Rules for Kabaddi | kabaddi rules in marathi

Kabaddi Rules Marathi | Rules of Kabaddi (kabaddi che niyam marathi)>> The sport of Kabaddi is back in the limelight recently, the sport is starting to see good days once again and the credit goes to the Pro Kabaddi tournament. If you look at it this way, it is an old game that has been played since time immemorial. In 1934, an exhibition match was played at the Berlin Olympics to promote the sport. So from AD 1938, this game became known as a national game in India.

This game is popular in almost all the states in India. While playing kabaddi, raider is called kabaddi kabaddi, but in the states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, this game is also called Hututu, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Chadu Gudu, Kerala Vandikali, Punjab, Zabar Gamane and Bengal Do Do.

Kabaddi Rules Marathi | kabaddi che niyam marathi

The main objective of the game

Kabaddi is a team sport, played in two teams of seven players each. The object of the game is for the raider to move into the opposing team’s half and eliminate as many of their defenders as possible and return to their half. A raider gets a point if he touches one or more players of the opposing team and crosses the center line back to his team, while the opposing team gets a point for stopping the raider. The opposing team’s raider then enters the opposing team’s half to score, and attempt to score.

Kabaddi Rules Marathi

Kabaddi rules Marathi (kabaddi che niyam marathi) –

Kabaddi Rules Marathi
  • A Kabaddi match is divided into two innings of 20 minutes each. A 5 minute rest break is given between two innings.
  • Women’s Kabaddi consists of two innings of 15-15 minutes instead of 20 minutes.
  • The team to win the toss chooses either yard or climb. In the second innings, the yards are changed and the innings are started with the same number of khedalu as before. At that time, the team that has not climbed first is the team that climbs.
  • A Kabaddi game team consists of 12 players, but only seven players of a team play on the field at a time. Rest of the players are played under special conditions.
  • The climber must pronounce Kabaddi clearly and consistently. If this is not the case, the umpire should warn the player and give the opposing team a chance to fight.
  • If the climber does not begin to breathe before crossing the center line, the umpires shall give the opposing team the opportunity to climb.
  • If any part of the field goes out of bounds while the game is in progress, it will be disqualified.
  • In the event of a rush, the reserve area is included in the field of play.
  • If a player crosses the end line during play, the umpire shall eject him.
  • If, despite being warned, the khedalu does not breathe in his yard or start uttering the word Kabaddi, he should be declared the raid over and given a point to the opposing team without dismissing him.
  • Whenever one team gets all the other team’s players out, that team gets 2 extra points.
  • A player who has been substituted once cannot play in that match again.
  • If both teams are tied after two 20-minute innings, additional 5-5 reds are awarded to both teams, and the team with the highest score is declared the winner.
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Summary – Kabaddi Rules Marathi

Kabaddi Che Niyam / Kabaddi Niyam Marathi (kabaddi che niyam marathi) article has made an honest attempt to tell us almost all the rules of Kabaddi game. As in other sports, the decision of the umpires is final in this game as well. Recently, games like “Pro Kabaddi” have advanced technology, through which everything happening on the Kabaddi field is seen on the screen and through this the nuances of the ongoing Kabaddi games can be seen very easily. Also the match can be watched again.

Apart from the rules of kabaddi mentioned in this article, if you have any other information or have any advice, please let us know by commenting. Also let us know if you have any suggestions.

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