What to do to grow a beard | Oil / medicine

What to do for beard |home remedies or oil / medicine all information / dadhi yenyasathi kay karave / dadhi yenyasathi upay >> We are the first in the last 3-4 years to have a beard and mustache trend. Nowadays, many big celebrities are also seen growing beard and mustache in this way.

If you look at it like this, the mustache and thick beard are the old identity of Maharashtrian Marathi men, but it is slowly disappearing and till the last 5 years i.e. till 2015, people preferred to remove and shave the entire mustache and beard. But now that trend is over and it’s back to having a bushy beard and scruffy moustache.

But many youths or men want to follow this trend from their heart but cannot do it. The reason for this is that the beard and mustache do not grow or grow properly. And then many people who want to grow a beard ask the question that what should be done to grow a beard? What to do to get a mustache? Many people look for beard growth oil or beard growth medicine. For some such people, we are going to tell you what to do to get a beard in this article.

What to do to get a beard? Which oil should be used to grow beard? What is the medicine for beard growth? What to do to get a mustache? What is the solution to grow a beard? We have tried to answer such questions in this article.

So let’s know what to do to get a beard.

What To Do For Beard Growth – Remedies And Implementation Of Remedies (dadhi vadhavnyache upay marathi)

First we will see what are the beard growth oil / beard growth medicine, and then what are the home remedies for beard growth / mustache growth.

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Beard Remedy (Dadhi yenyasathi upay) – Beard Oil / Beard Oil / Beard Oil / Beard Oil -Beard Oil.

In general, take any of the following 5 best beard oils twice a day and gently massage your beard and mustache with your hands. Leave on for about 15-20 minutes and wash your face with cold water.

By doing this, the dead cells on your face will come alive and you will start seeing a difference in about 15-20 days. Applying this to areas of your face where there is less beard will start growing beard and your skin will become soft.

1) UrbanGabru Beard Oil For Growth (100% Natural)

Rub a little bit of beard oil into your beard and mustache and you’ll enjoy a smoother, softer and healthier beard.
If you’re thinking of shaving your beard, try our all-natural oils instead. UrbanGabru Beard Oil is 100% free from parabens, sulfates, harmful chemicals and comes with no harsh side effects. This oil is very suitable for beards and mustaches of all types and lengths.

2) Ustraa Beard Growth Oil for Men (35ml)

8- Natural oils including argan, acai berry, castor, almond, olive, watermelon seed, gooseberry and avocado oils keep the beard healthy, nourished and well maintained.
A beard oil specially formulated for beard growth.
It works on the hair roots to rebalance the hair’s natural cycle for hair growth.

3) Beardhood Beard Growth Oil For Men (30ml) – ₹249

Made from natural plant extracts, it contains jojoba oil, argan oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, vitamin E and other essential oils. Which are handpicked from regions like Indonesia, Italy and Morocco to deeply nourish your hair and skin. Apply to clean, dry beard every morning and evening. It is preferable to use after shower when your skin is moist and your pores are open to absorb oil better

4) Beardinator – 4 Step Beard Growth Kit with, Onion Growth Oil and Charcoal Face Wash – ₹599

This beard growth oil is infused with onion oil that accelerates hair growth, rosemary oil helps with blood circulation and argan oil acts as a natural conditioner and prevents frizz. A specially formulated beard oil nourishes and soothes your skin and leaves you smelling great.
Made from 100% natural superfoods.
Contains: Beard Growth Oil (Onion- 30ml), Beard Activating Charcoal Face Wash (100g), Beard Growth Tracker.

5) Beard Grooming Kit by The Man Company (Set of 4)

Beard oil is one of the most important products for any man who wants to show off his beard. Almond Oil : It is rich in vitamin-E and protein, both of which have proven benefits in promoting hair growth.
A beard shampoo will remove grime and grow hair.
A comb is a beard manager, its long and thick teeth actively go through your beard.
Beard Trimming Scissors- A tool to keep your beard sharp and beautiful!

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What are the home remedies to grow a beard?

If you want to grow beard using medicine or any oil, you can do some simple remedies at home. By following these remedies, your beard will not only grow but your body will also stay healthy and strong. So let’s know what home remedies should be done to get a beard.

