How to Find a Lost Phone / Find a Stolen Mobile / Find a Lost Mobile – 4 Best Ways

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How to find a lost phone/how to find a lost mobile/find a stolen mobile >> Nowadays, mobile has become an integral part of everyone’s life. And so this mobile has become an important part of our life because there are many things that we do very easily through mobile like making phone calls, video calls, chatting, photos, videos, listening to songs, watching movies and many more.

Earlier, if a man went out to the village or went to the market, some of his valuables would be stolen or lost, such as wallet or pocket money and among women, the mangalsutra around the neck. But nowadays the number of stolen or lost mobiles has increased more than these things and mobiles have also become one of the valuable things of man.

So, if you lose your mobile phone, what data was in it comes to your mind and that is the most important thing than how much it cost. Because nowadays we keep all the information in our mobiles like our family photos or other private information, some people even save their ATM and online banking passwords in their mobiles. Then if this mobile in which all our horoscopes are hidden is lost or stolen, our lives will not be up and down.

In this article we are going to see information about locating a lost mobile then let’s know how to locate a lost phone.

How to Find a Lost Phone / Find a Stolen Mobile / How to Find a Lost Mobile – All Methods

Friends, the question you have is how to find a lost phone, we are giving you some ideas below to solve it, it will definitely help you to find the lost or stolen mobile.

How to Find a Lost Phone – Method 1

Google’s Google Maps application helps you locate your lost phone. You need to turn on the “your timeline” feature in this app which allows you to find your mobile. In this feature, wherever you have moved, whether you are walking or driving, all the data about the places you have visited is stored in this place. You can use it to find mobiles.

Your timeline feature of Google Maps

If your mobile/phone is lost/stolen and internet is on in your mobile and you have turned on the service “your timeline” of Google Maps from before, then you can log in to your Google account on your computer or laptop. If you go to “your timeline”, you will see where your mobile has been and also if your mobile’s internet is active at the time you are looking, you can know its correct location. Even if the internet is off at that moment, you will know exactly where your mobile was last after it was lost.

So, if you think that you should not have time to digest when you lose your mobile phone, then you should go to the Google Map app in your mobile phone and turn on your timeline feature, so that if you accidentally forget where your mobile phone/phone is lost or stolen, in the above manner. You can find it right away.

How to find a lost mobile – Method 2

You can also use this method to locate your lost phone, this method will also know where your phone is but for that your mobile internet should be on and your phone should not be switched off or reset. “Android Device Manager” app will be inbuilt in your mobile, earlier this application had to be downloaded from google play store but nowadays it is in every mobile. So friends, you have to keep this app running, for that you must have set it in the settings of your mobile.

Android Device Manager – Useful for finding lost mobiles

At the time when your mobile / phone is stolen, you need to login to Android Device Manager using Google account. To do this, you can also use a friend’s or another phone at home, log in as guest mode in that phone, after logging in, you will see where your mobile is on the map. And from there you can delete all the data of your mobile or ring the phone. You can also give it so that you can immediately find where the pass is near the mobile.

To do all this preferably from another mobile without using a computer or laptop because you can take that mobile to that location and once you find the location of your lost / stolen mobile you can immediately go to that location and ring your phone. In this way you can find your lost phone very easily.

But before doing all this, your lost phone must have internet connection. So guys, always keep your phone locked so that no one can turn on or reset your lost phone. And even if someone does, by the time he picks the lock, you’ll have figured out where your mobile is.

Finding a Lost Mobile – Method 3

If you are unable to use both the methods given above to find lost phone, you can find your lost phone using this method. Before adopting this method you need to know the IMEI number of your mobile, now you say where to find this IMEI number, our mobile is stolen. So friends don’t worry even if your mobile is lost but if you have the box of your mobile you will get this IMEI number on it. IMEI number stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and this number is different for every mobile. Now if you want to see the IMEI number of the mobile you are using then you can find it in your mobile settings or dial *#06# on your mobile and you will see the IMEI number.

Find lost phone by IMEI number

So friends give the IMEI number of your lost mobile when you complain to the police station as a lost mobile. The police can find out where your mobile is now from your IMEI number. This way the police can find your lost phone quickly. Police are using this tracking technology to find many criminals/thieves.

In addition, there are many applications on Google Play Store that can help you find lost IMEI number.

Tracing a Stolen Mobile – Method 4

A few days ago the Central Government has announced CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register). By using this you can recover your lost phone / mobile very easily. You can find your lost mobile with the help of CEIR website. First of all you should report the lost mobile to the nearest police station. At the same time inform your mobile operator about the loss of the mobile phone and request a new SIM card by turning off the old SIM card.

Find a lost phone with the help of CEIR

Then come to CEIR website, here first you need to block IMEI number of your mobile, then fill other details like mobile number, mobile company, your name, address, mobile lost place, date, your identity card ,upload mobile purchase receipt and copy of police complaint etc. After doing all this, enter the OTP received on your registered mobile. After filling all the information in this way, you will get the request ID with the help of which you can see the progress of the mobile search process. In this way you can find your lost phone with the help of CEIR.

Procedure to follow after finding a lost phone

After you find your lost phone, if you have blocked the IMEI number for tracing then first of all you have to unblock the IMEI number of your mobile which you had blocked using the “Unblock Found Mobile” option of CEIR website. So, friends, after finding a lost phone in this way, first of all, you should unblock the IMEI without panicking.

How to Find a Lost Phone – Summary

You can use any of the above 4 ways to find a lost phone, and find your lost mobile very easily. However, if you want to take care before losing your mobile, read how to use the first 2 ways above.

How to find a lost mobile?

There are 4 different ways to locate a lost mobile which we have provided you in this article.
Method 1 – Locating mobiles using Google Maps application of Google.
Method 2 – You can also find the lost mobile by using the app “Android Device Manager”.
Method 3- You can also trace the mobile by getting the IMEI number of the mobile to be trucked to the police.
Route 4 – You can also find the lost mobile with the help of the CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) website launched by the central government.

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