know all the information about this ‘speed and types of speed’.

Motion and types of motion in Marathi – complete information

At the beginning of the article we asked what exactly is speed? We are going to know its definition and information, then let’s see the different types of speed. So let us know about speed and types of speed.

What is speed?

The change in position of an object is its ‘motion’. Motion is the change in position of an object with time. Motion is an important concept in physics. Speed ​​is also known as speed or motion in English. In terms of motion, if an object is moving from a fixed position with time, then that object is said to be in motion. Also ‘If an object does not move from its position or its position does not change with time, then that object is said to be stationary. Motion applies to various physical systems. Motion can be used to estimate the degree to which a change in position of a moving or stationary object occurs or does not occur.

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Motion requires force to act. That is, a force is applied to a stationary object to accelerate it or to set it in motion. When a force is applied, the object leaves its position i.e. it acquires momentum.

In our daily practice we see that we use many words related to speed such as fast, slow, steady. Fast / fast or slow or in a short time, in a long time, soon are all descriptions of the type of motion or speed, dynamic. But there are certain types of motion. And all of them depend on the speed of the object.

Types of motion and their detailed information / How many and which types of motion?

In day to day life we ​​come across many moving objects or objects with motion. We see innumerable objects or things in motion like a spinning fan, a moving motor car, an ant walking, water falling from a tap, the swing of a swing, the flight of a bird, the running of a clock, the speed and direction of rotation of a celestial watch, the flight of butterflies on flowers, the motion of an airplane in the sky, a bicycle. .

If we ask briefly about the types of motion from these, we can say fast, slow. But after studying motion in a broader way, you get to see and learn very different forms. So in the next article we will see ‘types of motion’. Following are five important types of motion.

1) Linear Motion

२) Agitated Motion

३) Periodic Motion

४) Random Motion

५) Circular Motion

There are two subtypes of linear motion.

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A) Uniform Linear Motion

b) Non – Uniform Linear Motion

Now let us have a detailed look at the various types of motion above.

1) Linear motion (Linear motion and types of motion) (Linear Motion)

If an object moves in a straight line, then the motion is called linear motion. Linear motion is seen to happen in a straight line, cars passing on the road, fruit falling from a tree, if a ball is dropped from the hand, it also falls in linear motion i.e. in a straight line. Two subtypes of linear motion are as follows:-

A) Uniform Linear Motion

A motion that covers a certain distance in a certain time, a certain thing, a certain distance in the same time is called Uniform Linear Motion. That is, when the distance covered by an object moving in a straight line is the same in a given period of time, the speed is called ‘uniform linear speed’.

E.g. Movement speed of the storage soldiers.Uniform Linear Motion – Motion and types of motion in marathi

b) Non-Uniform Linear Motion

If a fixed object continuously covers a non-uniform distance in a fixed time, then the motion is called non-uniform linear motion. That is, the speed of migration of an object is linear but not uniform.

२) Agitated Motion

A continuous motion for a certain distance can be called Agitated Motion. Motion acquired by an object due to motion is called angular momentum. As the curve moves from one end to the other end and back to the first end. It is called agitation. Just like the speed of a fan is also called the oscillating speed.

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३) Periodic Motion

The motion in which a certain object passes through a certain point after a certain time is called Periodic Motion. A periodic motion completes one revolution in a given time.

E.g. The motion of the earth around the sun is periodic.Periodic Motion – Motion and types of motion

4) Random Motion

A motion whose direction changes continuously is called random motion. A random motion has no fixed direction of any kind, and no specific duration.

E.g. The direction in which butterflies fly from one flower to another is not fixed, so the motion is called random motion.

5) Circular Motion

The motion of an object moving in a circular path is called circular motion. Circular motion is always felt in a circular path. The wheels of cars rotate in a circular motion, fan blades, children watching the sky are all examples of circular motion.Follow the sky – circular motion

Summary – Motion and Types of Motion Self-study

Thus in this article we have learned about motion and types of motion. Motion is acquired by the moving object itself. A moving object is moving from one place to another. Linear motion includes uniform and uneven linear motion, oscillatory motion, circular motion, periodic motion and random motion and we have also learned their various examples.

What is speed ?

Motion is the change in the position of an object with time or by the application of force. Motion is an important concept in physics. Speed ​​is also known as speed or motion in English.

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