How to perform Hartalika Puja and the story of Hartalika

How to do Hartalika Puja and Hartalika story / Hartalika Puja / hartalika puja vidhi in marathi >> A day before Sriya Ganesha Utsav, the Sriya of the house worships the Hartalike. In this article we are going to see the information about why this Hartalika Puja is performed and why this festival is celebrated only on the middle day of Ganesh Chaturthi.

So let’s know how to do Hartalika Pooja, materials needed for Hartalika Pooja and the story of Hartalika.

How to do Hartalika Puja (hartalika puja vidhi in marathi)

This article has tried to provide information on how to perform Hartalika Puja. First of all, while offering Haritalika pooja, first of all we have to take a big pot and put new red cloth on top of it. The new red cloth should be neatly placed on the first plate. After that, if there is a body of Mahadev in our house, then it is fine to keep it or we can also make a body of sand in the house.

How to perform Hartalika Puja (hartalika puja vidhi in marathi)

In the beginning of the article how to worship Hartalike, we will see the materials required for worship, then how to ritually worship Hartalike and in the last part of the article we will see the story of Hartalike.

Material required for Hartalika Pooja (hartalika puja vidhi sathi lagnare sahitya in marathi)

First of all the important thing that we need is tamhan, bell leaves, five types of leaves, banana, coconut and most importantly suvasini on that day we want to fast, for that even if we eat yams. Sweet potatoes should be eaten on a complete fast. The other ingredients required for it are some granulated sugar, turmeric-kunku, oat stuffing in it, almonds, kharik, betel nuts, halkund are to be taken.

Similarly camphor, incense, agar batti, niranjan, and OT stuffing cloth are to be taken. New cloth is to be bought while taking OT filling cloth. Five types of fruits are to be taken in the same manner. E.g. Mosambi, plantain, cilantro, guava, pomegranate should be taken with a small bowl of rice. I want to take the leaves of saffron. At the same time Dhuparti Vaigere etc. for Samai and Aarti. Flowers are to be bought in Panchapati. Soaked in ghee etc. The material required for this puja is to be taken first.

Hartalika rituals and worship (How to do Hartalika Pooja)(hartalika vidhi v puja in marathi)

First, a red cloth should be placed on the plate and the pind should be placed on it as mentioned above. Or to create a block of sand. First five edible leaves are to be arranged on the board. In the same manner, Mahadev wants to carry bela leaves. After him Mahadev has to be worshipped. Manobhave has to worship Hartalike. Now we have to keep the five types of kharik, badam, halkund, supari on one page on the five pages that we have arranged. After that God wants to pour granulated sugar. It should be waved with incense and agar batti and five fruits should be placed in front of it.

After that we have to set time etc. After that Aarti of Shankara has to be said. Flowers should be flown on it and rice should be placed in the middle of the plate and two idols of Parvati and her Sakhi should be placed there And we want to worship him. All such hartalikas are to be worshipped.

How to do Hartalika Puja and Hartalika story (hartalika puja vidhi in marathi)

Hartalikechi Kahani (hartalika puja kahani in marathi)

Shri Hartalika Vrat Katha. The deities of Shri Hartalika’s Vrata are Shiva and Parvati, Parvati is Shiva’s consort. The great consort Parvati did severe penance to get the same husband for every birth, she vowed this Shri Hartalika Vrat. Parvati’s father Daksharaja did not like this so Daksha Prajapati started the Mahayagya yag session. He invited all the gods but did not invite Shiva and Parvati. Daksharaja used to blaspheme Shiva day and night without knowing the glory of Lord Shiva whom he worships Brahma Vishnu, who is praised by Vedas and Sesha. He did not consider Shiva as God.

Parvati was very sad because her father had started the Maha Yagya Yag Satra ceremony and invited everyone, but her husband and her were not invited. Dakshakanya Parvati eagerly waited in Kailasa hoping that her father might have forgotten her for an invitation. Then Parvati said to Shiva Shankara that Prananatha my father has performed a yajna in his house, he has invited all his daughters with honor, perhaps he forgot to invite me. But I want to go there. Hearing Parvati’s exclamation, Shiva said Mrigalochne Gauri, you should not go there at all, your father hates me, it is not good, if you go there, your father will also humiliate you.

