Why is International Women’s Day celebrated / Womens Day Celebration

Why is International Women’s Day celebrated/International Women’s Day >> March 8 is International Women’s Day with us all over the world.It is celebrated as International Women’s Day. But many of us still don’t know the exact reason why we celebrate International Women’s Day.

The reason for celebrating International Women’s Day is that every year, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day to commemorate the struggle of women for their rights. Although International Women’s Day was first celebrated on February 28, 1909, in New York, March 8 was designated as International Women’s Day following a proposal made at the International Women’s Conference of 1910. So let’s know the unknown history behind this International Women’s Day.

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Why International Women’s Day is Celebrated/International Women’s Day – History

Women were denied the right to vote until the early nineteenth century, including throughout America and Europe. In 1890, the National American Suffragist Association was founded in the United States to fight for voting rights, but this association was also racist and prejudiced against immigrants.

It called for women to have the right to vote in order to protect the South from black voters and the North and East from their majority domestic voters. At that time, Hoy had started. These rights were strongly opposed by the majority of black and immigrant labor women, and revolutionary Marxists supported demands for universal adult voting rights.

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In 1907, the first International Socialist Women’s Conference was held in Stuttgart. In this conference, Clara Zetkin, a very militant, militant communist activist, effectively presented her ideas and declared that it was the duty of socialist women to fight for universal suffrage.

On March 8, 1908, thousands of women textile workers gathered in Rutgers Square in New York City for a historic demonstration. They demanded a ten-hour day and safety at the workplace. In addition to these two demands, they strongly demanded that all adult men and women, regardless of sex, race, property and educational background, get the right to vote. Clara Zetkin was very impressed by this widespread action of American working women.

At the Second International Socialist Women’s Conference held in Copenhagen in 1909, Clara passed a resolution that March 8, 1908, be recognized as International Women’s Day in commemoration of the historic achievements of women workers in the United States. After this resolution, campaigns for universal suffrage were opened in Europe, America and other countries. As a result, these demands were successful in England in 1918 and in America in 1919. After that, March 8 started to be celebrated as International Women’s Day all over the world.

Why International Women’s Day is Celebrated – Background in India

The first 8 March day was celebrated in Mumbai in 1943. On March 8, 1971, a large march was held in Pune. Later, the year 1975 was declared as International Women’s Year by UNO. After that, women’s problems came prominently in front of society and women’s organizations got stronger. According to the changing social and political situation, the nature of some questions changed, the demands of women’s organizations also changed.

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Now March 8 has started to be celebrated in bank offices as well. Today, International Women’s Day is celebrated everywhere. On the occasion of International Women’s Year 1975, the United Nations decided to celebrate International Women’s Day. In 1977, a committee of the United Nations called upon various members to celebrate March 8 as an international day for women’s rights and world peace.

International Women’s Day and other countries

International Women’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm in most countries, while in some countries like Bulgaria and Romania, this day is also celebrated as Mother’s Day. On this day, children give gifts to their mothers and grandmothers. Thus we see the history behind why International Women’s Day / World Women’s Day is celebrated and today we see women performing at par with men in every field and even better. Do let us know how you felt about this information about International Women’s Day by commenting.Like us for other updates like this Facebook page And on Twitter Follow me on Twitter.

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