Uses of lemon – Remedies for a thick beard

Lemon is very beneficial for your health. For beard growth or beard growth, make a paste by mixing cinnamon powder or tamal leaf powder with lemon juice and apply this mixture on your face where there is no or less beard. After about 15 minutes, wash your face with cold water.

Lemon juice is not suitable for everyone’s face. Those who suffer from it should avoid applying it. Those whose skin does not get affected after applying it should apply this paste on their face 3 times a week. In about 2 weeks you will start seeing results.

Eat a diet that increases the amount of protein in the body.

You may know that the more protein you have in your diet, the better your health will be, but it also affects your beard growth.

If you eat protein-rich meals regularly, it will definitely help your beard grow.

Stay away from addiction

Any kind of addiction is harmful to your health. And if you decide to grow a beard, stay away from addictions.

Smoking cigarettes also hinders your beard growth, so stay away from cigarettes if you don’t have a beard or your beard isn’t growing.

Use Coconut Oil on Beard – Remedy for thick beard

We have a misconception that coconut oil should only be applied to the scalp. This coconut oil is also good for your beard. Massage a little coconut oil into your beard or anywhere else on your face every day.

Avoid similar shaving

Many men have the misconception that regular shaving makes their beard grow faster, or better. But that’s not the case guys, when you shave continuously you don’t get a good shave. So if you shave regularly, don’t.

Use Eucalyptus Oil – Shaving Remedy

Apply Eucalyptus oil on your face if you can’t get beard, Eucalyptus oil is very effective if you apply it on your face where you don’t get beard, it definitely helps in getting beard or curd growth.

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But if Eucalyptus oil causes facial burns to some, mix it with a small amount of sesame oil and then apply this mixture on your face.

Avoid eating outside food as much as possible

Eating out, such as hotel or restaurant food, increases your body fat and can also hinder your beard growth efforts.

So if you are willing to indulge your beard growth, avoid eating out as much as possible.

Amla oil – dadhi yenyasathi upay

Amla oil is very effective, if you apply this oil on your face and massage it regularly, it will definitely help you to grow a beard where there is no or less beard.

Keep this amla oil on your face for about 15-20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. Massage with amla oil will make your beard grow faster.

Drink more water

If you decide to grow a beard, drink plenty of water. Drinking more water has many benefits, one of which is that drinking more water will definitely help your beard grow.

Use of turmeric

Take the coconut oil that you apply on your head every day and add 7 to 8 leaves of curry leaves and heat this mixture well for 10 minutes. After about 10 to 15 minutes, wash your face with cold water. Doing this will also help your beard grow.

Keep your face clean

If you want to grow a beard, you need to clean your face regularly. Wash your face after you go out for a walk, dirt on the face hinders beard growth or new beard growth.

So you need to keep your face clean regularly. Doing this definitely helps in beard growth.

Shampoo the beard

You only shampoo your scalp, but you also shampoo your beard regularly. Doing this helps your beard grow and also makes the beard hair soft.

regular exercise

Regular exercise is not only good for your health but also regular exercise can help you grow or grow a beard.

Exercising daily helps to increase testosterone in your body and because of the increase in testosterone in your body, your beard grows.

Don’t stress

Being in constant tension is not only harmful to your health, but along with that, constant stress also affects the growth of your beard. Along with this, regular and complete sleep is also required for your body.

So getting enough sleep and not getting tension helps your beard to grow.


If you want to grow a beard, carrots are a must in your diet. You should consume carrot juice regularly as it will also help your beard grow.

raw milk

Applying raw milk on the face helps in beard growth. Applying raw milk to your face every night before going to bed will help you to grow beard in areas where you don’t have beard or less beard.

Honey and black pepper powder mixture – dadhi yenyasathi upay

Mix some honey with black pepper powder and a few drops of lemon juice and apply it on your face. Regular application of this mixture on the face also helps in beard growth. Keep this mixture on your face for about 10 to 15 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. This will not only make your face soft but at the same time it will grow beard in places where there is no beard.

Summary – What to do for beard growth / Remedies for beard growth / dadhi yenyasathi upay

All the above solutions for beard growth are suitable, we should take the solution according to which solution is suitable for our face and which of these things are available to us. You will definitely benefit from the beard growth tips and beard growth tips provided in this article to fulfill your beard growth ambitions.

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