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How To Do Marathi Typing | The easiest method of Marathi Typing (Marathi Typing kashi karavi) >> If you are asked to type Marathi on mobile, it comes to life, then many people chat with their friends or relatives by typing so that they can read Marathi in English language. So some want to type application in Marathi or for some reason want to do Marathi typing on computer, and the big question arises that how to do Marathi typing on computer or laptop. We have made an honest attempt to solve your question in this article.

How to do Marathi Typing – Computer/Laptop and Mobile | The easiest method of Marathi typing ( Marathi Typing kashi karavi )

At the beginning of the article we are going to see how to type Marathi in computer / laptop and then in mobile. Now many people may be typing Marathi on their mobile phones, but for those who don’t know, the information about Marathi typing in mobile will be useful. So let’s know how to type Marathi.

How to type Marathi on computer / laptop

There are many ways to type Marathi on computer/laptop. The easiest way is Microsoft’s Indic Language Input Tool, using which you can type Marathi very easily. By using this tool, you speak in Marathi using English words like while chatting on mobile, just like typing you have to do here, but as you type English words, Marathi words will appear on the screen. Yes, this is the specialty of this tool of Microsoft.

Download this Indic Tool (SDK Version) for Marathi language from the above link, and install it on your computer / laptop. After installation click on the ENG language input tool icon on the right corner of your screen as shown in the photo below. Or press the Windows key and the Space key on your keyboard at the same time. The Indic Language Tool menu will open. Select Marathi language from it. Now you can start Marathi typing.

How to do Marathi Typing – Computer/ Laptop – Step 1
How to do Marathi Typing – Computer/Laptop – Step 2

While typing in Marathi, you will see the Marathi pronunciation of what you type in English below, you can click on the word that you think is right, or use the space bar.

Marathi typing

Marathi typing on mobile

You can download Google’s Indic keyboard from Google Play Store to type messages in Marathi language in mobile. For this type “Google Indic Keyboard” in play store and install the app shown in below photo in your mobile. After installation go to its settings and select Marathi language.

gogle indic keyboard for marathi typing

Whenever you open the keyboard to type anywhere in mobile, you will see Marathi typing option on the side. Select it and start Marathi typing using English words as shown in below photo.

Marathi Typing in Mobile – Step 1
Marathi Typing in Mobile – Step 2


Marathi typing is now easy. You can do Marathi typing very easily with the easiest Marathi typing method given above. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it on mobile or computer because you can easily type Marathi in both. You can also do Marathi typing tasks with the help of it.

What is the fastest option to type in Marathi.

Microsoft’s Indic keyboard is the best option for fast Marathi typing in a laptop / computer. How to use it is given in the above article. And if you say fast option for Marathi typing in mobile then you can download Google’s Indic keyboard application from Google’s play store and use it as default keyboard in your mobile.

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