Diet plan for weight loss

Diet Plan for Weight Loss | How to lose weight with diet >> Nowadays, due to the wrong way of living and eating, our physical health has started to be adversely affected, not enough sleep, but sometimes eating and there are some foods that we people eat frequently and because of that we gain weight. And then the question arises how to lose weight.

After gaining weight we follow many ways to lose weight but losing it is very difficult because some days we control ourselves and again we don’t control our tongue and we eat what is not necessary and causes weight gain but if we pay attention to it If you plan, you can control your weight. For that, it is also necessary to have a balanced diet.

Due to busy schedules and pressures at workplaces, even young children are suffering from weight gain or obesity these days. Losing weight is so easy, many people follow many methods like going to gym and working out to lose weight. But if you really want to lose weight, it is very important to control yourself and your food and it is not so easy to do.

The best way to lose weight is to control your eating by following a diet plan, doing yoga and working out. If this is done then surely we can lose weight, for that we have to make a proper diet plan and follow it.

Obesity is now a cause of disease worldwide, and there are some rules we need to follow to reduce this obesity. In this article we are going to tell you some things to lose weight, if you follow them properly, you will definitely lose weight and if you follow the plan for a few months or permanently in your daily life, you will lose at least three to four kilos every month and keep your weight under control. .

Diet Plan for Weight Loss / Home Remedies for Weight Loss / Home Remedies for Losing Obesity / Quick Weight Loss Remedies

How much weight can be lost in a month?

How much weight can be lost in a month depends on various factors such as the person’s current body weight, the type of diet and exercise that the person follows.

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In general, three to four kilos of weight can be lost in a month by researching diet and calorie intake along with daily physical activity.

If you notice that you are losing weight in seven days, it should be considered that the body is not losing fat, but water is losing, and because of this, losing weight in a way that weakens the muscles can make you sick and weak. Therefore, lose weight in a normal way. First you need to calculate the body mass index (BMI). According to BMI we can lose weight.

Many people find it easy to lose weight without exercise and then they just make some changes in their diet i.e. follow a diet plan to lose weight. But exercise is just as important as diet to reduce obesity.

To lose weight/ Role of diet plan in reducing obesity

If we want to keep our body fit and in shape, we have to change our lifestyle. 40 percent exercise and 60 percent diet plays a role in weight loss.

What to eat to lose weight, what not to eat / diet to lose weight / what to eat to lose belly, what not to eat

Sweet and oily food should be avoided while losing weight.

Tea-coffee and sugar should be consumed less. It is better to eat jaggery instead of sugar.

As far as possible, white colored food items such as flour, sugar, salt, rice etc. should be eaten as little as possible. Also, do not completely avoid foods like potato, chocolate, oil, ghee, butter, but keep their quantity in the diet low.

Avoid sweets and biscuits.

Eat less food containing sodium and salt. By eating less salt, we lose weight and stay healthy. Instead of sodium and salt, we can eat foods rich in potassium like bananas.

Uses of green tea

Drinking two cups of green tea every day also helps in weight loss. Caffeine, theobromine, saponin, theophylline, vitamins present in it increase your metabolism rate and reduce your appetite.

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How to increase metabolism

1) It is necessary to get full sleep as it affects our metabolism so it is necessary to get eight hours of sleep.

2) Do not starve, eat little by little instead of eating at once.

3) One should drink water continuously throughout the day due to which the toxins in the body are removed and the body becomes healthy.

4) Starvation makes us eat more and the body becomes healthy by getting rid of the toxins in the body.

Food should be changed

If the metabolism is correct, it helps in weight loss. It is important to keep the metabolism in order.

You should not eat the same food throughout the day, it should be varied.

In the morning, eat a diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Breakfast should preferably not include sweets. You can also have porridge or bread in the morning breakfast. Also if you take milk and salad like cucumber, carrot it will also be suitable. In general, your breakfast should provide your body with around 500 calories from the morning breakfast.

Have fiber rich food in afternoon meal. Your body generally requires 300-400 calories from lunch. So you can eat two polais or some rice in lunch. Along with this, you can also include salad, leafy vegetables in your lunch.

Dinner should be low in carbohydrates. Night feeding should be as little as possible. Avoiding carbohydrate rich food like rice in night meal will be good for you.

What should be the daily diet according to the diet plan / diet chart for weight loss / what to eat for weight loss

Breakfast Diet / Morning breakfast for weight loss

1) Drink warm water with honey and lemon in the morning.

2) Eat milk and poha, suji, upma or low oil paratha.

3) Spoiled pulses are also good to eat. Consuming this keeps you energized throughout the day and reduces hunger pangs throughout the day by stimulating the body.

4) We can also eat idli dosa.

Lunch or diet

1) Balanced meal should include vegetables, salad, rice, dal, poli, curd.

2) Include more vegetables.

3) It should include rice and fruits

4) Egg, fish and chicken can be eaten in non-veg.

5) Avoid eating pickle papad Snacks can eat dry fruits and fruits.

6) In the evening, take some tea with less sugar or jaggery and eat diet biscuits.

What to eat for dinner

1) Eat less at night.

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2) No hard work is done at night and only we work to sleep at that time so the body does not need that much food.

3) Vegetable dal and two pulses should be eaten.

4) One can also have a bowl of soup with this.

5) One apple can be eaten at night or any fruit.

How many days to exercise in a week?

It is always good to exercise 7 days out of 7 days in a week, but in the beginning it may hurt the body due to lack of habit of exercise, so it is okay to take 1 day off from exercise for at least 1 month in the beginning.

At least 30 to 40 minutes daily. Exercise should be done at home. Or if you go to the gym, no problem. 30 min. Yoga and 30 min. Walking helps in weight loss in months.

How to lose weight by doing yoga

1) Cardio yoga and strength training yoga can also help in weight loss.

2) By doing different yoga mudras and we can strengthen the muscles in the body.

3) Yoga also relieves muscle aches and pains in the body.

4) Most importantly, our intellect becomes brilliant and our body becomes strong.

5) In yoga one can do Ardha Chandrasana, Virabhadrasana, Utkatasana, Vrikshasana and Ardha Matsyendrasana.

6) Veerabhadrasana reduces the smell near the thighs.

7) Apart from this we can do at least twenty rounds of Surya Namaskar daily in weight control.

Post workout diet

1) When we exercise, our body burns calories.

2) It is important to eat as much as your calories will burn.

3) Overeating while working out is not a solution.

4) You should eat according to how hard you work out.

Meaning – Diet plan for weight loss

To lose weight in this way, if you make a little change in your routine to keep your body fit, it will definitely help you lose weight. And if we follow the rules given about diet above, surely our body will be fit and we will get rid of obesity by staying healthy. So for this it is necessary to have control over ourselves because if we do not have control over ourselves then we eat food that is not needed by the body and the body becomes fat and gains weight and then it becomes difficult to lose it. And for that our willpower is also required to be strong.

What to eat to lose weight

To lose weight preferably in the morning take a diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Morning breakfast should not include sweets. You can also have porridge or bread in the morning breakfast. Also if you take milk and salad like cucumber, carrot it will also be suitable.
Have fiber rich food in afternoon meal. Your body generally needs 300-400 calories from lunch. So you can eat two polais or some rice in lunch. Along with this, you can also have salad, leafy vegetables in lunch.
Dinner should be low in carbohydrates, it will be good for you if you don’t eat carbohydrate rich food like rice. Night feeding should be as little as possible.
Also you should avoid drinking tea and take green tea instead.

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