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How to use Google Pay | Best option to send money from mobile >> It is a system of transactions that has been practiced since ancient times, with the help of barter. Before the invention of money, people used to trade by exchanging goods. Later gold or silver came to be used as exchange. Then slowly the use of money started from that and money came into existence. From then till today money is used as currency.

Nowadays digital currency is being used along with money. Earlier we had to go to the bank to send money to each other, and from the bank the money was sent from a computer over the internet. This new mode of remittance was introduced. But now in the age of smartphones there is an even easier way to send money through UPI. The long form of UPI is Unified Payment Interface. It is the mechanism of online payment of Government of India. The government has allowed some mobile app companies to run this UPI, according to which UPI works. There are mobile apps like Phone Pay App, Paytm App, Google Pay. Among them, Google Pay is a mobile app for using UPI launched by Google.

How to use Google Pay

Today we are going to see complete information about how to use Google Pay. So let’s know how to use Google Pay.

How to use google pay complete information in a detailed format (google pay kase vaprave in marathi) / google pay information in marathi

Google Pay used to be called “Google pay” but now its name has been shortened to “Gpay”. At first we will learn how to install and set up “Gpay”. Then let’s learn how to send money in various ways using this “Gpay” application “How to use Google Pay” We will understand this.

How to use Google Pay

How to use Google Pay / How to enable Google Pay – Google Pay app installation and other settings

First, search Gpay on Google Play Store, download Google Pay, and install it in your mobile. And turn on Google Pay. Then link your mobile number and bank account with it. After linking your mobile number and bank account, your Google Pay will be activated. You can use Google Pay to do things like sending money, recharging your TV or mobile, booking gas and paying light bills. This Google Pay application is very easy to use, you don’t need to pay any money to use it, you can do all these things for free and in a few clicks.

how to use google pay in marathi

All the features of Google Pay and their ease of use

send money

Google Pay has different options for sending money, you can send money to a mobile number, deposit money in a bank account or send money through a QR code. Its detailed information is as follows:-

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After opening Google Pay, you have to enter your mobile’s screen lock pattern or finger sensor if you have it and turn on this application. After that you will see different options out of which you have to select the New Payment option. After selecting this payment option you will see two options at the top, People and Business in which you have to choose People. (Business option is for people doing business or if you are sending money to any business.)

Next you will get recharge and pay bills first option from which you can recharge or you can pay any type of your bill like gas connection, light bill etc.

Below this option will be Money Transfer and it will have different options to transfer money as follows:

  • Bank transfer
  • Phone number
  • UPI ID or QR
  • Self transfer

You can transfer money according to these four methods.

1) Bank transfer

While depositing money in the bank account you will get a form with four options in which you have to enter the account number in the first column, in the second option you have to enter the account number again, in the third option you have to enter the IFC code of the bank and finally the fourth option is the name of the person in whose name the money is being sent i.e. Recipient name . By filling that complete information you can continue to transfer money to that account.

2) Phone number

After opening this option you have to enter the number of the person to whom you want to send money. But the person whose number we are entering in it should also have a Google Pay account and with the same number, then you can enter that number and send the money to it.

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3) UPI ID or QR code

In this option you will get next two options one is according to “UPI ID” and second is according to “QR Code” UPI ID through this option you can send money by entering the UPI ID of the person to whom you want to send money like phone number.

The option below UPI ID comes as “Open code scanner”, from which you can scan the QR code and make the payment. Scanning a QR code is the easiest way to send a payment. It is very easy to do this transaction when you are face to face, or if you go to buy something in a store and there is a QR code, you can scan the QR code and pay, or from the photo of the QR code, but you can scan it and send it to anyone. can make payment.

4) Self transfer

When you have two bank accounts of your own, you can use this option well if you want to send money from one of your own accounts to the other. So you can use this option if both your accounts are saved then you can send money from one account to another account with just one or two clicks.

Mobile recharge

You can recharge your mobile from home using Gpay. You don’t need to go anywhere for this.

Payment of various types of bills

You can also pay light bill, gas payment, TV DTH bill on Google Pay.

Summary – How to use Google Pay

The most important thing to be aware of while using Google Pay is that if you are sending money using any of the above options, you will need to enter a “UPI PIN” as the last option. You should keep it as your secret code, without this code no one can do any money transaction from your Gpay. You have to set this “UPI PIN” when you activate Google Pay for the first time.

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If you want to download and install Google Pay application below “Gpay Download” Click on this button.

You can make secure transactions through Google Pay or any other UPI. You just need to use that app carefully because all the money in your account can be transferred in a few clicks.

How to check balance in Google Pay?

After opening the Google Pay app in your mobile, scroll down and you will see a total of 3 options. 1) Show transaction history 2) View account balance 3) Regular Payments. After clicking on the number 2 option in this, you will see the bank accounts that are linked to Google Pay. Now click on the bank account you want to check balance and enter the 6 digit UPI PIN you have set you will see your account balance.

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