Why do babies cry | Crying babies | Reasons

Why do babies cry | Lahan mule ka radtat > Causes and Remedies for Crying>> Apart from hunger, sleepiness or fear in sleep, there are many Reasons There are also roots baby crying There isReasons why babies cry What are and more Measure This article provides information about what.

Why do babies cry? | Causes and remedies

If the elders are not around and the baby starts to cry, the new parents are very tired. the cry of children It is not known Why is the baby crying?. to the baby What is wanted, or What is happening to the baby? We do not know this and little baby Can’t even tell.

Why do babies cry?

often Children wake up at night and start crying It may not be because of the physical suffering they are experiencing, but something below Reasons And so on Measure It is necessary to verify what is being given.

Babies cry when the room temperature is not right

cause:- Babies cry at night even if the temperature in your room is too cold or too hot. Also, in winter, even if they wear less clothes or are not covered, children get cold and because of this, children cry.

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Measure:- Keep the room temperature balanced and children should be dressed according to the season.

Babies cry when diapers or cloths get wet

cause:- Sometimes a baby’s cry is caused by peeing on the diaper or swaddling cloth, or if the diaper rubs against the thigh or leg.

Measure:-Change diapers/cloths if baby urinates. And if it is not, then see if it is properly worn by the baby.

Babies can also be the cause of crying babies

Why do babies cry | Lahan mule ka radtat

cause:- Many times babies have babies on their heads or behind their ears, causing scabs. The result is that the baby itches in the area but cries because there is nothing they can do.

Measure:- Babies should be cleaned from time to time without any misconception that there is a misconception in our society that babies should not be removed.

Even if the place of sandas is not cleaned properly, children suffer

cause:- Most of the time, not cleaning the baby’s diaper properly also causes itchiness and babies cry at night.

Measure:- After the baby poops, the area should be properly cleaned. A suitable soft cloth should be used for this.

Cow’s milk is not digested by babies and babies cry

cause:- If the baby’s mother is not getting enough milk, most of the time we give cow’s milk to the little baby. But cow’s milk is difficult to digest and because the baby does not digest it, babies cry at night.

Measure:- In such a case, the baby should be given formula milk on the doctor’s advice.

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Frightening – A baby may cry even when it is frightened.

Why do babies cry | Lahan mule ka radtat

cause:- Sometimes the baby suddenly starts crying in his sleep in the night, and when he is picked up and taken to his side, he calms down and when he is put down, he cries again.

Measure:- A baby feels secure if it is wrapped completely in a soft cloth and held close to your chest for some time.

Cords of God – This can be one of the reasons babies cry

cause:- Listening to the old people, we tie many kinds of ropes on the baby’s hands and feet. In summer, sweat and itching can occur in such places.

Measure:- Such dirty ropes should be avoided as much as possible by tying the hands and feet of the baby.

Children also cry because of nose and ear twitching.

cause:- Often we forget to clean the baby’s nose and ears. Because of this he is writhing there and crying because he can’t even scratch.

Measure:- Baby’s ears and nose should be cleaned from time to time gently without causing any harm.

Crying in bed- Babies cry because of this too.

cause:- Most of the times we sleep with the baby in night diaper and with him next to us, but he cries for something or the other and it is crying for reasons that he does not understand.

Measure:- In such cases, soft baby cloths should always be used underneath for the baby’s bed.

Effects of massage

cause:- A baby’s organs are very delicate and should be massaged with delicate hands, often with good rubbing which causes pain.

Measure:- Gently massage the baby while bathing or before bathing.

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Stomach gas

cause:- As mentioned earlier, if cow’s milk is given to a baby, it is difficult to digest, so babies cry because of stomach ache.

Measure:- In such a case, when asafoetida is mixed with water and rubbed on the bembi, the gas in the baby’s stomach comes out.

When teething

cause:- After 5 or 6 months, babies start teething, at that time they want to bite something, sometimes they get fever, diarrhea in this process of teething and babies also start crying.

Measure:- Medicines should be given to the baby on the doctor’s advice.

Insect bites

cause:- Sometimes babies also cry at night due to being bitten by mosquitoes/mosquitoes or some other insects while sleeping.

Measure:- You should see this. You should remove all the clothes from the baby to make sure that there are no bites.

Clogging of mother’s hair/small thread/string

cause:- Children also cry at night due to mother’s hair, thread, string stuck in children’s hands, toes, or anywhere else on the children’s body during sleep.

Measure:- You should take off all the clothes of the child and see if there is something stuck on any part of the baby.


cause:- Children’s noses are usually closed due to cold and therefore they cannot drink from the mother’s body, even if they are hungry but they cannot drink milk, children cry. Children’s ears also hurt during cold.

Measure:- In such a case you should take the baby to the doctor. Sometimes a small baby is also given steam to reduce the cold and clear the nose.

Some other reasons for baby crying

Why do babies cry? The above are some of the reasons and solutions for this. In addition to this also as a stubbornness of something the cry of children Also, sometimes they want their mother or father to hug them, to take them close. Babies cry.

Even if there is some physical trouble Babies cry When all the above mentioned causes and remedies do not work. In such cases, children should be taken to a doctor.

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