Gas cylinder information | Avoid your fraud – Best Precautions

Gas cylinder information – Be aware

Prakash had one such day off last month, so while at home Gas New when finished Cylinder It was time to add. while lifting lose weight Out of curiosity, he weighed the digital fork at home.

It was less than two and a half kilos. It is your fault when you complain to the gas agency Cylinder Weigh it while taking it. To the delivery person bit The answer was yes.

And today coincidentally exactly when Prakash was at home Cylinder came As soon as Prakash said weigh it Cylinder The giver was confused. This cylinder leak Yes, he took it back on the pretext of bringing another one.

The car was gone if the light went down curiously after not returning for a long time. They parked their car outside the gate correct of weight of the cylinder The search was on.

Not one was found in about ten to fifteen. Then one after ten fifteen minutes Cylinder And Digital scale Came riding with it and showing the weight Cylinder gave Sir, what will you do? The company pays less. In essence, the seal was opened right in front of you.

A thought came to Prakash’s mind, the last fifteen years we Gas Using it but never weighing it how good is the damage? It is the duty of every consumer to insist on weight as well as light.

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If companies are cheating like this then why deny subsidy?
Krupaya Cylinder Check the weight while taking….
LPG gas cylinders have an expiry date
Check it out today.

If your of a gas cylinder expiry date If it is over Gas cylinders are like having live bombs in your home, so check with your gas distributor by reading the following instructions and stay safe. Because our life is precious to our family

Gas cylinder information – How to know the expiry date of your gas cylinder

of the cylinder It is a round iron ring for holding. Below it are three color bands. On the black strip in it Gas of the cylinder There is an expiry date. On this A,B,C and D It is clear that there is a letter.

Also two numbers are written along with these letters. From these letters Cylinder Expiry date is noted

For example:-

A – Janwari Te March

B – April to June

C – July to September

D – October to December

  • It should be noted from the two numbers written after these words!!!
  • Suppose your on the cylinder A20 If written Expiry date of the cylinder It’s March 2020. That is Cylinder Use after March 2020 is dangerous for housewives.

Gas cylinder For more information regarding the video

Please your about this Contact the gas distributor Do get information. And let us know how you felt about this information by commenting.

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