Benefits of Clove Marathi/Uses of Clove/Benefits of Eating Clove

Benefits of Clove Marathi / Clove Uses / Benefits of eating cloves / Benefits of lavang in Marathi >> Cloves are a common thing found in our household, many foods in the diet are incomplete without cloves so every household has cloves, not only in India but worldwide, cloves are in demand. Cloves are famous all over the world and widely used by people but cloves are not only used to add flavor to food but also have some medicinal properties.

Benefits of Clove Marathi / Clove Uses / Benefits of Eating Clove >>

Small in size but with medicinal properties, this clove is beneficial for our health. We will see the benefits of clove in this article.

Medicinal properties of cloves Advantages / Benefits of eating cloves :-

  • Cloves have been used since ancient times for general health problems. Its results are also visible strongly and quickly. Cloves are very beneficial for our health.
  • Cloves are beneficial for toothache. The oil in cloves is beneficial in stopping pain in toothache.
  • Clove is also effective in other diseases related to the mouth.
  • Cloves are also used to relieve sore throat.
  • Cloves are used for many diseases like cold and cough to serious diseases like cancer
  • Cloves are also used to repel mosquitoes.
  • Cloves have antibacterial properties, so cloves are used in making toothpaste, mouth washes and creams.
  • Clove oil is very effective but this clove oil should not be applied directly on the skin but should be mixed with any other oil.
  • Cloves are also beneficial for relieving ailments like sinus. People who suffer from sinus problems should add three to four teaspoons of clove oil in water. This will reduce infection and reduce difficulty in breathing.
  • Clove is also effective in stomach ailments. Gastric juice present in cloves improves digestion Grind two cloves and boil them in half a cup of water and drink this mixture after it cools down and take it three times a day to help get rid of gas problems in the stomach thus cloves are effective in problems like gas burning in the stomach.
  • Cloves are also beneficial during pregnancy. If you feel nauseous, chewing cloves gives relief. Sometimes during pregnancy, women feel nauseous many times in the morning.
Cloves – Benefits of eating cloves

Uses of Cloves in Medicine :-

  • Cloves are used not only in Ayurvedic but in all medical systems. Like -Homeopathy Allopathy and Ayurveda.
  • Cloves contain carbohydrates, potassium, sodium and hydrochloric acid. Cloves also contain vitamin E and C fiber.
  • Clove is a natural pain reliever.
  • Doctors prefer to apply clove oil in case of toothache and get instant relief.
  • Cloves are used for bone pain. It contains more Pleuronol.
  • Ayurvedic medicine places primary emphasis on the use of clove oil for bone healing.
  • It is advised to take the aroma of cloves in respiratory problems and since the aroma of cloves is very strong, taking it immediately relieves asthma, cold, sinus problems etc.
  • Clove oil is a great anti-septic. Hence, cloves are used for fungal infections, burns, injuries or skin related problems.
  • Cloves are also used for cancer diseases.
  • Clove increases immunity and purifies the blood
  • Eating cloves destroys stomach worms.
  • Cloves help prevent lung cancer and skin cancer.
  • Also, cloves are used during the treatment of diseases like malaria, gonorrhea.
  • If a diabetic patient consumes cloves daily, the glucose levels will decrease.

Summary – Lavang Che Fayade

Thus, cloves are useful in our daily and therapeutic regimens as well. Therefore, we should always use cloves so that our body’s immune system increases and we can stay fit.

(Note :- A doctor must be consulted before any treatment.)

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