How to Recite / Memorize Recitation

How to Recite / Memorize Recitation (pathantar kase karave)>> As a student, we all experience how important it is to memorize some answers while studying a subject. But for some, memorizing is a big problem. To make memorizing easier for all of them, Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman has given an excellent option. Said that you try to understand a topic deeply means you understand the concept of that topic which helps to understand that topic and remember that information for a long time.

There are 9 important things to remember while transferring

Reading before translating the answer

One thing to remember while reciting is that you should first read and understand the chapter in which you are reciting the answers to the above questions. And after that you should start reciting the answers to the questions. The answer of the question you are reciting is about 3 to 4 times. Read it. By doing this, the answer has already been recited.

How to paraphrase – try to recall what you read

Now you should read this 4 times, close the book and try to remember it or just write it down on the notebook. If you write it down, you will remember your recitation permanently and at the same time your notes will also be prepared.

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Try to understand the topic

Instead of reciting as given above, you should understand the topic properly in class or while studying at home, understand the topic completely so that you do not need to rehearse it. Because if you do recitation, many times you remember the first 2 lines but do not remember what is in the middle. And remember the last one, there is confusion. To avoid this confusion, you should focus on understanding that topic.

How to transfer – Curiosity in studies is important for this

The first and most important thing to get interested in studies is curiosity, if you don’t want to study then there is no use in taking any measures. So first of all you should come to keep your mind fresh, and think positively about what is going to happen after studying. And preferably both your mind and body should be fresh while sitting to study / recitation. Sit with a chair so that you don’t get lazy and remember the study done.

Regularity in study

In the beginning you will learn less, but once you get used to it, you will be able to learn better. If you do something regularly, after a few days you get used to it, and you become good at it. It is the same with learning, only the delay is you. to start

Reading back and forth

If you don’t understand a topic, read it again and again, try to understand its nuances and read with concentration. While reading, your full focus should be on understanding the topic. So that you understand the topic better and you can write it well in the exam.

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Write down the translation

If even after reading a topic over and over again you still doubt whether you will be able to write it well in the exam, then you should practice writing down what you have read. Your hand written notes of the subject will also be prepared which you can read before the exam.

Studying requires concentration to understand how to transfer

The most important thing is the concentration of your mind. Doing anything with complete concentration will definitely reap its benefits. To study or study well, you need to keep your mind calm and read with concentration. You can also do things like meditation and yoga to increase your concentration. Don’t let any thoughts enter your mind for about 10 minutes before and close your eyes and do a quiet meditation. Try to keep the mind still. It will help to keep the man focused while transitioning.



Be it studies or any other task, if you want to do it well, you need someone to motivate you. And once you are self motivated, you don’t even need to be told how to do it. As you can see, you have to study hard to complete it.

Summary – How to translate text ( pathantar kase karave )

If you implement the above 9 things in your daily life you will get the correct answer on how to recite or remember the recited.

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