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Protein yukt ahar information in marathi >> For our daily work as well as for proper and strong growth of our body, we take regular and proper food at proper time, so we get enough energy and essential nutrients for the body. Eating only gives us the energy and nutrients the body needs to function.

Eating any kind of food not only gives us energy or strength to work, but also requires protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals for proper growth and internal strength of the body. Among the above five elements, protein is the most abundant and very important element. National Health Organizer has explained that it is very important to have plenty of protein in our body. For that, we all should pay attention that the food we eat regularly should be rich in protein.

In this article we will discuss what is a protein rich diet? Also let’s know what changes are needed in your current diet. So let’s know about protein rich diet.

Protein yukt ahar information in marathi

Our body building, strength is mostly dependent on our diet. Therefore, it should be concluded that healthy, sattvic and complete ingredients should be included in the daily diet. Along with a healthy, sattvic and protein-rich diet, the following should be done for good health.

  • Protecting yourself from diseases
  • Exercising regularly
  • Get enough sleep
  • Keeping environment and body clean
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We can protect our outer body by following all the above, but we need to get the nutrients from our diet to protect our body internally and keep our body healthy.

The nutrients we get from our diet are classified into two groups.

1. Energy-giving food [Energy Giving Food]

2. Body building food [Body Building Food]

3. Mineral Rich Foods :- Which we get from fruits, leafy vegetables and provide minerals. It is called Productive Food.

We must have noticed from the above analysis that we can get protein only and only from food. When taking your diet for that, is it rich in protein or not? Or must think about how it will be protein rich. For that, our today’s article will definitely be useful.

Importance of protein diet and types of diet

Protein is protein, we need protein to grow our body. It is very important for young children, i.e. children between 6 to 20 years of age, to get plenty of protein from their diet. For the complete physical development and growth of children, their diet should be planned and given sufficient amount of protein.

Protein helps in the physical growth of children. That is why protein is also called (Growth Food). Protein completes the physical growth of many organs in the body. Not every food that we eat regularly contains protein. With each food containing more or less protein, diets are generally classified into two categories.

1. Vegetarian means Veg (vegetarian)

2. Pranik means Nonveg (vegetarian)

People who are vegetarians, i.e. don’t eat meat and eggs, can also get enough protein from a plant-based diet. Let’s see in which of these two foods we can get protein. Vegetative means all types of pulses in vegetarian food, pulses i.e. mung, matki, rajma and soybeans, groundnuts and cashews etc.

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So we should plan our diet thinking that our daily diet will include maximum of all the above elements. Eating meat is not the only source of protein, vegetarians can also get protein from this type of diet.

People who are non-vegetarians can get much more protein from their ‘animal diet’. That food includes eggs, meat, fish, chicken and mutton. In this way both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can include the right amount of protein in their diet.

Along with sugary, wholesome, wholesome, nutritious food, it should be protein-rich, everyone should consider it essential. Because protein is very necessary for our body, protein gives us energy to work. The protein we consume in our diet is used to make other proteins in the body. Like Albumin, Globulin, Pro – thrombia etc. Along with this, the most important function of protein is to grow your body. It should be included in the diet of children.

Summary – Protein Rich Diet Marathi (Protein yukt ahar information in marathi)

After reading the above article, you must have realized how a protein rich diet is important for maintaining a balanced health. From the above article, it must have been clear to you that if you include any food in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet, your diet will be rich in protein. Make sure to include protein rich foods in your diet as per the information given in this which will surely help you to keep your body healthy and strong.

Do let us know by commenting how you found this information about protein rich diet. Also, if you have any suggestions, don’t forget to comment them.

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