Arrears Certificate Marathi pdf/No Arrears Certificate Download

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Bebaki Certificate Marathi pdf/No Arrears Certificate /bebaki form/bebaki praman patra in marathi pdf>> Bebaki certificate i.e. proof of no arrears is probably required if you want to stand as a candidate for Gram Panchayat or any election. Also if one wants to take a home loan etc. this certificate is required and to get it you have to get this certificate from Gram Panchayat.

Bebaki Certificate Marathi pdf/Certificate of No Dues

This article has tried to give you all information about Bebaki pramanpatr in marathi pdf (bebaki pramanpatr in marathi pdf). In the beginning you are given a link to download this certificate i.e. no dues certificate, after downloading this bebaki form you will get detailed information on how to validate it in the second step of this article.

No Dues Certificate Marathi pdf / No Dues Certificate Download Link

Given below to download Bay-Baki certificate “Certificate of No Dues” Click on this button.

Bebaki Certificate Marathi pdf / What to do to Validate No Dues Certificate?

To get this certificate you need to download and print the above certificate. After printing the application/presentation, signature and stamp of your village sarpanch/ gram sevak/ village development officer should be obtained. This certificate will be valid after obtaining it.

The government has given a period of 5 days to the Gram Panchayat to validate this certificate, during this period the Gram Sevaks and Gram Panchayat employees check whether there are any Gram Panchayat debts such as Gharpatti, Panipatti in the name of that person. Therefore, the village sevak should be given such a period to issue the outstanding certificate. Also to get this certificate you have to pay a fee of Rs.20 in Gram Panchayat.

Summary – Certificate of Clearance Marathi

While contesting the Gram Panchayat elections, it is mandatory for the candidate to attach a non-contractor certificate, a toilet certificate along with the election application form and also a non-arrears certificate, that’s why when the election is held, many people get a certificate to attach all the Gram Panchayat dues in India and attach it with their application form.

Why do you need a no-dues certificate? What is the use of Bebaki certificate?

You have to attach this certificate along with your application to stand for Gram Panchayat election. Also, if you want to take a loan on your house, you have to submit a certificate to the bank that it is not arrears of Gram Panchayat.

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