Bihar as a state had to face various ups and downs ever since India was set free. This article explores the impact of all those years that this state had to go through in the new era of 21st Century.

Development of Industries pave the way for Economical Sunrise”

Over the years of Independence, by now India started emerging as a strong face among the Developing Nation, targeting to enter the world of Developed Nations. Bihar too, having faced the turbulence in the industrial and economic front, was putting together to keep up with the entire country.

Major industries in bihar

Bihar held strong to the agricultural base that it had since the pre-independence era. The state enjoys a unique location-specific influence because of its vicinity to the vast markets of eastern and northern India, admittance to ports such as Kolkata and Haldia, and to raw material sources and mineral reserves from the neighbouring states.

The new government that took over analysed these benefits to channel along with the new policies that were set to introduce. This governmentgave priority to create investment opportunities for big industrial houses, investing well in the industrial growth of the state. There were proposals related to the re-establishment of sugar mills, ethanol, engineering and medical colleges and power production in the state.

Industries in bihar – wikipedia

The early tenure of the new government started smooth and was seen as a ray of hope for the state of Bihar. But soon this rise in the development was challenged by the 2008 depression, followed by natural calamities like Kosi floods, furthermore weakening the state of Bihar. The waves of these calamities managed to wash away the sandcastle of Industrial development that took so long to finally shape up.

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By now Bihar and the people of Bihar had become tough. They knew how to gather the pieces and start over. But this start over was not as easy as it had already been in the past. With the population taking upsurge and the world being connected globally over strong phone networks, people started losing hope in their state’s government and did no longer believe that employment would be easy for them on the lands of their state.

Consequently, the inflow and outflow of the population were witnessed. The people from the towns and cities migrated to ‘better off’ towns and cities in search of work, and people from villages came to the cities and towns in search of a better and uplifting lifestyle. Since the entire state was turbulent, people assumed that there would be a lot better opportunities in other states.

Consequently, people from towns and cities along with people of villages started moving to other cities in search of work and hence to achieve the dream of more money. They managed to find work in abundance, but again the quality was compromised and hence, they either had to turn up to become migrant workers, guards, vendors etc. These people often took double, triple shifts to manage their needs in big cities and also to send money home.

Industrial growth in bihar

Bihar surely appears to be coming back to the track of Industrial development, but the process needs a lot of speed. The land of Ashoka the Great, has every ounce of potential to make it up to the leading industrial hub if the investments are done properly. This state has always been a gem which is lying undiscovered. Once identified, it can prove its worth again.

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As a state with immense potential and resources on our side, a booming industrial growth is very much possible for this state has never learnt to bow down no matter how much weight you put on its shoulders. The toil and turmoil of so many years have made this state immune to fighting every calamity with a promise to shine brighter.

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