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Earlier, village (rural areas) used to make vermicelli using only one sun, but now as time has changed, different machines have come in the market to make vermicelli.

Nowadays, many women do not make vermicelli at home but directly buy it. There are also women who are or want to start a business of making and selling vermicelli from their homes, so a vermicelli-making machine is a key issue. At the same time, some will want to buy a machine to make vermicelli when they want to eat it at home.

So we are going to list some of the best vermicelli machines for you in this article. Read this complete article to know the information about the vermicelli machine, vermicelli machine price and which machine is right for you.

Top 10 Best Shevaya Machine Price & Information

While learning the information about various sevaya machines, in the beginning we are going to see the methods for making sevaya in the same way as before. In this small vermicelli machine price section of the article, we show you the best 2 types of vermicelli making machines. And then there are the best top 8 types of vermicelli making machines semi automatic or fully automatic.

Mini vermicelli machine / vermicelli making machine

Hatimi’s TRIDEV Branded Pure Brass Sev Sancha Machine with Free 6 Different Jali

Shevaya Machine / Shave Machine :- This is a sorya made from good quality brass and along with it you will get 6 different sizes of nets which you can use to make different size of shevaya as well as shave as well as chakli. This product is good for long time use and durable. This vegetable machine is priced at Rs 999 and it is a good product at this price.

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HAPPENWELL Stainless Steel Kitchen Press with 15 Interchangeable Blades

Shave Machine / Shave Machine :- This Shave Machine with excellent design is perfect for home use. Made from good quality steel, it lasts longer. It can last longer if you wash it after every use. It is more useful for making Shave and Chakli than making vermicelli.

You can use this if you want to make less quantity of vermicelli. Along with this you will get 15 different sizes of nets which you can use to make different types of Shaves, Chaklyas and Shaveas. The price of this Shavea machine is Rs.549.

Large Vermicelli Machine (8cm Automatic & Fully Automatic Vermicelli Machine Price)

MorNon Pasta Machine, Stainless Steel Manual Pasta Maker Roller Machines with Adjustable Thickness Settings

Vermicelli Machine / Pasta Machine :- This vermicelli / pasta machine with double cutter is made of high quality heavy stainless steel. This machine is durable, easy to use and easy to clean.

Using this machine you can make noodles up to 2 mm thick.

This machine has a table top clamp which increases the stability of the machine. This machine has a crank handle to remove stuck dough. This machine simplifies the process of making vermicelli by hand. The price of this Shevaya machine is Rs 1499 and among other machines in this category, this machine is available at a lower price.

SUKHAD Stainless Steel Noodle Maker Machine

The design of this machine is same as the previous machine and this vermicelli machine is made of high quality steel so it does not catch rust. You can make 2 different thicknesses of vermicelli/noodles using this machine.

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Machine Chi Size: 8. 1″ x 8. 1″ x 5.5″

You get 1 crank handle and 1 clamp with this vegetable machine. This machine simplifies the process of making vermicelli by hand. The price of this vegetable machine is Rs.1591.

TRAY Stainless Steel Noodles Cutter Roller, Pasta Maker Machine Noodle Making Machine, Vegetable Noodle Maker Machine Tool (3 in 1) (ColorMulti)

This vermicelli machine is also useful for making vermicelli and pasta like other machines. This machine can also make two sizes of vermicelli. It is rust resistant as it is made from high-quality steel.

This is the best vermicelli making machine and you can make 7 types of vermicelli thickness from 0.5mm to 3mm at home. It is easy to use and its small size makes it easy to keep anywhere in the house.

This machine can be fixed on a table and is a great machine for home use. The price of this vegetable machine is 1650 rupees.

EPS Noodle Pasta Maggi & Sevai Automatic Machine

You can make 6 different thicknesses of vermicelli using this vermicelli machine. In this Shevaya machine, all the work is done automatically and you don’t need to do anything. Along with vermicelli, you can also make pasta and momos on this machine. This machine is made of ABS plastic and runs on 220 voltage making it a great product for home use.

Since its size is 300 x 200 x 300 (mm), you can keep it anywhere in the house. This machine has a warranty of 1 year and in case of any problem you can call the customer care center number 9033044328.

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The price of this vermicelli machine is Rs 7200 and it is fully automatic. From making vermicelli flour to making vermicelli, all the work is automatic in this machine.

KENT Noodle and Pasta Maker 150-Watt (White)

Kent company’s vermicelli-making machine is also fully automatic, in this machine all the work from making vermicelli flour to making vermicelli is automatic. In this machine you can make pasta along with vermicelli. Easy to use and easy to clean, this machine is small in size and does not take up much space to store.

You can also make vermicelli of different thickness in this machine. The price of this Shevaya machine is Rs.8901. Since this machine is from a well-known company, Kent, many people prefer this machine while buying a vermicelli machine. There is a 1-year warranty on this machine.

Imperia iPasta Manual Pasta Machine Copper

This electric vermicelli machine from Imperia company is easy to use and small in size. Compared to other machines, the speed of making vermicelli of this machine is high. Along with vermicelli, this machine is also used to make pasta.

Speed ​​of vermicelli making, excellent design and small size are the special features of this machine. The cost of this sevaya machine is higher compared to other machines. Price – 8850 Rs.


Out of the above 10 shevaya yantras, 8 partially or fully automatic best machines, you can get the machine that suits you according to your use. All these machines are easy to use and long lasting.

Please let us know by commenting how you feel about this information and which of the above machines you bought or want to buy.

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