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How to study | How kids should study and plan time | abhyas kasa karava >> Many parents of young children wonder if children How to studyAnd some older children also have questions about how to study, how to plan study or how much time to study.

So friends, if there is no book etc to answer such questions then you have to make some changes. This article is an attempt to give you information about what and how to make the same changes.

This is a problem for most of the children, i.e. if there is no planning of study and due to lack of proper study they fail the exam or get low marks despite being smart. To avoid this, you need to know the science of how to study. So let’s learn some tips on how to study.

How to study How Much Time to Study |How to Plan Study – 8 Guide Tips

Everyone has a different way of studying, some typical but useful tips are given below. Even if you adopt these selected tips, it will surely benefit you.

How to study with concentration

When you sit down to study, you don’t remember the work and then you don’t want to study. To separate yourself from such things, you need to control your mind. Whatever time you study, do it with complete concentration. Anything that is done with concentration becomes better. You will always remember the study you have done with concentration and you will feel it while giving the exam.

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study time

When to study is entirely up to you. That means you should study whenever your mind is happy so that you remember what you have read.

Some people have the habit of waking up early in the morning to study, while others have the habit of staying up late at night to study. Your study time should always be a time when you will not be reminded of unwanted activities or entertainment. I mean, see, even if you study early in the morning, you won’t remember some things, and if you study late at night, you won’t be able to do anything, say cars. And especially at such times there is peace in the house and everywhere which does not disturb the studies.

How long should you study?

How long should you study?

Don’t decide how much time you should study, study till your brain is completely engrossed in the reading or writing. Just like after working for a long time or exercising your body gets tired and needs rest. Similarly, your brain also needs some rest after a certain period of time.

As you study, decide that I will finish this particular lesson or topic today, and then watch your body and brain work together to complete the task. But if you decide to study for so many hours, you will not study as much as you want. That is why it is not important how long you study but how you study.

How to plan the study

If this thing is properly planned, it becomes better. Like when we go for a walk/trip to a place, we decide everything in advance and then accordingly leave at a fixed time on the day of departure, see various spots and come back to our home on the day of return. Also you have to plan your studies.

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A planned study can definitely benefit you. If your exam is after 30 days then schedule the subjects accordingly. Decide completely in advance when and on which date you want to do each lesson in each subject. By doing this you won’t get stressed when the exam comes in 2-4 days. And you can also give equal time to all subjects.



Until you tell your brain and mind what studying is going to accomplish, you won’t get any momentum in studying. Setting small goals and accomplishing them will boost your confidence. Unless you set your mind to accomplishing something, it will not be accomplished, and the moment you set a goal for something, your body, mind, and brain work together to achieve that goal, and you can easily achieve that goal.

Reading – Writing – Reading

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Read > Write > Read

Do not do the same activity continuously while studying like just sitting and reading. You should always have different stages in your study like reading then writing and reading back. By doing this your grasping power increases and what you read and then write it down perfectly in your head and the second purpose behind writing is that eventually you have to write in the exam. So write down what you are reading regularly, and read it again after writing it down.

Get detailed information

While reading a lesson, get a detailed understanding of it. Before understanding what the chapter or topic is based on, read the introduction and summary of the chapter carefully so that you understand what the chapter is about. If possible get detailed information about that topic like watching videos related to that topic on YouTube. If you don’t understand a topic, watch a video based on that topic. If you read the lesson after watching the video, you will understand the topic completely.

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The last and most important point is regularity. If a person does any work regularly, he will surely get success in it. Study is also the same, even if it is a little but study regularly, regular study will reduce the stress when the exam is near and will increase the interest in studies. Many children sit with books when the exams are near and then the stress of studying comes at that time. Instead, if you make yourself a regular habit of studying, it will be convenient and proper.

Meaning – How to study | abhyas kasa karava

8 tips to answer the question of how to study are given in the above article. If you use them you will surely get success.

This is for you How to practice (abhyas kasa karava) Please let us know how you feel about the information by commenting. Also, if you have any suggestions, please comment them.

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