How Murmures are made | Murmure Process Industry Complete Information

How Murmures are made | Murmure Processing Industry | How to make Murmures | Murmure >> Murmures are made from rice. In some parts of the state, it is also known as Churumure. Bhel, Bhadang, Ladu Chivda etc. Murmures are widely used for food preparation. Moreover, Murmures are used to prepare Prasad in pilgrimage temples or to distribute to devotees as Prasad in events like Tulsi Vivah. Moreover, today people are using it only for eating Murmure. Local Business Online Offer – @299 Plan

How Murmures are made | How to manufacture murmure (How to manufacture murmure)

Long ago some families in rural areas used to create murmurs at the household level. The surrounding farmers were also preparing Murmures by giving rice from the said person, but today the picture has changed. In this modern age of rush, there is not enough time to prepare neun murmures on rice murmures units, hence buying ready-made murmures is preferred today.

In urban areas, due to lack of time, the amount of buying crushed murmure and other products made from it is increasing rapidly. Considering today’s rapidly growing population and changing food culture as well as the above scenario, there seems to be a lot of scope for the Murmure manufacturing and sales industry. Since making Murmure from rice is a technical industry, today only people who know this technique do this business. So let’s know how to make Murmure.

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How Murmures are made – puffed rice Ways of manufacturing process

The milled rice is immediately heated along with sand to prepare Murmure. Such rice swells and expands immediately, but parboiled rice, if heated with sand, expands more, which is why parboiled rice is used more than uncooked rice in the process of making Murmures. There are mainly 2 methods of Murmure production one is the traditional method and the other is the advanced method.

How Murmure is made – Traditional method

In the method of making Murmure at home, the rice is soaked in hot water for 24 hours, then the water is drained and the rice is roasted in a pan with sand. Special types of furnaces and pans are used for this. Dry boiled rice is obtained from this. This rice is then dried by the heat of the sun. The parched paddy is then threshed through a huller mill, the process yielding bran, tussock and rice. You use this as fuel for the kiln while the rice is heated through a pan to reduce the moisture content. This rice is then mixed with a salt solution. The rice with the salt solution is once again roasted in a pan on high heat for a few seconds. At the same time, murmurs are formed from it.

How To Make Murmures – Advanced Method

In the advanced method, Murmures are made by slightly modifying the traditional method. Mainly two or three aspects have been considered in this. One is Ukda Bhaat which makes the rice puffy and long and the other is to homogenize the process of making Murmures. The third most important aspect is that Murmures are prepared by machines instead of old-fashioned pans and furnaces. Among the methods of parboiled rice (steam, dry hot air and pressure), dry hot air parboiling has proven to be the best in the process of making murmures. The better the boiling, the better the puffing.

In the modern method of making Murmures, the rice (husk) is first washed, or washed in a bisulphite solution. But in this process, instead of soaking the rice in water or bisulfite solution, the solution is removed by keeping it for a short time only.

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After this, take this rice (husk) in a vessel and spread 2 to 2.5 kg per square cm on it. After 15 minutes of releasing the steam under this pressure, the rice is dried in a dryer or in the sun. After reaching 12 to 13 percent moisture, the huller is fed from the mill. In this process you get boiled rice which becomes maximum long and fluffy during the process of making Murmures.

Such rice is generally 10 to 12 percent longer than the original rice. Then this rice is processed in the same way as the Junya method and used to make Murmures. The rice produced by the modern method is slightly reddish in color, so the murmures are also reddish in color. If a reddish color is not desired (sal), washing with 2 percent sodium bisulfite solution is the method.

Important information:

  • The huller used for making Murmures can also be used as a house bell for flour mill.
  • Food and Drug Administration license is required for this industry.
  • Availability of clean water is essential for industry.
  • Murmure can sell the chaff / bran produced in the process to generate additional production.

Available market for Murmure industry (murmure manufacturing business market)

Market/customer is also an important factor for any process/industry development. Murmures can be wholesaled to retail shops, Bhel centers, Farsan mart, bakeries, hotels, sweet shops, malls, besides weekly markets, markets, fairs, pilgrimages, and tourist places.

puffed rice Manpower required for industry (murmur manufacturing business – manpower required)

Generally, to start a Murmure unit with a capacity to produce 1 quintal/day of Murmure, a total of 3 workers, 1 skilled, 1 helper, 1 salesman are required. Since the said industry is expected to run for 300 days in a year, it has to be ensured that the availability of the said manpower remains permanent.

puffed rice Raw materials required for industry (murmur manufacturing business raw material)

The following points should be kept in mind while purchasing raw material sal for Murmure production:

  • Choose a well-fed and clean breed
  • After harvesting, the sali should be handled properly
  • Chemicals should not be used in excess on the salli
  • The sali should be properly packed so that it should not be disturbed much during transportation
  • The bark should be well dried. Also it should be well stored
  • The purchase of sarees should generally be done when the arrival of goods is high so that the best quality saree can be obtained at a lower price.
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puffed rice Business premises and building (murmur manufacturing plant location & building)

While selecting the site for the industry, it is necessary to ensure the availability of transport, water, electricity etc. At the same time, the site should be selected where raw materials can be obtained easily and in large quantities and disposal of the remaining waste material is possible so that production can continue continuously and the waste material does not cause nuisance to others.

The site should be conveniently located along the road to facilitate transportation of the manufactured goods. The site of the process industry should have ample water facility as water is an integral part of our process industry. Similarly, there should be clean drinking water facilities for the laborers working in the industry. While setting up the industry, electricity is required for the machinery and electricity should also be available at the site of the processing industry.

How Murmures are madepuffed rice Industry essential machinery (murmur manufacturing machines)

The following machinery and other materials must be available for setting up the said industry.

  • Large sized kadai – 2 nos.
  • huller machine
  • baskets
  • easy
  • buckets
  • Reversal
  • Iron broom / sieve
  • Large aluminum cap

puffed rice Industry Ebook (murmur manufacturing Ebook)How Murmures are made

This is the information above puffed rice As far as introducing you to the industry is concerned. But if you puffed rice Need more detailed information about the industry such as where to buy machinery, the entire economics of the swimming industry, puffed rice You can get more information by downloading our Poha and Murmure Process Industries Ebook to know all the government schemes for getting loans and subsidies for the industry. Given below to download Ebook “Purmure – Ebook” Click on the button.

Summary – puff pastry industry

puffed rice An honest attempt has been made in this article to give you information about the industry. If you puffed rice If you want to start a manufacturing industry and need more information, you can download the Ebook given above. Before starting this industry puffed rice You must visit the plant where the industry is running once. Wish you all the best for your future industry.

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