How to do Ghatsthapana / Ghatsthapana information (ghatsthapana information in Marathi)

How to do Ghatsthapana / Ghatsthapana information / Navratri Ghatsthapana information (navratri ghatsthapana information in Marathi) >> Navratri festival starts with Ghatasthapana on Pratipada Tithi and Ghatasthapana and Kalashasthapana are performed on Yadi day. But this ghatasthapana / Kalash installation should be done according to law according to Shastra. There should not be one mistake, if it happens then your nine day cycle will be in vain.

That’s why in this article we have brought complete information about how to do Ghatstashana. So let’s know how to do Ghatstashana.

How to do Ghatsthapana / Ghatsthapana information / Navratri Ghatsthapana information (navratri ghatsthapana information in Marathi)

The complete information about how to do Ghatstashana is given in this article. In the beginning, let’s know the materials required for making Ghatasthana, then let’s see the information about how to make Ghatasthana properly.

Materials required for installation

We are going to need cotton for the wick, after that we are going to need the OT literature of the goddess. Leaves, turmeric, kunku and rope will be required. After that keep away the beauty materials of the goddess as well. Fruits for Puja, Rangoli to draw in front of Ghata and God will also be required. And there will be 7 types of grain, among them 7 different types we can take any grain. You can take any grain like mung bean, lentil, sorghum, rice, gram, bazari, wheat.

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With this we are going to create an altar, we will need a lamp to light it. We have to light this lamp for nine days and we will need a board for the clay altar we are going to make. Also, we will need all these things like Pat, red cloth, earthen pots, Kalash, rice, leaves and a photo of the goddess for the installation.

How to do Ghatasthapana – Navratri Ghatasthapana detailed information

First of all we have to clean the place where we are going to do the installation. After that you have to place a pat on that place, place a red cloth on top of the pat and draw a beautiful rangoli around it and decorate it. Red cloth is very dear to the Goddess, so red cloth should be placed on the seat of the Goddess.

Now for ghata we should take clay pots as it is considered auspicious. After that, a photo of the goddess or a clay idol will also work. Also, Ganpati is to be installed first. While you are doing this installation, remove the sheet that you want to install on. After that we have to perform puja. Turmeric, kunku should be eaten. Om Ganeshaya Namah | The mantra Jai ​​Mata Di is to be chanted at the time of installation.

After that, we have to install the kalash, for that we have taken the kalash, we don’t want to put the kalash down anywhere, to keep it, we have to take a small tamhan and put rice in the tamhan and put the kalash on it. Water should be taken in that kalasha, and swastika should be drawn from the outer side of that kalasha with turmeric cakes and puja of that kalasha should be done.

How to do Ghatsthapana – Kalasha pooja

Now five vida leaves are to be placed in it, for this five leaves are to be applied with turmeric powder and kept in a kalasha. After all this we have to install this Kalash at the place of God and keep the coconut on it. We have to draw a swastika on the coconut too. Swastik is considered as an auspicious symbol. After that, our Kalash installation is done.

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Now we have to do Ghatasthana, we have to keep the board which we took for Ghatasthana. In that plate, soil should be added so that the soil layer is one or two feet high. Vedika to be prepared While preparing the Vedika, the mantra Om Vedikaya Namah should be chanted.

Now in that plate we have to put the 7 types of grains which we have taken. We have to put some soil on him again, we have to mix everything in that soil again, we have to put a pot of ghata on him. And five or seven leaves are to be kept in that pot. We have to tie a thread on the side of that pot and then we have to make a garland of nine leaves and nine flowers. For those nine days we have to prepare and tie the flower garland and we have to leave the garland which we are going to tie in the Ghats. In this manner, for nine days the mali is to be prepared and left in the ghata, and in the ghata we also have to add betel nut and halkund.

After that, the OT literature of Devi is to be placed in front. Devi also has to prepare a garland and wear it, then put flowers, five kinds of fruits on the goddess and bow to the goddess. The leaves or flowers are to be planted and the lamp should be kept lit in front of the goddess and Ghata for nine continuous days.

How to do Ghatasthapana / Navratri Ghatasthapana information

Also for nine days we have to remember the name of the goddess and fast. In order to have the blessings of Goddess on our home and family, we have to worship this Ghata daily for nine days. After this poojan one has to make offerings to the goddess and then perform aarti to the goddess. Incense, incense should be lit. Our ghatasthana will be completed in such a way that we have to express our desire in front of the goddess.

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Summary – How to do Ghatasthapana / Navratri Ghatasthapana information

In the above article, we have seen the information about how to perform Ghatasthana during Navratri festival. The method of downgrading may be different depending on the region, you can do the downgrading as given in the above article. The Ghatasthapanam that we have done on the Ghatasthana day is removed on Dussehra day. By that time, the grains in it are well sprouted. And many people put this bud in their Gandhi cap and steal gold on Dussehra. This is how the Navratri festival ends.

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