Anand Shinde’s car met with an accident

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The car of famous singer Anand Shinde has met with an accident. Shinde was on his way to Sangolya from Mumbai via Indapur when the accident took place but luckily he escaped unharmed.

aanand shinde car accident
  • Famous singer Anand Shinde’s car met with an accident near Balpudi village in Indapur
  • Anand Shinde escaped unharmed in this accident, but the car was badly damaged
  • What exactly happened? : Shinde was going to Sangolia from Mumbai via Indapur. At Varkute Phata near Indapur, the driver of Anand Shinde’s car did not see the oncoming dumper.
  • In this way, he hit the dumper from behind. Anand Shinde’s leg was hit. After this, he was admitted to a private hospital in Indapur for treatment.

It is reported that Shinde has left for Pune after primary treatment.

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