Diwali Snack List | Diwali Snack List

Diwali Faral List | Diwali Farewell List | Diwali faral dishes information (diwali faral mahiti in marathi) >>Diwali is the most widely celebrated festival in India. As Diwali is everyone’s favorite festival, everyone waits for Diwali. It is a festival that brings joy and excitement to the mind. Diwali means buying new clothes and preparing for it in advance. Similarly making new new type of snacks is all preparation.

Faral on Diwali is served on a grand scale, and is enjoyed throughout Diwali right up to the Tulsi wedding. Today we are going to see information about this Diwali Farala. Diwali Faral List / List. In this article we are going to learn about various snacks and their information.

Diwali Faral List | Diwali Farewell List | Diwali faral dishes information (diwali faral mahiti in marathi)


Chivda – Diwali Snack List | Diwali Faral List (diwali faral mahiti in marathi)

Chivda is one of the most favorite and tasty food in Diwali, Chivda is a must-have in everyone’s home during Diwali and is a mouth-watering favorite. Chivda can be made in many ways and in different ways. Murmu-ya Chivda, Thin Pohay Chivda, Maize Chivda, Murmure and Pohe Mix Chivda.

People make Chivda in one or more of these ways. Chivadya consists of mustard greens, peanuts, chilies, chilies, turmeric, and some people make chivda by mixing many ingredients as per their preference. And adding all these things makes chivda very tasty and beautiful.


Chakli – Diwali Farewell List | Diwali faral dishes information (diwali faral mahiti in marathi)

This tasty chuckle is round and crunchy to eat. chuckle As beautiful as it is to eat, it is also beautiful to look at, chakli is also made by the women of the house in various ways. Chakli is made of vegetables. Bhajani Chakali has different dal mixes and this Bhajani Chakali tastes very beautiful and tasty.

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Also, we can make instant chakli from jowari flour, rice flour. While soaking chakli flour, sesame seeds are added to it, and when chakli is fried on top, sesame seeds are visible. And it looks great. Chakali is very tasty and crispy when fried on low flame. So only during Diwali or else Chakali is made occasionally at home.


Shankarpali – Diwali Faral List

Shankarpali is as complicated to make as it is amazing to eat. Shankarpali We can make it sweet and we can also make it salty. Shankarpali looks very beautiful and tastes great too. Maybe that’s why children love Shankarpali so much. Shankarpali can be made in many ways, like semolina, maida, and old people also make sweet Shankarpali with millet flour, it is also called as cutting, it also tastes very good. Eating this Shankarpali with tea in the morning is different, so this is a favorite dish of everyone, from children to adults, which is prepared in every home on Diwali without fail.

Ladoo (besan ladoo and bundi ladoo)

Besan Ladoo, Bundi Ladoo, Ravya Ladoo – Diwali Snacks

Ladu is said to be mouth-watering and besan laddus are very tasty to eat. Besna laddu has to be roasted on a low flame like chana dal i.e. gram dal flour and fried in ghee while roasting. After that, when the whole laddu is ready, I can’t describe the taste of it, it is very beautiful and tasty. That’s why many women make this delicious besana laddu a staple in their Diwali snack list for Diwali.

Also, semolina ladles are also delicious to eat. Semolina and gram flour roasts beautifully and makes these laddus or alternatively you can make laddus with just semolina.

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People have been making Bundi Ladoo since ancient times, but now there are many varieties in the sweet dish. But earlier Diwali women used to include Bundi Ladoo in their Diwali snack list.


Karanji – Diwali Faral List | Diwali Faral List (diwali faral mahiti in marathi)

Among the sweet items in Diwali Faral List / Yadi, Karanji is a favorite of many people, it looks very sweet and tastes amazing. While making karanji, some people roast coconut kis and semolina in the karanji’s saran. And adding other dry fruits also makes Karanji very embarrassed.

Also, the top of the karanji is covered with semolina or maida. What this does is that the karanji gets mushy in the middle and gets crispy on top. And the pleasure of eating karanji also increases four times due to this kurum kurum.

barbed shave

Kateri Shave also tastes very good. With its help, different types of shaves are made like thick shaves, thin shaves, and spicy shaves are made according to the image and salty shaves are made for children. Shev is loved by everyone from the very young to the young. That’s why it is necessary to include such thorny shavings in your Diwali snack list.

Loaf of bread

Bhakarvadi also tastes very beautiful to eat. So the bread is very tasty. This bread will certainly add to the beauty of the Diwali snack.


This papadi made from chickpea flour which is loved by all children is very delicious to eat. This papadi is also made in different ways sweet spicy papadi is made according to the taste of the people in the house. This Diwali, make sure to include Papadi in your Diwali Faral list.

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Khari Bundi

Khari Bundi also tastes very good. Or it tastes great just to eat. Diwali Faral List / Yadi includes all kinds of tasty dishes and that’s why Khari Bundi also comes in this list. You can make khari bundi as a diwali snack for a slightly different taste than just spicy and sweet.

rose jam

Gulabjam is a sweet that is loved by almost everyone in our family, from children to adults. To make it, nowadays there are rectangular packets available in the market from which you can make gulab jam in a very short time. And there is more fun in making and eating gulab jam at home than buying it. You can also make gulab jam as a special prasad on the day of Lakshmi Puja.

Summary – List of Diwali Snacks | Diwali snacks and information

As per the Diwali Faral list given in the above article, you can make various Diwali dishes at home. Apart from these other dishes that are prepared on the occasion of Diwali in different regions, you can also try this Diwali.

Do let us know how you felt about this Diwali Faral List / list and also comment if you have any suggestions.

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