Getting Driving License is now easy

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Earlier it took at least 8 to 15 days to get driving license from RTO but now getting license is not such a difficult and time consuming process.

Getting license is easy.

Now you can get a license for just Rs 321 and that too without any agent. You can get license by registering online!!!

Driving License The procedure for obtaining the license is as follows:-

1) Go to and apply online.

Driving License Sarathi.

2) After filling the form, submit it.

3) Make an appointment by booking a slot on the same website.

4) Go to the RTO office with the form and documents on the day of appointment.

5) Get the document verification done.

6) Rs.30 Full of trend

7) Get the biometric registration done.

8) Take the exam.
Download RTO Exam in Marathi Mobile App for exam preparation.

9) If you pass, you get Learning License immediately in 5 minutes.

If you use the internet for things like this and not just for Whatsapp & Facebook, it will definitely be beneficial.

There is no problem for those who do not have a driving license to apply in an easier way than spending 2 to 3 thousand rupees to an agent.

Same Process Fees for valid Driving License is Rs.321/- !!!!

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