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Kabaddi Maidan / Kabaddi Maidan Information / kabaddi maidan >> Kabaddi is considered to be a very popular sport in India as well as in South Asia and neighboring countries, but with the passage of time we are seeing this sport disappearing. Now in recent times i.e. in the last 5 to 7 years through the Pro Kabaddi League and some eminent dignitaries of the country viz. The game is getting a new life with the help of the great actor of the world of cinema, Amitabh Bachchan. This pro kabaddi game which started recently got to be seen all over the country on the basis of media.

Kabaddi Playground Information / Kabaddi Field Length and Width / Different Areas on the Field – Complete Information

Kabaddi grounds all generally vary according to the players, such as a different size ground for children and a different size ground for women’s and men’s groups. So let’s know the information about the Kabaddi playground in detail.

Kabaddi playing field – classification of the field according to the group of players

The players required for the Kabaddi game are classified into 3 groups.

  • For men and boys of Kumar group. 13.00 m by 10.00 m.
  • 12.00 m.by 8.00 m.for women and virgin group girls.
  • 11.00m x 8.00m for teenage boys and girls. Such rectangles are made by sportsmen.
  • While making it, a uniform flat ground is made using finely sieved soil and cow dung. Earlier, this game was played only on open ground, but now it is played indoors and on mats as well.
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Information about Kabaddi playing field – Size of the field and different parts of the field

Kabaddi ground
  • The width of the playing field for men and Kumar group boys is 10m. And length 13 m. There is
  • The center line is 6.50 meters from the finish line.
  • The penalty line is 3.50 meters from the center line of the playing field.
  • The reserve area is at a distance of 2 m on either side of the playing field
  • At least 1 m from the line. The distance has a line on the side of the finish line known as the bonus line.
  • Sintig Box 8 m. x 1 m. And it is 2 meters from the finish line.

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