Do you know this feature of Google that stores where you move?

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Google’s feature to store wherever you go >> Now is the age of mobiles, as mobiles have many advantages, there are also some disadvantages. In this world of mobile phones, people are telling lies nowadays. Lying on the phone seems to be common now.

But you can use a feature of Google Map to know where your loved one or your children are lying with you. Using which you will know how many places that person has moved during the day or in the last few days, which hotels, cities they have visited.

Features of Google Maps that show where you have traveled:

Google’s Google Map You will get the feature “Your Timeline” in which you will get the information about how much you have traveled till date. Apart from this you can also view the history of a particular date. Where were you on that date, where did you go and which hotel did you visit?

Here you will get all the information about how many countries you have visited so far and which shopping center you have visited so far along with which airport you have visited so far. The only condition for this is that the mobile user should not have deleted all the data using the ‘delete day’ option.

Where is the time line feature in Google Maps?

Click on ‘Your Timeline’

Once the Google Map application is installed in your mobile, open it. Click on it you will see three horizontal lines in the left corner as shown in the picture. After that, click on “Your Timeline” from the options that you see on the screen, the complete travel history will open in front of you. Here you can easily know where you have traveled till today.

How to use Timeline Feature

We need to have faith in our children as well as our relatives, but in today’s age of mobile phones, we need to pay special attention to our children, it is necessary to pay attention to whether they are lying to you or not. You can use it to keep track of your loved ones as well as your children’s movements.

google timeline

Parents need to know where their child is moving, parents can use this feature. If you want to check such information about a person, you will get this information in Google Map in that person’s mobile.

Apart from this, you can view the time line on Google Map to enjoy the memories or to relive the memories. Memories of your old trips will definitely give you energy.

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