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Christmas Information / Christmas Information >> The most popular festival in the world is Christmas, also known as Natal in the Indian subcontinent. Today we are going to know some important information about this festival. In this article, you will find information about the festival of Christmas / Christmas, such as the history of Christmas, how Christmas is celebrated, information about the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and much more.

Natal chi mahiti / Christmas chi complete information (Khrismas / Natal chi mahiti marathi)

History of Christmas (Information on Christmas)

1) Charlemagne King was coronated on 25th December 800. So this day was celebrated and this day gained more importance.

2) Christmas became a public celebration in the Middle Ages. Although Christmas is an important festival for Christians, it was not customary to celebrate it for many years after the establishment of Christianity.

3) The events of Jesus Christ’s death for the salvation of mankind and his resurrection were given more priority in the past.

4) The festival of Easter was celebrated from the very beginning.

5) Sunday was the Lord’s day celebrated weekly as Easter.

6) The idea of ​​celebrating the birth of Jesus came a hundred years after the death of Lord Jesus Christ. After the 4th century, this festival began to be celebrated in the entire Christian community. In AD 534, it was included as a public holiday.

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Jesus Christ is the founder of religion

Jesus is considered the founder of Christianity. The Bible is the holy book of Christianity, it contains information about the birth of Jesus Christ, his life, work and teaching. Jesus is called Mary son of Nazareth, Jesus of the village, Lord Jesus, Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus or Isa Masih. The rebirth of Lord Jesus is celebrated with enthusiasm on 25th December.

Birth of Jesus Christ

Christmas means celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ, the day Jesus is believed to have been born (Lord Jesus is considered to be the Son of God).

Information about Christmas – Birth of Lord Jesus

1) Jesus’ death and resurrection for the redemption of mankind were not given much priority in the past, and Easter was celebrated from the very beginning.

2) Sunday was observed weekly as the Lord’s Day.

3) Christmas was not celebrated as the birth of Jesus.

4) The practice of celebrating the birth of Jesus started 100 years after Jesus’ death.

5) In some countries in November, in some countries in December, in others in January and in others in April, it was not customary to record the date of birth at that time and it was not customary for the Jews to celebrate birthdays.

6) In 345 AD, the first Pope of Liberia decided to celebrate the 25th of December as the day of Jesus’ birth.

7) Jesus himself said that I am the light of the world.

8) Therefore, the Christian brothers started to celebrate the birth of Christ as Christmas.

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9) It is believed that this day marks the death and resurrection of Jesus.

10) Some Christians celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. There is a gap or discrepancy between the stories of Matthew and Luke and the dates given by the ancient Christian writers.

Significance of Jesus’ birth

In the famous Bible of Christianity, the story of the birth of Jesus is told by Matthew and Luke. Accordingly, we are giving below some important things related to the birth of Lord Jesus.

1) According to them, Jesus was born in a manger in the village of Bethlehem in Judea.

2) According to Saint Luke’s narrative, Jesus’ mother Mary and father Joseph were told by the gods to carry Jesus to Mary.

3) Also, according to Saint Matthew, three kings came to meet Jesus, and gave gifts to Jesus. As soon as the news of Jesus’ birth was heard, King Herod at that time ordered the killing of children under two years of age, so Jesus’ family members went to Egypt to save their lives.

4) Jesus is said to have chosen this shortest day for his birth for symbolic reasons but people celebrate this day as the Great Day or Christmas.

5) This day was short but after this day the day gets bigger and Christians believe that it paved the way for us to rise.

6) Prayers are said in the church from evening and in some places children go from house to house for a week before Christmas and sing carols about the birth of Jesus.

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Ways of celebrating Christmas – Information about Christmas

1) As people of all other religions celebrate their festivals. Similarly, Christian brothers congratulate each other by giving gifts, greeting cards to their Christian followers and houses are decorated with beautiful lights.

2) Decoration of Christmas tree is most important.

3) On this day Santa Claus brings gifts to children, it consists of chocolate cake and different foods and items.

Santa Claus – Christmas information

Summary – Christmas Information / Christmas Information

As the New Year comes after the Christmas festival, this festival is a festival that gives new life to the people of all religions and it is our effort to give you the information about this Christmas through this article. On the occasion of this festival, everyone is shopping in their own way. We can also make a small effort to celebrate and bring joy to the poor by buying materials from Gor Gariba on the occasion of Christmas and at the beginning of the New Year.

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