How to Meditate | How to practice meditation

How to do meditation | How to do Dhyan Sadhana Complete information (Meditation kase karave) > In modern times, human beings have to face many kinds of problems. In this stressful life, we have seen many examples of mental imbalance and read in the current paper. Although human life is rare, many people live their precious lives enjoying worldly affairs. Due to the lack of knowledge of our true nature, man becomes restless, dissatisfied and diseased in unnatural tension and unnecessary mental struggle.

Along with the development of science and technology, man has become restless and thus he has lost his mental balance. In this state of confusion he has forgotten his inherent divinity. That is why meditation is more necessary for human beings. So let’s see how to do meditation / how to do meditation practice.

How to do meditation

How to do meditation / how to do meditation / how to concentrate the mind (Meditation kase karave)

First of all, we should sit without bending the spine and focus on breathing. In the beginning, while doing meditation/meditation, rude and indecent thoughts will come and that is natural because these thoughts are generated in the human mind in a latent state, without fear of thinking about them, keep on meditating continuously as you continue to meditate regularly, you will feel that the thoughts in the mind will slowly disappear. will decrease slowly. You will see different aspects of the mind open up. Then gradually your concentration will increase and your mind will be calm. Regular and uninterrupted meditation is necessary for young people of all age groups to benefit from it in daily life. Only then will you feel the full benefits of this yoga practice.

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When there is free time and the mind is quiet, we can meditate. In the beginning, while practicing meditation, the mind will feel trouble, e.g. Headache, body ache, fever etc. Difficulties may arise, but gradually, if you maintain regularity in meditation, you will begin to feel peace and happiness. If the mind is not engaged in studies, meditation or meditation increases the concentration of the mind.

How to do meditation / How to do Dhyana Dharana

How to do meditation or meditation – Some forms of meditation

world prayer

Universal prayer is the main part of the meditation process. First, we should pray to God for the welfare of the world. A different kind of peace of mind will arise.


Complete forgiveness prayer

While meditating, close both the eyes and ask for forgiveness from your heart for the mistakes you have made and if you have done any mistakes by your hands. Asking God for forgiveness for our mistakes reduces the burden on the mind and strengthens our concept of meditation. And then we feel that we are determined. Also, you can achieve success by thinking positively about the coming problems.

Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking is considered a key part of meditation. Many problems arise in our life but we should always think positive things while meditating to think positive. So that a different energy is created in our life and our whole day goes energetically and cheerfully and our efficiency at work is maintained.

Meaning – How to do meditation | How to do meditation

Since ancient times, our sages have convinced us the importance of meditation. If you start the practice of meditation, you will have peace of mind and stress relief in your life. And there will be no depression or stress. By doing meditation, your health will also be strong and healthy.

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We must remember that meditation is an act of self-discovery. In today’s fast paced life we ​​need meditation. So that we can mentally prepare for the difficulties in front of us and face the problems and make our life happy.

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