Why? | Sushant’s case matters

Why? | Sushant’s case matters

After Continuous allegations by Bihar Police and counter allegations by Mumbai Police, the 2 month long controversy of jurisdiction has come to an end when Supreme Court  announced that the CBI will take over the probe of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sushant’s case matters

Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead inside his apartment on June 14 after which the death was cited as a suicide case under 20 minutes. Several mental health campaigns were started by big celebs by citing the actor’s death as an example and how mental health should be considered as a serious issue.

Social Media was suddenly flooded with mental health experts and therapists for a few days. Although , this is a good news that people are more aware of this serious issue, it must not be a short lived campaign like other social media initiatives.

Aftermath of the death

One cannot deny the fact that Sushant Singh Rajput’s death investigation was not only about giving justice to the late actor. Instead, It was a malicious game of allegations between Bihar Police, Mumbai Police, Bihar government, Maharashtra government, sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and many more.

It later even involved the actor’s late manager Disha Salian who also allegedly commited suicide some days before the actor’s death.

Mumbai police had not even filed any FIR till this date related to Sushant’s death but when Bihar Police arrived in Mumbai to investigate the death on the basis of FIR filed in patna by the actor’s father, Mumbai Police not only refused to share evidences and reports but also obstructed in the investigation being done by Patna Police.

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When IPS Vinay Tiwari arrived in Mumbai to probe the matter, BMC quarantined him by citing rules and guidelines, but the four policemen who had also arrived in Mumbai from Patna were not quarantined by the BMC. This clearly states that some secrets and evidences are hidden from the public and some powerful people will go all the length to keep those secrets hidden.

There are many protocols and SOPs which must be followed in these situations which were not followed, Patna Police team were mishandled and they were not allowed to talk to the press. There were many videos which were going viral in the social media which assures the above claims.

This whole matter was cleverly redirected from finding truth of the actor’s death to Bihar Police vs Mumbai Police to Maharashtrians vs Biharis so the people responsible had enough time to clear evidences and to set their story straight. The statements which were said by Maharashtra ministers were aimed to divide the public support for CBI in the case and atleast have the popular support of maharashtrians  by directing the criticism on Maharashtra Police.

When CBI took over

When CBI started its investigation, it found many lapses which were done deliberately and had many missing links which should not be the case if it was a suicide like CCTV footage were missing from the building, all the case files of Disha case were ‘mistakenly deleted’ when Patna Police were trying to find any link between Disha Salian’s and Sushant’s case, Kotak Mahindra Bank(Bandra) did not provide proper account and transaction details when Patna Police team arrived at the bank.

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Mumbai Police only filed a death report but not any FIR, Mumbai Police did some investigation but it could be clearly identified that it was only because of the public uproar. The mainstream media did not even raised any questions (either from political pressures or no potential TRP attraction) like why Mumbai Police was arbitrarily questioning random producers and actors instead of following the thread which was clearly visible(as CBI found out later).

Only Republic TV stood out among all of the media houses. Even if people do not agree with Arnab Goswami or do not like the way he hosts his show, he should be praised for bringing the actual matter into public sight, although it could be said that he is continuously highlighting the case because of  his past conflicts with Shiv Sena.

The Channel(Rep. TV) unearthed many evidences which led to massive public demand for proper investigation by CBI. Mumbai police has been always seen as heroes by people all over the country , but the police department could be seen acting under some kind of political pressure or trying to hide some things to protect some people.

Impact of upcoming Bihar Elections

Bihar DGP Gupteshwar pandey was continuously in national headlines in this case and it did not seemed like he was only there for the case. Normally, police department officers are not in news other than when they brief media about new updates in a case but he was seen in many TV debates. Common people hardly saw him doing TV debates in any other local case.

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This can be easily explained because he had political ambitions since a long time as he once gave VRS from his service to contest elections. Bihar elections are few months away and maybe he was reaching out to the voters and announcing his existence to common people so if he decides to fulfill his wish and start a political career, he would have a significant advantage and Bihar would also have better chances at rapid development if people clearing UPSC represented the common people.

If the Bihar elections were not so near, it can be said with full confidence that this case would not get such political backing or politicians would never demand CBI for SSR. All the political figures or media houses were raising their voice for Sushant Singh Rajput to get a share of the credit and to come in good light of the people.

Those who actually made the difference were common people and not driven by personal gains but to get justice for an AIR 7 ranker genius who followed his dreams despite having a comfortable engineering career ahead of him.

CBI is currently investigating the case therefore the information may need to be updated.

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