What should be the baby’s diet? What should be the baby’s diet according to the age months

What should be the baby’s diet? What should be the baby’s diet according to the month of age >> Many mothers worry about their baby’s diet. A regular question for mothers of babies is whether their baby’s tummy is full? And another problem is that after the birth of the baby, he cannot be fed any other food than mother’s milk for some days. Because the baby’s digestive system is not fully developed. Because their immune system is not fully developed, they immediately get allergic or the foreign food is not digested by the baby and this also causes babies to cry. So the baby is breastfed for a few days and the baby gets full nutrients from breastfeeding.

In this article, we have tried to solve the problems that many new mothers have about feeding their baby.

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What should be the baby’s diet? What are the changes in the baby’s diet according to the months of the baby’s age? (Balacha Ahar Kasa Asava)

Then we are going to know some stages about baby food according to the months of the baby’s age. And the complete information about how the baby’s diet should be and what we should follow while making some changes in his diet is given below in detail.

How should baby’s diet be?

How should a baby’s diet be for the first six months (6 month baby diet)

It is generally recommended to breastfeed the baby for the first six months. Because during this period, the baby’s digestive system is not that capable of digesting other food and it takes about six months for this system to be capable. Along with that you can also give the baby a baguette. But after six months, the mother’s milk is not sufficient for the rapid growth of the baby, it starts to lack iron and calcium. Therefore, there is no problem in starting the baby’s solid food after six months, but consult a doctor before this.

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Sometimes, some babies do not get enough breast milk within 6 months. In such cases, the baby should be started on solid food on the advice of the doctor. This should include foods that are smooth and easy to swallow.

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Six Months to Eight Months (Start feeding as follows after six months) (8 Months Baby Diet)

1) Ready cereal of rice or oatmeal should be boiled in breast milk, formula milk and cooled in cold water and should be fed to the baby until soft and smooth.

2) At home, after removing the semolina of rice and gram flour and cooking it soft, this page can also be given to the baby.

3) From time to time Varana water should be given as soup with a little salt in it or fruit juice should be given. While giving fruit juice, make sure that there are no seeds in it.

How should a baby’s diet be after 8 months and up to 11 months (9 months baby diet)

After the baby is about 7 to 8 months old, his movements can be a pleasant shock to his parents. Because it is during this period when the baby tries to pick up his body and grab the hand from your hand, it is the right time to introduce him to a new diet. Now he should be given supplementary food at least three times a day. It should include one cereal, one vegetable and one fruit.

It is okay to breastfeed the baby as breakfast. After some time after breakfast, but before eating, the baby should cook and mash carrots.

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1) Meals should generally have soft mung bean khichdi that the baby can swallow.

2) Re-cooked carrot or boiled potato should be given once in the night.

3) Breastfeed again while sleeping and put the baby to sleep.

4) Soft cooking vegetables and fruits should be cooked and pulped and given as food.

5) In the beginning wash the spinach, pumpkin, kohlrabi, sweet potato, carrot, Asha vegetables, finely chop them and let them steam soft. Do not add water while cooking it.

6) Among the fruits, apple, guava, chickpea, banana should also be steamed after removing the seeds. And remember to give only one vegetable or fruit at a time.

An 8 to 11 month old baby should have this typical feeding schedule. The baby should be fed more or less according to the capacity of the baby. That means if the baby is given khichdi or boiled potato in the evening and if the baby is full then breast feeding should not be done. Instead of khichdi, soft rice, non-spicy amti or soft wheat porridge should be given.

What should be the diet of a 1 year old baby?

A one-year-old baby should be able to eat whatever you cook or eat at home. Use asafoetida, cumin, cumin, coriander or cinnamon to add flavor to the food. Children of this age can eat slightly different and slightly heavier foods and find it easier to feed them. Also, complaints about various foods also start. He begins to like this change in diet. And it doesn’t hurt too much while eating.

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If you have fed your baby by planning the 11 month diet as above then it will be a parent’s target as to what to feed him and what not to feed him. If we talk about breastfeeding, the baby should not stop breastfeeding just because it has completed 1 year. Breastfeeding is an important part of the baby’s diet for at least another 6 months, i.e. until the baby is about 12 to 18 months old.

What foods should be avoided / what should be taken care of while feeding the baby

1) Do not feed the next fodder until you are sure that the baby has swallowed the fodder.

2) When the baby is small, keep in mind that he cannot suck the food from the spoon and feed him with a small piece of grass on the tip of the spoon.

3) Feed one food only once a day for the first few days.

4) If the baby does not feel any complaint while introducing a new food, then that food should be included in the baby’s diet.

5) Baby’s reaction to new food is important. Accordingly, one should know what the baby is digesting and moving.

Note :- Some foods that should not be given to the baby are egg whites, salt, sugar, fried foods, honey, peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, cow’s milk, tea and coffee without consulting a doctor.

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