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Patna Farji DSP Viral News 2022:- The student who failed in BPSC became DSP was open: In Patna City, he was accusing the person of the photo by calling himself DSP.

Was harassing him for rent, when Patna police reached, the matter came to the fore, as soon as the police asked for his I-card, he shook people by showing fake I-cards.

Patna Farji DSP Viral News 2022

The matter came out that the arrested Shantir is of Gandhi Maidan police station area, the name of the arrested was Vijay Kumar Bharti originally or a resident of Jarauli under Andha Math police station of Madhubani.

His father is a doctor, his name is Dr. Bindeshwar Mandal. The accused not only kept his family in the lurch but had also decided to marry a female police officer.

It was also telling people to be aware that I am DSP

On Wednesday, Vijay Kumar was quarreling with an auto driver at Kargil Chowk, pretending to be DSP, showing his raab on the auto driver, showing his fake I card to the auto driver, in the midst of that the police team of Gandhi Maidan police station reached there. Inspector suspicious of Vijay Kumar’s body language

He surprised the police personnel by showing the I card to the DGP or any senior police officers on the I card.

Failed student in BPSC paper becomes fake DSP

According to the police, it is being told that Vijay Kumar Bharti used to prepare for my tax competition at my sister’s house in Shastri Nagar, Patna.

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Many times after giving BPSC exam, success was not found, family medicine was separate for government job, Vijay Kumar Bharti bought police uniform and became DSP by making fake I card.

And also told my family that I became DSP, even on the pressure of family, reached my village as fake DSP, then at the same time it bluffed his family and said that salary has not been received yet.

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