While Lord Shiva Shankar was telling this to Ambika, Devrishi Naradamuni came there, Narada had overheard their conversation. He told Parvati that a girl should not look at Manpan to go to the house of her parents. After hearing this promise of Narada, Parvati decided to go to the Daksha ceremony of Daksharaja. In the sacrificial pavilion all the gods and sages were seated in honor of Daksharaja. Bhavani Jagdamba All the gods and sages were very happy to see Parvati come, Parvati came down from Nandi and approached her father. Daksharaja did not even look at her.

Jagatmata Gunnidan Parvati looked at her father’s face, she thought that the smoke had filled her eyes and perhaps she had not lost sight of him. Then Parvati looked at all her sisters. All those sisters were honored by the king. She also did not talk to Parvati. Then Parvati looked at her mother. But they didn’t even look at Parvati.

Parvati’s heart became very sad, at the same time Daksha Prajapati said why did she come here, who called her here. Daksha insulted Arpanadevi Parvati, the lord of Ananta Brahmanda, by Maya Pranavarupi, saying that daughter Parvati and son-in-law Shankar should not be in my sight. Proshahit became extremely angry at this insult to Parvati. Parvati immediately jumped into the flaming Yagya Kund, like a thunderbolt from the sky should suddenly fall on the dam. Later, Parvati, the beauty of Tripura, incarnated in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Parvati became the daughter of the Himalayas in the form of Adimaya Pranavarupi. There was no other image of such a beautiful girl in the universe. Ashtavinayaka’s beauty could not reach the head of her feet, and Sesha did not have the power to describe her form. Even the reddish orbs of the sun were moistened in her thick tilak. Parvati’s father Himalaya decided to marry her, Naradamuni suggested that Vishnu give his beautiful daughter. Himalaya thought that Vishnu is the right groom for his daughter, he told this story to his daughter Parvati, Parvati said, I want Kailash Adhipati Shankar to be my husband.

Lord Shankar is my husband by birth, I will not accept anyone else as my groom. I am sure that people misunderstand Muli Shankar. But he is often found in graveyards, spreading ashes everywhere, adorning snakes. Also, his daughter Dakshaprajapati did not like him as a son-in-law and because his daughter married him, he insulted her and Kailas Nath. Himalaya exclaims that there is no woman like you in Tribhuvana. On this, the daughter Parvati said, no, I am devoted to Shiva Shankar.

As Parvati is the power of Shiva, Parvati took her friend and left for the forest. There, sitting by the river, she established a Shivlinga of sand. Taking her friend with her, she worshiped Shankara. Manobhava worshiped Shivlinga. Fasted the whole day. It was the day of Bhadrapada Shuddha Triteya.

Hartalikechi Kahani (hartalika puja kahani in marathi)

On seeing Parvati’s devotion, Shankar bowed before her and asked why you have done this fast, Parvati said, “I have done this fast so that Kailasanatha Sri Shankar becomes my husband.” Hearing this, Baturup Shankar said that you are the princess of the Himalayan king and you are not a suitable groom. Shri Vishnu is endowed with all virtues, give him the name of Shankara, because he is very angry, wears the skin of a tiger, wears the skin of a snake, dwells in a cremation ground.

I am telling you this because there are ghosts around them. Parvati got angry after hearing the dwarf’s words, you blasphemer, you walk from here, don’t show me your face again. As you are a Brahmin, I listened to you or else I was going to punish you. Shivashankar was pleased to hear her exclamation and he revealed his form. On seeing Shivashankar, Parvati held his feet and held his feet.

Shankar was pleased and said to him, Parvati, ask for what you want, Parvati was overjoyed to hear that, she said, Jagatamya, Jagadeeshwara, give me your half. Saying Tahastu, Shri Shankar intervened and Jagdamba Parvati went to her father’s house. Saptarrishi sent Shiva to Himachal. The Himalayas worshiped Shri Shankara with respect. Indeed the shoe of Shiva and Parvati is perfectly suited. What Lord Brahma had told Himalaya, he agreed with him and got married to Shiva Gauri. Such is the Puranic story. Table means Sakhi Harita means forest. As Parvati took her friend to the forest and performed this fast, this fast got the name Shree Hartalika Fast.

Summary – How to worship Hartalika (Summary – hartalika puja vidhi in marathi)

As we have seen detailed information about how to worship Hartalike in the above article, if you do this worship with devotion, you get the blessings of Lord Shankara. Also, if you have seen the story about why this Hartalike is worshiped, please let us know by commenting how you felt about it.

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