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Gurupournima Shubhechha/Gurupaurnimachya Hardik Shubhechha/Gurupaurnima Shubhechha Sandesh (Marathi sms) /Gurupaurnima Shubhechha Photo (Marathi status)>> Guru Poornima is said to commemorate one’s Guru by giving him gifts or greeting him in various ways. It is a day to pay respect to Guru, which usually falls in July or August every year. But in this article let’s first know why this Gurupurnima is celebrated and after that let’s see Gurupurnima greetings messages in Marathi, Marathi sms, Gurupurnima photos in Marathi, Marathi status, Charoli (Marathi charoli) and Suvichar.

Information about Gurupurnima / Information about Gurupurnima

Guru Pornima Information Marathi>> Guru Poornima is celebrated on the day of Ashad Shuddha Poornima. This day to worship Maharishi Vyas who is considered as the architect of Indian culture. Maharishi Vyasa wrote the Mahabharata and at the same time he composed four parts of the Vedas and many Shastras and composed 18 Puranas. Ashadha Shuddha Poornima was celebrated as Guru Poornima to pay homage to such a highly learned Guru. This day is also known as Vyasa Poornima.

Earlier it was customary to worship Maharishi Vyasa on this day, then slowly everyone started wishing their Guru on this day i.e. Guru Poornima. Many people remember their Guru and make this day special by wishing Guru. On completion of your education a call is made to wish your Guru while many wish through social media i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

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Guru Pornima 2022 date – Wednesday, July

One day in a year should be given respect to the Gurus who shape our life, from whom we get knowledge and reach the pinnacle in our life or express gratitude for their work.

Guru Purnima good luck / Message MarathiMarathi SMS

So let’s share the best Gurupurnima wishes to our gurus through Gurupurnima messages Marathi, photos (images), (Quotes, Wishes, Images) WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp Status, Facebook Story.

Gurupurnima Wishes Messages Marathi (Marathi sms) / Marathi Messages Wishing Happy Gurupurnima / Charoli (Marathi Charoli) / Suvichar

1) How to describe the glory of Guru
Words are not enough for him
How much did you achieve?
Less so for those gurus

2) Obeisance to the Guru now
Keep your head at their feet
No matter how much you grow up in life
I will still sing the stories of my guru

3) There is no way to live without Guru
Accept their orders
It is because of him that all dreams came true
Guru is the basis of my life

4) Realization of God Guru
Guru is the meaning of life
Guru is the whole essence of life

5) Others will love their Mehboob
we love our teacher
Happy Guru Poornima

6) Mother explained the value of relationship
Father brought balance in business
But you have done the work of shaping this physical idol
Happy Guru Poornima

7) Everyone makes mistakes
But very special people come into life to improve it
Those gods are called Gurus

8) My mentor is every person from whom I get good behavior

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9) Who has no Guru?
Life is precious without such a Guru

10) Happy Guru Poornima to all the Gurus whose light of knowledge enlightened our lives

11) Happy Guru Poornima to all the Gurus in my life who gave me the technique of fighting in life and the mantra of education.

Gurupurnima Greetings Photo (Image) Marathi / Gurupurnima Marathi photo status

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2021 Gurupurnima date? When is Gurupurnima this year?

According to the calendar, this year i.e. 2021, Guru Poornima 2021 date is – 23rd July Friday.

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