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Apps | Business Mobile Apps | Business Apps >> Earlier business was limited to certain place but now the world has changed. Now you can do business sitting at your home, village, taluk place and sell your product. For that you don’t have to leave your place of work and all this is possible because of the internet. Local Business Online Offer – @299 Plan

Now along with the modernity of internet we should also modernize our business. At the same time, now there is no need to calculate with the same fertilizers as before, you can do all this in your mobile apps can do through

Also, many of the work that you used to have to leave the place of business and go to another place, now you can do it from your mobile. Such as sourcing raw materials for your business, promoting your product, and selling. Now you can do all these things from the comfort of your home with a few clicks through your mobile.

Today we are going to suggest you some mobile app useful for small business.

Mobile apps useful for business (Best Apps for Business)

Some useful business apps to advertise your business:

Canva / PicsArt : With the help of these apps, you can make banners for your business advertisement. Both of these apps Very easy to use and with the help of it you can design a great banner to advertise your business and send it to social media sites.

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You don’t need to go to any flex designer or need any kind of laptop or computer to make designs. Both these apps are available for free on Google Playstore.

Keeping track of transactions apps :-

Khatabook / Ok Credit / Vyapar / Mera Cashier
All this apps It is useful for you to keep track of every transaction that takes place in your business. By using it, you will not forget to borrow from someone or to pay someone.

This App Almost all of them are easy to use apps You can select the language you want. By using these, you can also better understand the ups and downs in your product sales through graphs.

Come 4 apps Any one of App We suggest you khatabook This App I would like to suggest.

To discuss daily to-do list / important notes / tasks with colleagues apps

Evernote / Todoist
Both of these apps You can use it for free. With the help of it, you can make a list of business tasks with your colleagues in the form of a check list, due to which you will know the information about the completed tasks and remaining tasks.

Also Evernote come on App You can make important notes with colleagues using

Todoist come on App With the help of you can divide tasks to your team. And you can better plan when they will be completed.

Both of these apps Any of these are excellent and you can use them in your business.

Apps for buying raw materials needed by business at cheap rates

Amazon / Ali Baba / Aliexpress / IndiaMart
hey four apps You can use it to buy raw materials needed for business.

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Amazon in this App With the help of your GST number you can purchase goods in wholesale form in mazon business account If you need to register, read our article on how to register 👉How to Register Amazon Business Account

All four of these apps With the help of you can buy the raw materials required for your business at cheap rates. The best and most useful of these four apps If asked to choose Amazon Business And AliExpress This App are

Suitable apps for money transactions

(Business): GooglePay Business App / PhonePay Business App / PayTm Business App / Freecharge Business App
Online money transfer – lots to exchange App There are, using them you can send and receive money online.

Almost all of them apps They give you cashback or discount coupons on online transactions. Which gives you other benefits along with business transactions.

Of these Googlepay And Phonepay This apps are popular.

App to sell your product from home

Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm
Like you for selling finished goods App can use come on apps You can put your product for sale on it.

This is so App are where once you put your product up for sale you can sell it anywhere in the entire country.

When a customer places an order to buy your product, your job will be to make it, prepare it and pack it properly so that the person of this website will come and reach the person who will buy it.

You are sitting at home Amazon Or Flipkart You can sell your product on

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An app to use to save important documents

Google Drive
Important documents that you may suddenly need documents or files in Google Drive App You can put it on.

Here you can get near pass 15 GB. Free data storage up to Which is too much.

Which you may suddenly need anytime like shop act of your business, food license, bank passbook and many others.

Documents like this once Google Drive App Upload it above so that it is always with you in your mobile. You can also upload your product videos here

Google Drive It’s popular App Using it will definitely reduce your hassle of matching and saving the documents.


Above seven types of mobiles apps You can manage your business from your mobile in the best possible way.

You will not need to go anywhere else from your place of business and many tedious tasks like fetching your raw materials, maintaining documents, keeping accounts of transactions, keeping loan book, going out for sale will be reduced.

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