Contraindications List | Which foods are harmful to the body when eaten together

Opposite Diet List In Marathi >> We are seeing many changes in eating these days, that is eating any food with any food or any vegetable or any fruit. What this does is that it increases indigestion in the stomach. Digestion gets disturbed and we start suffering from it. Then when we suffer, we don’t know what we have eaten today that is causing us so much pain. And the consequences of eating this are so terrible that you can’t even think about it.

Sometimes there is no harm if we eat two types of food separately. But there are certain foods, which should not be eaten together, and exactly those foods, if eaten together, turn into poison. And the results are sometimes seen immediately and sometimes over time. Consuming these one and two foods or a mixture of these foods is called anti-diet.

Opposite Diet List In Marathi

These days you can see such things in hotels, and we even cook them at home unknowingly. What we don’t know. Eating any fruit or vegetable together can cause trouble for you and your family members. So in this article we are going to see the information about the foods, vegetables and fruits in the opposite diet list which information will be useful to you.

So let’s know the opposite diet list and information about it.

Avoid taking these foods with milk – milk/milk products and opposite foods

1) Yogurt is good and essential to have in your diet. But preferably do not eat curd in dinner.

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2) Many people like pineapple and its juice is also liked by many people. So if you are making this pineapple juice at home then always remember one thing that while making pineapple juice do not add milk to it. The opposite food list includes pineapple and milk.

3) Many people have a habit of eating khichdi with curd or milk. Dahi on khichdi also tastes good, but remember one thing that curd and milk should never be eaten together on khichdi. Combined consumption of milk, curd and khichdi comes in opposite diet list.

4) Nowadays people often use milk to enhance any vegetable gravy/gravy and already we add many spices to the oil. He said that the mixture of milk and spices is harmful and harmful to the body.

5) Avoid taking mutton, chicken, fish and milk with them because mutton, chicken and fish are heat producing foods. Whereas milk is cold, mixing milk and non-vegetarian food can have adverse effects.

6) Eating fruit with milk / curd also increases kapha, almost every fruit juice is made with milk in the juice center where you buy juice, and drinking such fruit and milk mixed juice continuously increases kapha and can also cause serious diseases like heart disease. .So it is always best to eat the fruits as they are.

7) It is also against diet not to eat phanas with milk.

8) Never eat curd hot. There is no harm in making curd curry and eating it.

Information on other foods in the opposite food list

1) Do not consume sitfal on an empty stomach after waking up in the morning. If you wake up in the morning and accidentally eat sital fruit, it will cause cold, cough, sore throat.

2) Rice and left over chapatis from the night are usually eaten as breakfast in the morning. There is no problem if these two foods are eaten separately in the morning, but if you eat these two foods i.e. stale rice and chapati together for breakfast, then there is a problem, so usually do not eat these two stale foods together.

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3) Although Radish is beneficial for our body, it is also harmful if Radish and Udi dal should not be eaten together in the meal. Therefore, Radish and Udi are in the opposite food list.

4) Eating banana is beneficial for our body’s digestive system. But eating bananas at night should be avoided as much as possible.

5) We are making some food by adding ghee and some in oil. There is no problem if you eat oil and ghee separately but you should not eat ghee and oil together, oil and ghee together come in the opposite food list, it is also harmful.

6) Ghee is nutritious in all but ghee and honey when consumed together or in equal proportions produces poison. Also ghee should never be made and kept in a copper vessel. Even ghee kept in a copper vessel can be harmful to our body.

7) Often we make tomato and cucumber salad, but this is also not a good thing. Consuming tomato and cucumber together causes stomach bloating and gas formation. Therefore, if possible, their intake should not be combined.

8) Also we often add onion to spinach. But spinach and onion should not be eaten together as it can be harmful for your body.

9) Cold drinks like Mirinda, Maja, Fruity, many people eat salted peanuts to taste it. But doing so depletes the body of water because eating salty foods with cold drinks increases the sodium rapidly and depletes the body of water rapidly, which means you become dehydrated. And things like dehydration can lead to things like dizziness, vomiting, and hyperactivity.

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10) In summer days one wants to drink a lot of water and one wants to drink cold water. But if you have come from somewhere outside in the hot sun and no matter how thirsty you are when you come home, not drinking the water immediately after it comes has dire consequences. Fifteen to twenty minutes after coming out of the sun and sitting quietly and gently drinking water will not cause any trouble.

11) Satu flour should not be eaten at night and satu flour should be mixed with water. Best ever eaten in summer.

12) Summer is said that we eat the special summer fruit Kalingad i.e. Watermelon. But friends, never drink mint or cold water with this watermelon. If these three things are taken together, they come in the opposite diet list.

13) Do not eat garlic, radish or radish leaves with melon, this is also opposite food and they are harmful for the body.

14) Lemon, curry and salt should be avoided together with milk. The combined leaves of these things are known as anti-diet and their consumption causes a lot of harm to the body.

Summary – Contraindications list and information (Opposite Diet List In Marathi)

The above article on Contraindications List contains information about some of the foods that can be harmful to your body either immediately or over time. There are certain foods that can be harmful to the body if consumed with milk. Some foods are those that can cause harm to the human body if two or more foods are eaten together. For a healthy body, it may be more beneficial for you to follow the above information in your daily diet.

Do let us know by commenting how you feel about this information regarding opposite diet list. Also, if you have any suggestions, don’t forget to comment them.

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