Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile in Marathi

Mobile Che Fayde va Tote (Mobile che Fayde va Tote) >> Mobile has become our necessity now. As earlier it was said that food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs, but now mobile phone has also become a basic need of man.

In a very short period of time, this electronic device has occupied an important place in human life. Today, mobile has become an important factor in our daily life. If we don’t have a mobile phone, we can’t do many things, and nowadays, we can’t do any work without a mobile phone.

Mobile Che Fayde va Tote (Mobile che Fayde va Tote)

Buying clothes, booking a car while going for a walk, getting new information, dialing a doctor’s number, sending money or ordering food now requires a mobile phone.

Let us try to know the advantages and disadvantages / side effects of mobile phones which have become an integral part of our life.

Advantages and Disadvantages / Side Effects of Mobile (mobile che fayde tote in marathi)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile At the beginning of this article we will know the advantages of this device and then we will see its disadvantages. So let’s find out Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile / Side effects of mobile phones

Advantages of mobile (mobile che fayde in marathi)

1) We can talk with that person whenever we want. You can reach any corner of the world by phone. You can send greetings on festivals like Diwali to your relatives and loved ones through mobile no matter where they live in the world.

2) Since the mobile device is very easy to use, everyone from very young to very old can use it very easily.

3) Mobile is a great entertainment tool. You can watch your favorite movie, song or bhajan kirtan on your mobile whenever you want.

4) You can save necessary information in mobile. You can also take photos or videos.

5) You can do any shopping at home from mobile. Be it clothes, cars, children’s toys, shoes or ordering food from a hotel. You can order things like this with just a few clicks

6) Shopkeepers as well as business people can now easily manage their daily accounts with the help of some mobile application rather than keeping them in notebooks or notebooks.

7) With the help of other applications like whatsapp or facebook in mobile, you can talk face to face with any person from any corner of the world through video call.

Mobile Che Fayde va Tote (Mobile che Fayde va Tote)

8) If you do not understand the information related to the study or if you need more detailed information, you can understand it with the help of internet from mobile phone.

Mobile Che Fayde va Tote (Mobile che Fayde va Tote)

9) Now you can do bank transactions with the help of mobile in a few clicks You can send or receive money anywhere in the world with the help of mobile

10) If you go for a walk outside, you can also know the road from where to go through the Google Map application in your mobile phone. You also get information about how long it will take to get from where you are now to where you want to go and where there is traffic.

Mobile Che Fayde va Tote (Mobile che Fayde va Tote)

Although there are many advantages of mobiles like these, there are also disadvantages / side effects of this device of your choice.

Disadvantages of Mobiles / Side effects of Mobiles (mobile that tote in Marathi)

1) Due to excessive use of mobile phones, communication between people in the household is ending. The chats that used to be held in the house earlier are getting less and less. Nowadays parents and children can be seen stuck in their mobile phones, talking to each other is less.

2) Children in schools and colleges are seen misusing mobile phones. Children sit and use mobile phones for hours at school. Due to this, autism is increasing in children.

3) Mobile wastes time. Whether it is a government employee or a private employee, nowadays everyone has a mobile phone. People can be seen passing their time on mobile phones at work. Mobile ban is necessary in such offices.

4) Using a mobile phone while driving is likely to cause an accident. Many people have a habit of bending their neck and talking on mobile phones while driving, which can cause accidents to themselves as well as to other people in the society.

5) Many people have the habit of talking while charging mobile phones, some mobile phones may get hot and explode if used in this way and may cause serious injury to the user. Therefore, using mobile phones in this manner should be avoided as much as possible.

6) Nowadays even children are seen handling their parents’ mobile phones Many children handle this mobile very smartly but due to excessive use of mobile even children get addicted to it And then things like getting glasses at a very young age happen

7) Some bad minded people can also misuse this mobile | Removing pornographic videos and watching videos on the Internet in mobile phones The danger of bad things like this is also due to mobile

Mobile Che Fayde va Tote (Mobile che Fayde va Tote)

8) Many people store their highly confidential information like ATM passwords or online banking passwords in their mobile phones. But if the mobile gets into the hands of someone else or is lost and goes into the hands of the wrong people, then the mobile phone holder has to face serious consequences.

9) Listening to music for a long time with headphones on the mobile can also cause problems Also, many people have a habit of sleeping with headphones in their ears while sleeping, which can also affect ear diseases or hearing.

Mobile che Fayde va Tote in Marathi

Summary – mobile che fayde tote / dushparinam in marathi

Mobile is an excellent device, after studying the advantages and disadvantages of mobile, it is important to realize that mobile is for you, not you for mobile. If anything is overdone, its consequences are as follows. Also, try to read from the fact that mobile phones also have side effects.

Do let us know by commenting how you feel about this information about the advantages and disadvantages / side effects of mobile (mobile che fayde tote / dushparinam in Marathi). Also let me know if you have any suggestions.

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