Solutions to save money Some Tricks to Survive Money

Remedies for survival of money / Remedies for survival of money at home / Money does not survive in hand >> “Income and expenses are rupees” has become the state of human beings in modern times. Humans seem to fail somewhere in the juxtaposition of unlimited needs and limited means. Lack of money at home has become a big problem for common man. Money is a very necessary thing. The one who has money is now given more respect in the society. It is wrong to discriminate between high and low, but people with such money are considered high.

Remedies to preserve money / Remedies to preserve money at home and their implementation

Man works all his life to earn money. But, sometimes this hard-earned money does not stay at home. Sometimes there may be a fault in the place where the money is kept. Follow some simple steps below and keep that hard earned money at home. The safe space in the house is very important. A lot depends on where you keep the safe. Keeping the safe in the right place can increase wealth. The northern part of the house is considered to be the place of Kubera. That is why the room for keeping the safe should be in the north. If money is to be kept in the cupboard, it should be kept in the middle or upper cupboard.

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Remedies to keep money safe – How to have a safe and safe room to keep money safe at home

  • The room where the safe is kept should be square or rectangular. Along with this, there should not be any photo placed in front of the safe. You can put photos on the wall around it if you want.
  • Even if there is only one entrance to the room containing the vault, it is always better to have this entrance preferably in the north or east direction. There should not be any entrance in the south direction. It is very important to take time for this.
  • At the entrance to the vaulted rooms there should be a picture of Lakshmi seated on the ceiling and being anointed by white elephants. This will always increase the wealth in the house.
  • Do not keep any kind of perfume or anything else in the safe. Similarly, clothes, files or any other items should not be placed on top of the safe. Keeping a red cloth inside the safe is considered auspicious.
  • The ground under the vault should be parallel. If this land is rough, it should be straightened by placing stones or something else.
  • The color of the room containing the safe should be pale yellow. Red, green, blue colors should not be given to the safe keeping room. The day to install the safe in that room should be Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.

To survive the money/ Solutions to keep money at home – Changes to be made in some daily habits

  • Do not remove dung in the evening – Many people have the habit of removing dung in the dark or asking for hair at the door. But this should not be done at all. The Lakshmi of the house is displeased with it and there is a possibility of poverty in the house.
  • Do not use perfume.
  • Don’t give money to anyone on Wednesday – In many villages the market is held on Wednesday or we do many important business activities on Wednesday. So don’t pay anyone on Wednesday. Money paid on Wednesday is considered to be lost.
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The above given money preservation solutions depend on one’s belief or not, some may find these superstitions but everyone who believes in these things can thus preserve their hard earned money by following the above given home money preservation solutions.

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