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Remedy for Blood Increase | What to Eat to Increase Blood or Increase Hemoglobin / Home Remedies to Increase Hemoglobin – Rakt Vadhisathi Upay >> Just like a car or vehicle needs fuel, our body also needs blood. If the amount of blood or hemoglobin in your body decreases, it has one or more side effects.

If the blood or hemoglobin in the body is reduced, there are some effects on the skin like fatigue, feeling weak, while others, especially in adults, have effects like swelling of the hands and feet. Along with the adverse effects on the body, diseases like anemia can also occur.

In this article you will get to read about the remedies to increase blood / remedies to increase hemoglobin to get rid of disorders caused by loss of blood in the body. This article tries to give what to eat along with a balanced diet and some home remedies to increase blood or increase hemoglobin.

Some Home Remedies for Blood Growth (Rakt Vadhisathi Upay)/ What to Eat to Increase Blood or Hemoglobin – List of Measures (Measures for Blood Growth)

Below are some remedies for increased blood flow, almost all of them are home remedies. What to eat for blood growth? Here you will find answers to questions like what to avoid.

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Eating whole grains – a great remedy for blood growth

Spoiled pulses

Pulses like broken mutton, hulge, chawli should be in your daily diet. Including these pulses in your daily diet increases the amount of blood in your body. This can be the best solution for increasing blood.

Include tomatoes in the diet

Tomato / Tomato juice

Including tomatoes in the daily diet also helps in increasing the blood in the body. If you want quick results, drink tomato soup or juice daily. Tomatoes contain vitamin C which is considered to be very beneficial for blood growth.

Eating jaggery and peanuts together is a good remedy for blood growth

Often the elders in the house advise to eat jaggery and peanuts to increase the blood or hemoglobin level in the body. Doing this definitely helps in increasing the blood in your body.

Eat apples and beets to increase blood

Beet / Beet Juice

Include apples and beets in your diet regularly. Drinking apple juice regularly can be a great solution for your blood growth. Add a spoonful of honey to this apple juice as well. Honey is also effective in increasing blood or hemoglobin.

Many people regularly eat onions and lemons with their meals but also eat beets. Beet is good for blood growth, it increases iron in your body. Consuming beetroot juice every morning will immediately help increase blood flow.

Eating Pomegranate – Remedy for Blood Increase

Pomegranate / pomegranate juice

Pomegranate is very beneficial and regular consumption of pomegranate increases the amount of hemoglobin in your body. Pomegranate contains protein, iron and fiber which helps in increasing hemoglobin in your blood.

Another remedy you can make from pomegranate to increase blood flow is to mix pomegranate juice with some black salt (Sendhav salt) and some pepper powder. Drinking this juice daily helps increase iron in your body and in turn increases blood.

Some amla remedies for blood growth

Amla juice – remedy for blood growth

Amla juice is useful for blood growth. Amla juice taken every morning instead of tea will help increase the blood in your body.

Also, making amla marmalade and eating it will also help in your desire to increase blood flow.

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To increase hemoglobin in the blood, mix some ashwagandha powder with amla juice and drink it. Or mix amla juice with purple juice and drink it. Doing this increases the amount of hemoglobin in your blood.

Turmeric – Good for blood growth

Turmeric is considered very beneficial. Along with these many other benefits of turmeric, turmeric also acts as a remedy for blood circulation. Drinking a teaspoon of turmeric in warm water every morning or evening also increases the blood in the body.

Soak dry fruits and eat them

Dry fruits i.e. cashews, almonds, kharik etc. soaked in milk and eaten also helps in blood growth. Soak around 15-20 dried fruits in a glass of lemon water overnight and drink the water and eat dry fruits in the morning for quick blood increase. Dry fruits are useful for increasing blood in your body.

Eating figs is also a remedy for hypertension

Fig is very beneficial for our body and it is used for blood growth. Boil 2-3 figs in milk and drink it daily. Doing this will increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood along with the increase in blood in your body.

Eat garlic to increase blood

Garlic is very useful for our body. There are many benefits of eating garlic, one of them is to eat garlic to increase blood. Eating garlic and salt helps increase the amount of blood in your body.

Eating garlic chutney is effective for increasing blood or increasing hemoglobin. Along with increasing blood, eating garlic also thins your blood. Due to blood thinning, the amount of cholesterol in the body decreases and diseases like heart attack do not occur.

Avoid drinking tea and coffee

Many people drink tea regularly and very often in their daily life. But if you want to increase blood, you need to reduce the amount of tea and coffee you drink. Drinking too much tea can hinder your body’s blood clotting efforts.

Eating sesame seeds is a good remedy for blood growth

Generally we eat sesame only once in a year i.e. during those 2-3 days of Makar Sankranti festival, but these sesame seeds are very useful for our body and especially for blood growth.


Soak approximately 3 teaspoons of sesame seeds in water for 1 to 2 hours, make a paste of the well-soaked sesame seeds. Mix a spoonful of honey in that paste and eat this newly prepared paste 2 to 3 times a day. Eating this mixture helps increase the blood in the body.

Eating Maize Corn – Remedy for Blood Increase

Maize corn

Especially during the rainy season, many people are seen eating maize corn. Yes friends it is corn corn or corn kernels that are nutritious for your body. Eating corn kernels also helps increase blood in your body.

Milk and Dates – Remedies for increasing blood or hemoglobin

If you want to increase the blood in your body quickly, this is the best option. Put dates in milk every night before going to bed, drink milk after soaking dates for about 1 hour. After drinking milk, eat dates. Doing this daily will help increase the blood in your body.

Eat Soybeans – Remedies for Blood Increase

Soybeans are beneficial in keeping your body strong. Soybeans are rich in iron and consuming them regularly will definitely help in increasing the blood in your body. You can also eat soybeans by making vegetable or by boiling soybeans. Soaked soybeans are also eaten for weight gain.


If you are a meat eater, eating eggs also helps in blood circulation. Eating a boiled egg every morning can help increase blood in your body. Eggs are rich in iron and protein which helps in increasing blood volume in your body.

Eat Leafy Vegetables Regularly – Remedies for Blood Increase

The amount of leafy vegetables in the diet of many people is very low. But leafy vegetables are very effective in keeping your body healthy and strong. At the same time, it is necessary to eat leafy vegetables regularly to increase the blood in the body.

Among leafy vegetables, spinach is very beneficial and eating spinach can be a very good remedy for increasing blood in the body. Spinach is rich in vitamin C, B9, A, iron and fiber. So eating spinach increases the blood in your body. You can eat spinach by making various dishes like stews, soups and spinach bhajis.

Medicine for Blood Increase (Rakt Vadhisathi Aushadh)

Below are the top 3 best selling blood enhancement pills. You can take any of these to increase blood flow.

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Meaning – Remedy for Blood Growth / Medicine for Blood Growth

You can do all the above remedies for blood increase at home. In this article we try to give you all the information about what to eat and what not to eat for blood growth. Doing these above mentioned remedies will increase the amount of blood in your body and make you healthy and strong.

Home Remedies for Blood Increase

Some home remedies for blood increase are as follows:- Including jaggery-peanuts, broken grains, tomatoes, pomegranate, beets, apples, milk and dates in your diet will definitely help in increasing the blood in your body.

What causes the blood to rise?

Eating foods like whole grains, milk and dates combined, jaggery-peanuts combined, pomegranate, tomato, beet, apple, amla, dry fruits, figs, sesame seeds and maize increases the blood.

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