How to write an application / How to write an application in Marathi – download – Step by step

Arj Kasa Lihava Marathi / How to write an application/ (arj kasa lihava marathi/marathi madhe arj kasa lihava/arj in marathi) >> If you are stuck at the place of work or a work, you have to make a request application for some work at that place or at every place. You may be working in a company, a teacher in a school or college, a bank employee or a government service provider. And if you want leave then you apply to superior before going on leave. Most of the places for taking leave for one to two days you get ready forms at work place in such a format, and on that form you fill your information and submit it to the boss and get your leave sanctioned.

But if leave is required for more days then you have to write an application by hand on a paper. At the same time, if you want to do government work, get some information, file a complaint in the Gram Panchayat or do some other work in the bank, you have to write an application by hand. In this article we are going to see how to write an application / how an application should be written.

So let’s know how to write Marathi application form.

How to write arj in marathi (marathi madhe arj kasa lihava)

When starting to write an application, it should be known that an application is divided into three parts, no matter where it is to be submitted. These three parts are as follows 1) Name of the person to whom the application is to be made, title and date of application 2) Name of the applicant and subject of the application 3) Detailed information and 4) Name and signature of the applicant. We are going to see these 4 parts in order in this article.

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How to write an application(arj kasa lihaycha) – Step

Before starting to write the application, you need to know the name and position (post) of the person to whom you want to apply. You should apply in the name of the person under whose authority the work you want to apply for or you can write the application to a person who is in a senior position of that person.

Like if you are a teacher in a school and you want to apply for leave then you should do it in the name of the principal. Or if you want to do some work in the bank like draw a statement, then the application you make should be made in the name of the bank manager. The application in Gram Panchayat is made in the name of Sarpanch.

At the top of the left side of the page at the beginning of the application form you have to write the name of the person on the bottom line and then on the line below that the title of the person you are applying for. And in the right corner you should enter the date on which you are writing the application form.

For example:-

How to write Marathi application (arja lekhan in marathi) – Step

While writing the Marathi application, in this step you have to write your name i.e. the applicant and why you are applying, the main reason for this application i.e. what is the subject. If you are applying to change your bank account signature, you should briefly enter “Subject – About Change of Signature” in this step. Suppose you are applying to the Gram Panchayat because your tap is not getting water, then you have to write that in brief.

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One thing should be kept in mind while writing the subject that here you don’t want to write your full subject in detail, here only the name of the subject is expected to be written.

For example: –

How to write an application in Marathi (arj in marathi) – Step 3

In this step we have to write in detail the reason for which we are applying. If you are applying for leave and have written such a subject, a detailed description of the reason for the leave is to be given here. Or if you are applying for a complaint, state how the complaint relates.

If you are applying in a bank then in this step you have to write all your details like your account number, since when the account is there, and then you have to write detailed information about the job.

For example:-

Application writing (arja lekhan in Marathi) – Step 4

In this step you have to sign your name at the end of the application form. Name and Signature should be at the bottom right hand corner of the page and by entering your name in full and signing there you warrant that you have made this application. You should put your signature in the signature space as shown in the photo below.

For example:-

How should the application writing be – format (marathi arj format)

You can write any application very easily using the 4 step sequence given above, you don’t need to ask anyone how to write an application. Click on the button below “Marathi arj format” to download the application format prepared using all four steps above.

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