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Narali Purnima Information In Marathi / Narali Purnima Koli Geet / Narali Purnima Rakshabandhan Narali Poornima is a festival especially celebrated by Koli brothers who live on the sea coast. Among the Koli brothers, Narli Purnima has a unique universal significance. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Koliwandaya as this Koli community is closely associated with the sea. Similarly, the Bhui community who fish on the banks of other rivers in Maharashtra also celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm.

The festival of Rakshabandhan is also celebrated on the day of Narli Purnima itself. In other states of India including Maharashtra, this day is celebrated to highlight this sacred relationship between brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on this day by sister tying rakhi to her brother.Raksha Bandhan

In this article, we have tried to give information about the important festival of this month of Shravan. So let’s know about Narli Purnima information.

Narali Poornima Information In Marathi / Narali Poornima Koli Song / Narali Poornima Rakshabandhan

In the beginning we will learn about the Narli Poornima festival and then we will see Koli songs and songs sung by Koli and Bhui brothers on Narli Poornima.

Narli Purnima information in Marathi (Narali Pornima Information In Marathi)

Shravan Poornima is called Koli Bandhav / Bhui Samaj Narali Poornima. Samudra i.e. Varuna is believed to be the deity. Varundev is the guardian of the west direction. He is thanked by offering coconuts on this Naralipurnima day. The entire life of a spider is united with the ocean. Therefore, the Koli brothers celebrate the festival of Naralipurnima with great joy, praying to the ocean for its continued grace.

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Much before Naralipurnima, the Koli brothers stop going to the sea. Either that time is considered to be the time of fish breeding and secondly because it is rainy season, the sea is rough. Due to this reason Koli brothers do not go for fishing in sea during coconut full moon.

Koli brothers wear their traditional attire on the festival of Naralipurnima. A t-shirt with a waist scarf and a hat on the head and the women wear rich clothes and are literally covered in gold. Since Koli always wears a lot of gold ornaments on his body, the common people have always felt it inappropriate.

The worship of the ocean (sea).

All the Koli brothers go out to worship the sea at dusk. On the occasion of Narali Purnima, on behalf of the Nimmit Koli brothers, a golden coconut i.e. coconut is wrapped in golden paper ornaments and is offered to the Coconut Ocean. Sagara is sacrificed by offering Godadhoda. Koli brothers decorate their boats colorfully, boats are decorated with flags. Boats are worshiped and floated in the sea for fishing.

Koli women pray to Sagara on this day. When my master comes to the sea, protect him and do not give him any trouble. On the occasion of Naralipurnima, a special coconut karanja is offered to the sea and the boat. In this way the Koli brothers celebrate the Coconut Purnima with great enthusiasm.

Narli Purnima Koli Geet

The holidays are coming

Mani Anand Mawana of Narli Punav

The world of spiders

Oh, hurry, hurry, go to the shore

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This is the cluster of gods

The holidays are coming

Mani Anand Mawana of Narli Punav

The world of spiders

Naralipurnima songs


Valhav re nakhva Valhav Valhav

Amuchi Dole Hori on the river

Taking the drum of flies we are the species of cockroaches

Whether it is a storm or a wind, it is a stream of rain

Stormy ocean waves

Hyo Koli is not afraid of Kona’s threats

Laun Bhandara of Khandu God

Relying on it, that’s all

Ashore with gale force winds

The sea is our king

We will make fun of him

Naralpunvela Naral of gold

Let us all honor the river together


Ganga Jamuna Doghya

Ganga – Jamuna both bayani go pani jhuljhul whay

A bungalow by the sea go water go- fire – go

The fish killed the Danka go to the water tank

The cockroach girl is a beautiful one standing there

Nesli Paithan goes all the way to the winds

Angana Choli Gajnichi Pori is dancing

Nakhwa Gelay, will you please Dolly?

Bapus Kavat Chor is sitting on the mango tree

The wedding ceremony was held on the mango tree

The husband shook the mango tree and gave it to his wife.

Summary – Narli Purnima Information in Marathi

On the full moon in the month of Shravan, two festivals namely Narali Poornima and Raksha Bandhan/Rakhi Poornima are celebrated on the same day. Koli Bandhav near the sea coast in Maharashtra and Bhui Bandhav on the banks of some big rivers perform sea and river pujas respectively on Narli Purnima. All the information about Narli Poornima is given in the above article.

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