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How to Increase Immunity | Remedies to increase immunity (Pratikar shakti kashi vadhvavi)>> In today’s modern era, due to busy work and lack of rest, the immunity of people is increasing. And most of the people are constantly getting sick because of it. Especially, the effect of the change of season starts to be felt on the body and most of the time, the types of infections are seen. The main reason for this disease is the low immunity of the body. If the immune system is not strong, the body’s ability to fight with diseases is reduced. So we get sick quickly. They also affect our mentality and due to this we have to face mental problems.

We find that women have less resistance than men. The reason for this is that due to menstruation, his immunity decreases or he has to face physical problems. E.g. Body aches cold cough and body fever, red eyes, constant pain in the spine.

Nowadays there are many types of harmful viruses in the air which enter the body through breathing. And when your immune system is low, these viruses attack your body faster. Which causes the problems of cold cough and fever.

So this article has tried to solve the question that you always have about how to increase immunity. Home remedies and some products to boost immunity are given in this article.

How to Increase Immunity | Remedies to increase immunity व उत्पादने (How To Increase Immunity | Measures & Products To Increase Immunity)

This article starts with some products on how to boost your immunity. After the product in the second part of the article we are given some home remedies to boost immunity.

Products To Increase Immunity Power

Below are some products for how to boost immunity, you can learn more about the products that are suitable for you. If you want to buy such products or need more information, you can click on the “Check It On Amazon” button below.

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Two Brothers Organic Farms Immunity Boosting Powder, 150 gms

cap Roasted Alsi & Chatpata Amla – 350 Grams (Combo of 2)

cap Ayush Kwath Kadha Immunity Booster Supplement – ​​100 gms (pack of 2)

Measures To Boost Immunity

There can be different reasons for the weakening of the immune system. Often due to laxity in eating and drinking, immunity is also weakened. Often this problem arises due to consumption of addictive substances. Now the question arises, how to keep the immune system strong / how to increase the immune system. So we will know the information about this.

Below are some home remedies on how to boost immunity. Any of these solutions that are easy and convenient for you should be implemented.

Raw garlic

It is always better to eat raw garlic to boost immunity. Eating about 2 to 3 cloves of garlic daily helps to boost immunity. Garlic is rich in vitamin A, zinc, selenium and sulphur. This remedy is also effective for people suffering from heart disorders.

Black and green tea

Tea gives us energy to get rid of the tiredness of daily work. You can also boost your immunity with this tea, for that you have to stop drinking milk tea and start drinking black tea or green tea. Cha is a great remedy to boost immunity. Drinking black tea not only kills the viruses in your body, but it can also be an effective remedy if you are suffering from gallstones.

Lemon, amla and orange

Vitamin C is very beneficial for boosting immunity. Lemons, oranges and oranges are like storehouses of vitamin C. So consume it regularly. Lemon should be in your daily diet to help boost your immunity.


Yogurt - How to boost immunity

Curd also protects you from various diseases. Regular consumption of yogurt also boosts your immunity. Include curd in your mid-day meal if possible.

yoga / exercise

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Exercising will give you a different freshness. Regular daily exercise not only keeps the body healthy but yoga and exercise help to boost the immune system. Regular exercise has many benefits.

Breast milk for babies

Mother’s milk is more effective and necessary than any other medicine for a young baby. Breast milk is a panacea to boost the immune system of the newborn baby. Which protects the baby from any allergy and infection.

leafy vegetables

Eating green leafy vegetables is considered to be the best solution to boost immunity. One of the most nutritious leafy greens, spinach contains vitamin C which helps in keeping the body healthy. It is a good remedy to boost the immunity of young or middle aged children. Green leafy vegetables should be regular in their diet.


Bokali contains Vitamin C which boosts your immunity. Along with that, your body also gets protein and calcium. Eating mushrooms is also beneficial for boosting immunity. So including mushrooms in your diet will definitely benefit you.

full sleep

Full Sleep - How to Boost Immunity

If we want to keep our body healthy and strong, it needs rest as well as healthy food. Lack of sleep is often the main cause of a weakened immune system. Babies need 8 to 10 hours of sleep to keep their immune systems strong, so getting a full night’s sleep regularly will also help in your quest to boost your immune system.

Avoid smoking

Avoid Smoking - How To Boost Immunity

Smoking also lowers your immune system. So if you are smoking, you should stop it immediately. Also, children should be kept away from the smoke of bidis and cigarettes. This also does not develop immunity.

Foods that provide vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important for our body. It gives strength to fight against various diseases. Along with this, bones also become strong and bone-related diseases stay away. So it is important to have vitamin D in your diet. Eggs, chicken, soy food can be beneficial to have vitamin D in your diet.

Meaning – How to increase immunity

If you regularly include green leafy vegetables, different seasonal fruits, milk in your diet, you will get regular nutrients for the body. These nutrients help to keep the immune system strong. If you use the above home remedies, your immunity will definitely increase. Here are some immunity boosting products that you can also use. Click the “Check It On Amazon” button below the product to purchase or for more information.

pratikar shakti meaning in marathi

Pratikar shakti is the power in your body that resists diseases, the power that resists diseases from entering your body. Viruses that enter our body in one way or another cause us various diseases/diseases. Immunity is the power that protects our body from such diseases.

How to increase immunity? / Pratikar shakti vadhavnyasathi upay

Some home remedies to increase immunity are as follows :- 1) Do regular yoga / exercise. 2) Avoid smoking. 3) Sleep full time. 4) Avoid drinking tea and have black or green tea instead. 5) Include raw garlic, lemon, tamarind, oranges, curd, leafy vegetables, mushrooms and vitamin D rich foods like egg, chicken, soy food in your diet.
By taking the above measures you can boost your immunity.

Do let us know how you feel about this information by commenting. Also, if you have any suggestions, don’t forget to comment them.

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