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Weight Gain Remedies / What To Do To Gain Weight / Weight Gain Remedies / Home Remedies To Improve Health >> Weight gain is a very common problem these days, but in some people we see the opposite, where the weight does not gain or the body does not grow as well as it should. Many people suffer from not gaining weight. Many people have the problem of not gaining weight no matter how much they eat. Being underweight or being too thin can have many side effects on the body. So many people are worried because they are not gaining weight.

Some people follow various home remedies to gain weight / improve health. Like taking supplements, but such remedies are harmful to the body and are likely to cause side effects. On the contrary, some home Ayurvedic remedies are very effective in this problem.

In this article, we will learn about some of these good and effective ways to gain weight. We are going to look at some home remedies to gain weight, so that you can get rid of the problem of not gaining weight forever.

Weight Gain Remedies / Home Remedies for Weight Gain / Home Remedies for Improving Health / Vajan Vadhavnyasathi Upay (Weight Gain Measures)

First let us look at the reasons behind not gaining weight. Which will make you realize what daily things you should do and what you should avoid doing.

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Reasons behind not gaining weight / Reasons behind poor health

We must remember that our routine or some wrong habits in our daily life can be the main reason behind our not gaining weight.

Often the body does not gain weight due to lack of blood.

Constipation, gas and indigestion also hinder weight gain. Therefore, if there is any problem, it is necessary to treat it at the right time.

Due to the change of hormones in the body, the body becomes weak and does not gain weight. Any type of anxiety, depression, lack of sleep does not cause weight gain.

Often genetics can also be the reason for not gaining weight.

If you want to overcome these reasons for not gaining weight, you should always start your day with light exercise, yoga, it increases your appetite. Consume more milk and ghee in breakfast. Include pulses, fish, eggs, chicken in your meals. This helps in weight gain.

Home Remedies to Gain Weight / Remedies to Gain Weight / Home Remedies to Improve Health

You can gain weight by regularly following the following home remedies. So let’s see some effective ways to gain weight.

Full sleep – beneficial for weight gain

Full time sleep is very important

Due to the extra stress of today’s rush and work, our sleep is reduced and we feel their effects on our body, so get plenty of sleep. Your body needs at least 7 hours of sleep every day. Getting good sleep also helps in weight gain. If your body gets enough rest, what you eat will have a better effect on your body. So if you want to gain weight, you need to get enough sleep regularly.

Potato – Home Remedies to Improve Health

Potato – Home Remedies for Weight Gain

It is important to include potatoes in your diet to gain weight. Potatoes contain carbohydrates which are beneficial for your weight gain. So if you want to gain weight then you must eat potato. Eat boiled potato as much as possible and avoid fried potato. By doing this you will start seeing the difference within 2 months.

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Banana – Remedies for weight gain

Banana – Home Remedies for Weight Gain

Bananas are considered a complete food in a way. Calories and carbohydrates in bananas are beneficial for weight gain. So eat at least two bananas every day and you will soon feel the difference.

Dates – Home Remedies to Improve Health

Dates and milk – Remedy for obesity

Eating dates helps in weight gain. Soaking dates in milk every night, eating them in the morning and drinking milk also helps in gaining weight. If you don’t miss this experiment for at least 2 consecutive months, you will see a drastic change in your weight.


Raisins – Remedy for thickening

Soak raisins in water at night and consume it in the morning when you wake up. Raisins turn fancy calories into healthy calories that make you gain weight. Along with raisins, you can also eat walnuts and almonds regularly. Even if you do this experiment continuously for two months, you will definitely feel your weight gain.

Coconut Oil – Beneficial for improving health

Coconut Oil – Home Remedies to Improve Health

You may be using mustard, sunflower or groundnut oil in your cooking now but some days you should cook your food in coconut oil rather than mustard or any refined oil. Coconut oil is effective in removing obesity and increasing weight. People from the south use coconut oil in their diet, as people from our side are not used to it, we don’t want it, but coconut oil is very beneficial for our body.

Black chickpeas

Black chickpeas

Black gram is beneficial for weight gain. Black chickpeas contain protein which is beneficial for your body. Just like dates and raisins, soak some black gram in water every night and consume it in the morning when you wake up. It will definitely help you gain weight.


Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic alternative for weight gain. Mixing 2 teaspoons of Ashwagandha powder in a glass of milk and drinking it is definitely beneficial for weight gain. Consume this twice a day. If you do this, you will notice a difference in your weight in about 2 months.

One thing that is very important to remember while using the above remedies is that eating less or more does not make you lose or gain weight. But our body needs some protein and a healthy or balanced diet, so we should understand the effect of all these things on our body.

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Some Special Products as Weight Gain Remedies / Weight Gain Tonics – Weight Gain Medicines

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Some special tips for weight gain / home remedies to improve health

You can either try some of the above home remedies or buy a weight gain product. But at the same time, implement some tips that will definitely speed up your weight gain efforts and give you quick results.

Avoid smoking

Smoking - reason for not gaining weight
Smoking – Reason for not gaining weight

It goes without saying that smoking is bad for your body, but smoking can ruin your decision to improve your health. Often we see that a non-smoker weighs more than a smoker, so avoid smoking as much as possible.

Avoid drinking water before meals

Water filter price
Avoid drinking water before meals

Drinking too much water before a meal does not help you digest food and therefore does not provide your body with the calories it needs, which prevents you from gaining weight. So, if possible, avoid drinking too much water before and during meals.

Drink shakes useful for weight gain

Milk Shake - Weight Gain Solution
Drink Milk Shake – Weight Gain Solution

Weight gainer shakes are also a good choice for gaining weight. It is high in protein and calories. Which definitely helps you gain weight.

While eating, take it in a large plate if possible

Have a big plate for meals - weight gain solution
Eat in a big plate (Image credit: Total Shape)

This advice can be useful for many people who only eat food that has grown on the plate once and do not take it back. While eating, take food on a large plate if possible and eat heartily. Eating as much as you can and taking a full sleep after eating regularly will surely increase your weight.

Keep dairy products in your diet

Dairy products - a remedy for weight gain
Keep dairy products in your diet

Milk and milk products should be a constant in your diet. Which will help your decision to gain weight. Milk products are high in phantas which can be beneficial for your weight gain.

get regular exercise

What to do to get interested in studies
get regular exercise

Regular exercise is essential if you want to gain weight. You don’t have to go to the gym for that, you can exercise at home too. Exercising increases your appetite and thus helps you gain weight so regular exercise is very important for weight gain / health improvement.

Summary – Home Remedies to Improve Health / Remedies to Gain Weight

Gaining weight / improving health is not something that can be achieved in a day, you need to keep trying for it. For this you need to implement the above measures consistently, if you do this your weight will definitely increase. Wishing you a strong and healthy body.

What are the home remedies to improve health?

As a home remedy to improve health you should include dates, black gram, potato, banana, raisins, ashwagandha, milk shakes, milk products in your diet. . Read the above article for more detailed information

What to eat to gain weight? / What to eat to get fat

Dates, black gram, potato, banana, raisins, ashwagandha, milk shake, milk products are vegetarian foods to eat for weight gain / fattening. At the same time, if you are a meat eater, it is better as eating meat also helps in weight gain.

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