How to Apply for Gram Panchayat House Registration

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How to Apply Gram Panchayat House Registration | Which documents should be attached (gram panchayat ghar nondani arj)>> Many of us may be living in some Gram Panchayat area, or some may have just built a new house. Some people have an old house but it is not registered with the Adhyap Gram Panchayat office. For all such, the big question is how to register a house in Gram Panchayat. For all of them we have brought all the information about how to register a house.

Application to be written for registration of gram panchayat house Download Application | and attached necessary documents (grampanchayat ghar nondani arj)

So let’s know what to do to register a house. You can also write the application in the name of sarpanch and gram sevak with your hand on a plain blank paper and download the application form given below and take a print of the application form and submit it to the gram panchayat along with the required documents of your place.

Hand written application form for Gram Panchayat House Registration

Hand written application form for registration of gram panchayat house

The sample application form that you have to write to register a house is as follows:-


Sarpanch / Gram Sevak

matter- Regarding registration of my house in gram panchayat register.

Pursuant to the above subject, you are hereby requested that I own my own group no. / ——- In income no.——- New house construction / House repair / House construction done in year.

The description of income is as follows

1) Length of the house ———- Width ——— = ————–sq.ft

2) Direction of the house:- East / West / South / North

3) Income Description :-

a) Stone Brick Mud House / Brick Sand Cement Lakh / Cement Sheet House /

b) RCC Ghar

C) Verandah of a house

d) toilet

It is a humble request that the said house / income be described as above and the house should be recorded in the gram panchayat register and I should get the copy of the house.

Your faithful

Name of the Applicant :- ——————————–

Download Gram Panchayat House Registration Form

Download the application form for registering the house by clicking on the button given below, take a printout of it, fill it and attach other documents of your place as below and submit it to Gram Panchayat office.

Following are the required documents to be attached with the application

  1. 7/12 passage of space
  2. Purchase letter / award letter of land
  3. Anevari Consent Letter
  4. Chatursima (Rs 100 stamp)

Summary – Gram Panchayat House Registration Application

You have to apply to Gram Panchayat Office in the name of Sarpanch or Gram Sevak to get your house registered. After that, in the monthly meeting of the Gram Panchayat, which will be held in the near future, the application given by you is read and the appropriate documents are presented. And then your application is approved. After all these actions, Apalalya is given the Ghar Thana of the Gram Panchayat in his name.

How to Apply for Gram Panchayat House Registration

You have to apply in writing in the name of Sarpanch or Gram Sevak to Gram Panchayat Office to register your house, in that written application all the information about your income should be written such as income i.e. length, width, area of ​​the house and others. Along with this handwritten application, you should also add 7th and 8th of the place where the house is located. Ghar Registration Saathi works whether you fill in a handwritten application form or an application form in a printed format.

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