Are you tracking the Modi government? Taking advantage of the fear of coronavirus.

Modi Sarkar will track >> Modi Sarkar For the past several days, there has been an allegation that this government is using modern technology on people’s movements Monitoring. This issue came to the fore around the world about 5 years ago in america happened Presidential election In, at that time Donald Trump This accusation was made against him.

Between about 1 to 2 years ago in India also whats apps People are being monitored through Modi government is tracking Such an allegation was made on the central government.

Now worldwide Corona virus while the Indian Govt Aarogya-Setu This App It is meant to be used by the public. But this is it App Opponents accuse people of surveillance.

In this context Rahul Gandhi by Tweet It has been done, he said “Arogya Setu App” It is a sophisticated surveillance system, outsourced to a private operator. Without institutional oversight – raises serious data security and privacy concerns. Technology may help keep us safe; But without the consent of the citizens The benefit of fear of citizens Track Shouldn’t be taken.”

You need to know this information about Aarogya Setu app :-

  • Arogya Setu This Central government of Electronics And IT One developed by the Ministry Covid-19 contact tracing app is
  • This App GPS and Bluetooth Tracks the movement of the user with the help of sensors.
  • And if database And algorithm If the user comes in contact with infected people, it sends the information to them.
  • AppRegister on while users Personal information Have to enter and this data Only India will be shared with Govt.
  • App does not involve third parties as set out in its privacy policy.
  • Although the privacy policy of this app states that there is no third party involved, the opposition is alleging that, but the opposition is ready to hold the government on edge on this issue in the coming period.
  • Meanwhile Scientific Adviser to Government of India Pvt. Of. Vijayaraoghavan He has said that in the coming time, the government will use this app as an e-pass for people to move from one place to another.
  • Economics Times According to the circle given by the App in tracking This is done through a social graph created through Bluetooth and location, which can show your interactions with anyone who tests positive.
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Some tweets alleging that the Modi government is tracking:-

The Arogya Setu app, is a sophisticated surveillance system, outsourced to a pvt operator, with no institutional oversight – raising serious data security & privacy concerns. Technology can help keep us safe; but fear must not be leveraged to track citizens without their consent.

— Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) May 2, 2020

Affermation to Shri Rahul Gandhi ji tweet how Aarogya Setu App is not Healthy for your personal privacy and Data. Decoding the privacy Policy of this App and violation of personal privacy law led down by Supreme court of India.

— Youth Congress (@IYC) May 3, 2020

So it’s official now –

After insisting that the Aarogya Setu app is voluntary, the Modi govt has now sneakily made it mandatory for all public AND private sector employees in today’s new guidelines.

Next thing – it’ll be made compulsory for basic movement & checked by police.

— Saket Gokhale (@SaketGokhale) May 1, 2020

It is a privacy issue if your app has no sunset clause. The underlying technology of the app can be used in future for surveillance. Apps in other countries may have to comply with stringent Privacy Laws, what privacy law does India have? Your word isn’t a legal guarantee @YEARS

— Asaduddin Owaisi (@asadowaisi) May 2, 2020

Pakistani intelligent agencies have developed a fake Aarogya Setu app designed to steal information from Indians

Modi government Policies of :-

  • Modi Govt This app for all govt employees has been made mandatory.
  • opponent If the government is really collecting this information as they are saying and obliterated company All this if shared with Dangerous Because of this, it belongs to every person private life Will not be private.
  • social media There are also discussions that Pakistan Arogya Setu like fake app Made in India To steal datahow much in these discussions truth It is not known yet. If this is true then India may face a big threat from this in future.
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What do you think Modi government is tracking? Comment your opinion.

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